15 Weird Quirks Of Aries

by Admin Aug 25 2021

Aries is the 1st sign under the Zodiac and is governed by the Fire Element.

Symbolized by the image of The Ram, Aries is based on the nature of the ego.

With Mars as its ruler, the Aries is both fiery and talented, especially at a young age.

Here are 15 weird quirks of an Ares, the most primal of all under the Zodiac.

#1 – An Aries Seeks Wish Fulfillment

Governed by their Fire Element, the Aries often like to get the things they wish for. Specifically, they want to become originals and develop things for others to see. The “fire” in them makes the Aries an idealist, but with a drive to want to make things come true.

#2 – An Aries Likes “The New”

The true blue Aries likes novelty. And, this is fueled by their preferred mode in life: intuition. If there’s something “new” around the corner, the Aries can’t help but want to ram themselves over there.

#3 – But, An Aries Can Become Tyrannical

Like the typical romantic, Aries desires “thrills” and “excitement” to combat boredom. And, this is driven both by their intuition and their Fire Element. If not careful, Aries can easily become unfeelingly harsh and tyrannically egotistical.

#4 – An Aries Secretly Wants To Become A Leader

In general, Aries often won’t announce these desires for leadership. But due to their affinity with their ruler planet Mars, the Aries can recognize hidden prodigious talents to influence people. And, this can give Aries considerable reinforcement in confidence.

#5 – But, Doubt Can Break An Aries, Too

Since Aries has an intuitive mode of life, they rely upon their inner confidence to handle life’s many tasks. An Aries’s imagination can make or break their success. If Aries sees evidence against their success, they can become frustrated and ultimately, fail.

#6 – They Are Prone To Wallow In Pity

If left unaddressed, Aries is a sign that one can get disgusted by their insecurities. Their desire to manifest intuitions is very important to them. Thus, if they can’t develop these in the real world, they can feel like utter garbage.  

#7 – They Feel It Important To Hide Under A Rock

The problems of life can wear an Aries down to a significant degree. This is because Aries often can’t separate their emotional investments from the success and failure of certain outcomes. In an extreme sense, Aries can withdraw to distance themselves from the pain. 

#8 – An Aries Wants Things To Turn Out As Planned

An Aries often doesn’t like it when things don’t turn out as planned. But, this is usually only the case if Aries makes their projects based on the demands of other people. In this sense, Aries can get quite impatient and unreasonably problematic.

#9 – An Aries Makes Decisions Stupidly Fast

If there’s a hallmark trait of an Aries, is that they’re fast decision-makers. But, this is a misconfiguration. Instead, the Aries quickly reacts to things. Contrary to their description, Aries is an indecisive reactor.

#10 – An Aries Hates To Ruminate 

Based on their intuitive modes, Aries hates to contemplate things. For them, to think about things is procrastination. Interestingly, Aries often procrastinates when they feel it correct—hypocrites!

#11 – An Aries Has A Tendency To Become Listless

An Aries often jumps from one task to another, without consideration. In this sense, they manage their energy like a tense, distracted Ram. Soon enough, if left unchecked, Aries can become tired and listless.

#12 – They Demand Others Notice Them

An Aries normally wouldn’t mind if they don’t get the approval of others. But, Aries desires for others to take notice of them. This is because Aries usually tends to overvalue themselves, and wants others to recognize these values.

#13 – They Like To Get Surprised

Like an innocent Ram, an Aries can get adorably curious about things. This can give Aries an urge to become an explorer or adventurer, which can satisfy their need for variety. More often than not, Aries can become the best of travel buddies.

#14 – But, They Can Become Tactlessly Frank

An Aries can also get labeled as a spoiled child. Their intuitions can often come off as either bratty or pushy. And, this is especially the case when Aries talks to analytic types.

#15 – An Aries Is Quite Wary When They’re Young

The Aries is often a late bloomer, in both their maturity and their knowledge. This can make a young Aries’s intuitions quite fiery and edgy, especially in early life. But on the upside, this can make Aries’s intuitively fast learners, too.