15 Weird Quirks Of Gemini

By Admin Aug 25 2021

Known as the 3rd sign under the Zodiac, the Gemini is governed by the Air Element.

Coupled with its ruler Mercury, Gemini represents the nature of communication and thoughts.

Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini is an eager intellect that can stimulate or debate different points of view to sway their opinions.

Here are 15 weird quirks of a Gemini, the stroller clown of the Zodiac.

#1 – To A Gemini, Most Things Are Not A Big Deal

A notorious trait of the Gemini is their propensity to take things lightly. Symbolized by the image of The Twins, Gemini’s quality of mind is mutable. As such, they find certain events as changeable and unfixed. And, more often than not, they find it particularly convenient to put most people’s concerns to the curb. 


#2 – A Gemini Is Quite Fickle

The mutable qualities of a Gemini’s mind are often exaggerated by their preferred mode of life: thoughts. This combination can often make Gemini quite the fickle mind, and they’re prone to switch their decisions abruptly. Interestingly, this can leave the impression of Gemini as indecisive and not loyal.


#3 – They Like To Hang Around

Though a Gemini isn’t necessarily a “party animal”, they enjoy group events. To them, it’s a chance to engage their mutable thoughts with a stream of various types of communicators. Despite this, a Gemini doesn’t often “sign up” to a group wholesale, as it can weigh them down. Instead, they usually like to look at themselves as a “guest star” in a social group event.


#4 – But, They Can Often “Chicken Out”

With enough stress put on them, Gemini can find themselves tired and worn down. This can prompt their mutable minds, which are already barraged with thoughts, to call it “quits” on tasks. To save their sanity, a Gemini will often op to flee from the problem.

#5 – A Gemini Is A Trail-Blazer

In a literal sense, a Gemini likes to travel around. Driven primarily by their need to “switch things up”, a Gemini will opt for a bike or car compared to any desk job. For them, travel gets them to communicate with all sorts of different people and beliefs.


#6 – They Get Excited About Ideas

If there’s something that gets a Gemini’s mutable nature piqued, it’s fantastic ideas. And often, it’s not the materialization or logistics of the idea per se, but their image of it. If it’s an idea that can rocket Gemini’s over the moon, they’re all aboard.


#7 – But, They’re Often Nervous About Things

Although they’re not prone to rumination, a Gemini is often a barrel of nerves. This disposition is influenced by their ruler planet Mercury, who was a figure known for its flighty mind. And, as typical of their Air Element, it will often take a lot for a Gemini to settle themselves down.


#8 – They Like The Sound Of Trouble

Probably the epitome of a jester who likes to poke fun, Gemini isn’t averse to shenanigans. These can often serve as distractions for the Gemini, especially when confused about certain problems. As such, it’s normal for a Gemini to see trouble as a sort of dare or adventure.

#9 – A Gemini Is In It For The Fun Times

Though a Gemini can get a scattered brain, they value the satisfaction of a nice story. And in particular, the chapters of a Gemini’s life. For them, it’s not about success or achievement, but a life that’s decorated with fun and laughter.


#10 – And, They Get Quite Bored

As expected of nervous and flighty personalities like Gemini, they are prone to get bored by domestic life. When they’re bored, a Gemini often likes to experiment with ideas. And since these are based on the level of imaginative thoughts, Gemini’s attempts can often get quite creative.


#11 – They Often Are Outspoken Folks

With Gemini’s mutable nature and its tendency to not make a big deal of things, it’s easy to see Gemini as a loudmouth or talker. But, this is not entirely an accurate assessment of their character. The likely reason that a Gemini likes to babble is due to their need to value liberty over a lot of things.


#12 – They Tend To Not Like Authority

Their desire to remain unfixed influences Gemini to want to get out of the constraints made by their authority figures. But, at the same time, a Gemini often strives to become part of the society, too. This dilemma is typically seen in the early adolescence of a Gemini’s life.

#13 – A Gemini Needs A Partner

Although the Gemini can shift themselves into different directions, they can also get lost. Contrary to other types, it’s the Gemini that generally benefits from a partnership. In return, Gemini’s quirks can give their partner companionship and lots of humor.


#14 – A Gemini Likes Detail

Based on their Air Element, Gemini likes to look into the nooks and cranny of the environment. But, this tendency isn’t usually for anything analytic. Instead, the Gemini will look to fill their minds with all kinds of images for the heck of it. It’s for this reason that the Gemini is often likened to that of a stroller or loafer.


#15 – A Gemini Is Quick-Witted

As a product of their ruler Mercury,  Gemini tends to think quickly or come up with ideas on the fly. There is, of course, a counter tendency to this gift. If especially stressed and nervous, Gemini’s Air Element can go into hyper-drive, which can cause them mental strain. Temporarily, this can induce a dim-witted episode in the Gemini.


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