15 Weird Quirks Of Cancer

By Admin Sep 06 2021

Marked by the image of a crab, this sign is the fourth sign in the Zodiac and is represents a protector figure.

But like anything else in the Zodiac world, there’s always a dark side.

Here are 15 weird habits of Cancer you didn’t know about, and why they can provide strange but unique friendships.

#1 A Cancer LIKES their Private Time

Alone time or some downtime is where Cancer can harness an appreciation for life. This is partly because the Cancer sign is water element driven. 

As the ebbs and flows of water, there’s a point where the water gets into a state of calm, after much activity. Fortunately, after this settling down of the everyday dust of life, this is a good time for Cancer to produce influential ideas.

#2 A Cancer LONGS for Expression

Especially if they’re introverted, Cancer’s desire for some expression, particularly outer expression, can come off as a surprise. 

This is because a Cancer sees outer expression as a form of release. And particularly, it’s a release from tension—both physical, mental, and emotional. 


So, don’t be shocked that a Cancer might ecstatically party, especially if they like the gathering!


#3 Close-Knit Groups Are A Necessity For Cancer

Not friendly acquaintances mind you, but a close group of friends that a Cancer can rely on. 

The Cancer sign can particularly have (seemingly out of nowhere!) a psychological need for support. These usually happen when a Cancer gets nervous or irritable due to life’s many stressors. 

If you have Cancer as a friend, don’t shun them away! It’s likely that they want to “reach out” more than they know it.

#4 A Cancer Wants To Stick Out Of The Group

Whether it’s in the bedroom or the kitchen, a Cancer won’t intuitively miss the chance to put their special “spin” on things. 

They have and want their environment to have a “particular” arrangement, often contrary to what is conventional. They want to stick out, and they can’t help it!

#5 A Cancer DOESN’T Speak In Tongues

Okay, a Cancer sign DOES speak in tongues, of course. 

BUT, this sign holds a special place in their hearts for “non-verbal” forms of expression. 

This is especially the case if those come in the form of private gatherings and among close friends. 

For a Cancer, a “picture” is indeed “worth a thousand words”.


#6 A Cancer Has Affection For The Silliest Things

If they’re particularly attuned to their surroundings, Cancer has some of the affection-based modes you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether it’s about the delights of food on the table, a slumber party they just had, or about intimate sessions among bedfellows, a Cancer will privately look for these things to both satisfy and regulate their life.


#7 A Cancer Doesn’t Make Work Easy For Partners

Indeed. Unless, of course, you’re their best friend or confidant. Cancer will often put some difficulties on people with whom they don’t have a familiar bond. Or, at the very least, people who have no mutual understanding about a Cancer’s personality, values, and quirks.  And while it’s difficult to earn a Cancer’s trust, that trust is long-term.


#8 To A Cancer, Emotional Bonds Trump Logical Decisions

Though the reason is a nice mode we use to critically think about things, a Cancer will likely let it pass by the ear or throw it out the window. 


To a Cancer, cold-hard reason can’t compare to intuitive feelings and that strong need to empathize with another person and the emotions they have. It’s all about that trust. 

#9 A Cancer Kind Of EXPECTS You To Get Them

Yup. Cancer has goals and wants to achieve like everybody else, especially if they’re addicted to something. 

But, don’t expect them to tell you these outright. 

More often than not, a Cancer will WANT your sympathy, but they want you to figure that out.

And, they want you to figure out the litany of sensitivities and needs and moods that go along with them.


#10 A Cancer Is Mostly Passive, And They’re Fine With That

For good or for ill, the Cancer sign is a mostly passive creature. As a Crab, they will usually take things in stride or are probably “slow” for some people. 

But, like the hermit crab that wants to get out, its shell, the Cancer sign, wants to get life improvement. 

They like to avoid the pain that comes with the package if they can help it.


#11 It Takes Some Time For Cancer To Settle Down

The Cancer sign is usually taken as the rebellious type and one that doesn’t want to settle things into a steady or fixed lifestyle. 

For some with the Cancer sign, it can take them well into mid-life to get the message. Psychologically, Cancer still has a lot of pent-up energy to burn.


#12 A Cancer Likes To Zone Out (A Lot)

There’s little doubt about it. To a Cancer sign, dreams are almost everything. 

They power the deep-seated imagination that intuitively comes naturally to Cancer. Ever so close to the affinity of the Moon, which is their ruler, a Cancer wants to diffuse the imagination unto the tides of an ocean of probabilities. 


The Cancer sign is a dreamer extraordinaire. 

#13 A Cancer Hides When They Get Heavily Disturbed

For the upside, there’s always a downside. 

And, the Cancer sign is no exception. 

The same Moon ruler that drives the tide of Cancer’s imaginative waters, is the same emotional gunk that can get into Cancer’s Crab Shell. In the case of the Cancer sign, this shell is the emotional defense mechanism of unrealized life. 

And, you’ll have to coax them out of that gunk!


#14 A Cancer Can Become A Subconscious Roller-Coaster

If a Cancer can confide their emotions to someone, it can usually come off as reactions to personalized fears, worries, anger. 

These are likely due to their strong association with the Moon Ruler, which governs their subconscious drives. The ocean of the imagination, as it were. 

If these waves are not observed or understood, a Cancer sign can come off as unreasonably moody.


#15 A Cancer Can Get Unreasonably Protective

Though not by any conscious intention, the protection mechanisms that drive the Cancer sign to get irked by something are usually for their confidantes in life. 

Any insults to them would likely get a Cancer sign defensive on their behalf, even if in retrospect, it doesn’t make logical sense.




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