15 Weird Quirks Of Aquarius

By Admin Aug 25 2021

Known as the 7th sign under the Zodiac, Aquarius is symbolized by the image of the Water Bearer.

Along with its ruler planet, Uranus, the sign of Aquarius represents both deep-seated thoughts and a reservoir of wisdom.

But, contrary to these images, the Aquarius is also governed by the Air Element and is also driven by explosive thoughts and various perceptions.

Here are 15 weird quirks of an Aquarius, and why it’s among the most unique in the Zodiac.

#1 – Aquarians Like The Dark Side

The preferred mode of life for an Aquarius is thoughts. And, those born under the sign of Aquarius get particularly interested in thoughts (and feelings) buried underneath. An Aquarian interest is especially the case with other people’s thoughts, who tend to show only facets of their personality to the public.


#2 – An Aquarius Tends to Look At Things Superficially

This tendency for an Aquarius to jump from one thought to another is governed by their Air Element. And, this elemental drive can prompt Aquarius to look at things on a superficial level, since there are so many thoughts to entertain. Due to this, Aquarius is often not likely to get enough time to ruminate on the true meaning of several of these thoughts.


#3 – An Aquarius Can Seem Cold

The average Aquarius will tend to look at things at a universal level. Therefore, it’s common for an Aquarius to look past specific emotional details of a person’s life, and favor “ideas and concepts” that apply to all people. To an Aquarius, everybody feels more or less the same set of emotions, and those people should “get over it” or that “it’s not a big deal”.

#4 – Aquarians Are Stern Idealists

The Aquarius is often an idealist, but it’s usually not about romantic or imaginative notions about life. Since their preferred modes are in the realm of thoughts, Aquarius is prone to think of life and people in a scientific orientation. And, it’s not a surprise for an Aquarius to expect people to conform to certain societal behaviors, expectations, and roles.


#5 – Aquarians Are Often Wishful Thinkers

The tendency for Aquarius to see things as equal or universal can prompt them to want every person to get happiness. Thus, it wouldn’t be out of Aquarius’s character to urgently and quickly accomplish tasks, if it’s for friends and family. 


#6 – Aquarius Has A Tendency To Drop The Ball

If the stressors of life are too much, it’s easy for Aquarius to de-motivate themselves and drop out of certain tasks. Like their Water Bearer symbol, an Aquarius can easily lose themselves to various demands from the outside. Thus, it often becomes encumbered to some of them emotionally, which can prompt them to look for other avenues.

#7 – An Aquarius Wants Things Easy

If they had a choice, an Aquarius will often choose the easy and the secure. This tendency is likely produced by their internal modes of thought, which are scientifically oriented. To a behavior-minded Aquarius, it wouldn’t make sense to set tasks that took too much time and space to complete—it’s not productive!


#8 – They Treat Others As Equal

More often than not, an Aquarius is an egalitarian-minded person. This universal appeal is showcased by their willingness to accept the faults and strengths of other people. This can also backfire against Aquarius, as others will often not see things from that point of view.


#9 – And, They Hate Rejection

When it comes to an Aquarius, the idea of rejection from others is frustrating at least, and humiliating at best. And, this is especially true if the rejections are based on petty and biased. Since Aquarius’ outlook on life is an acknowledgment of every person’s difference, it baffles them why rejections happen in the first place. 

#10 – An Aquarius Values Joy

At the heart of every Aquarius is the importance of joy in their lives. That search for the joyful things in life is one of the main reasons why Aquarius likes to take easy routes. If people’s solution is full of unnecessary torture, then an Aquarius will likely put it down.


#11 – An Aquarius Wants Variety

If Aquarius were to put themselves in a strenuous job, they would like it to be varied. This is because the mind of Aquarius will typically look out for different kinds of latitude, even within a particular task. More often than not, the Aquarius is inclined to become a “jack of all trades”.


#12 – They’re Often Idiosyncratic

A label that is frequently placed on Aquarius is idiosyncratic. And, this is because it’s a sign that has often been difficult to figure out. On one end of the spectrum, they can easily become interested in universal order and want to get a lot of things made. And on another end, they can easily become unmotivated, drop out, or carefree.

#13 – An Aquarius Makes An Eccentric Leader

Aquarius shares an affinity to its Ruler planet, Uranus. As such, one of the key virtues that Aquarius is associated with is that of wisdom. And, this virtue shows up in Aquarius’ eccentric and childlike personality. With their unpredictable set of attributes, Aquarians can make great “out of the box” thinkers.


#14 – An Aquarius Is All About Transformation

The sign of Aquarius is often identified in terms of transformative qualities. In particular, Aquarians drive others to look at things from the lens of science and advancements of technology. If there’s a personality among the signs that’s willing to accept new ideas, it’s most likely Aquarius.


#15 – An Aquarius Is A Revolutionary

There’s a great tendency for Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus, to bring upon powerful and erratic drives up to the forefront. And, this can often leave the Aquarius with both clarity of certain ideas and an urge to “make an impact” in their lives and the lives of others. To an Aquarius, ideas aren’t things to be entertained, but things experimented upon.


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