15 Weird Quirks Of Leo

By Admin Aug 25 2021

Known to aficionados as the 5th sign in the Zodiac, the Leo sign represents a radiant creative drive that wishes to “light up” worlds.

Leo has a powerful, fire-like, intuitive desire to put its self-confidence and ambitions for all to benefit.

But, is the Leo sign the best ruler under the Zodiac?

Here are 15 weird quirks that a Leo has, and what this courageous Lion can teach you about the values of a leader.

#1 A Leo Is Stubborn!

There are people that consider stubbornness a good thing, especially in the busy world we live in today. But, a Leo can get stubborn to a fault, on certain issues. 

Once they’re attached to something like a goal or a plan, it’s a nearly fixed arrangement—attempts at negotiations may seem non-negotiable.


#2 But, a Leo Is A Staunch Defender, Too

Those under the Leo sign tend to become (intentional or not) defenders of certain values and ideas. Particularly, ideas and values of people they care about. 

Though kind of old-fashioned, this has become one of the many hallmarks of Leo.


#3 To a Leo, A House Is Their Fortress

Or their castle, you could say. 

It’s a fit made for Leo as a Lion, whose drives are that of a king in a pack (or a pride). 

To them, there’s a dignity that comes in a house with a happy set of arrangements among its inhabitants and within its spaces. 

It’s not a surprise then, for Leo to take command inside the house—or order people around!

#4 They Like To Put On A Face

Whether by the inherent pattern marked by Lion, or by evolutionary behaviors over time, a Leo presses no drama for tasks. 

What’s important for any Leo on their daily tasks is a confident image.

 If they can procure an image of unwavering confidence, it’s a sign that Leo has (psychologically) won.

#5 A Leo Will Soak In The Fame

And yes, even if it’s not technically theirs. 

Though they’ll probably argue on that issue! 

This is because Leo considers themselves proud representatives of the group they’ve chosen—and the traits they exemplify. 

Whether it’s political or social, Leo stands by their vote.

#6 Praise Doesn’t Bother Them, And Why Should It?

To Leo, a person’s admiration for them is admiration, period

An admiration for their appearance or their physique. 

Or, admiration for the activities that they take part in. It’s indicative that they are worth this

Others call this vain. But to Leo, this is their self-esteem.

#7 Their Word Is Law, And Yours Too

The psychological effects of conviction are real to Leo. 

It’s not some formal-informal arrangement that seems sweet. 

To them, you need to keep your word

Whether it’s the dues from a bet you lost, or whether it’s for an investment that blew up in your face.

If you don’t honor it, Leo will not honor you.

#8 The Leo Drives A Hard Bargain

A case in point: a Leo is likely to handle business on their terms (not yours). 

And, it’s likely that they will refuse an offer or agreement with someone who will not get their standards. 

In that respect, a Leo is steadfast about what they like or don’t like.


#9 For A Leo, It’s All or Nothing

Though it’s the kind of personality that depends on a whole bunch of factors, the likelihood of a Leo as a go-getter is high. 

Or, strangely, none at all

And, it’s not because a Leo is emotionally indecisive, but because a Leo puts emotions onto their fixations (which is their dominant quality). 

This also makes Leo veer off the extremes when it comes to projects or even when to accept a gift or not.

#10 They Tend Look Down On The Trivial

Not because Leo thinks of itself like a king. But, they like kingly values.

 Leo is intuitive, after all. 

But, it’s not the intuition most often associated with empathy

That’s because though it uses intuition, it looks for qualities that are high-minded, probably even noble

Leo DISLIKES low-spirited and petty people—they often find them somewhat unworthy.


#11 A Leo Wants To Leave Their Mark On The World

Like other intuitive-creative types, a Leo likes to establish their “mark”, “blueprint” on the world stage. 

But, unlike other types who are often fluid in their drives, the Leo has a quality of fixation

Which is great sometimes, especially in athletic events or in a paint session.

And, this is likely due to the Fire Element, which burns a particular desire to “lionize” their egos.


#12 They’re Rather Stuck Up

And for a good reason, mind you. 

A Leo is as much a defender of people they care about, as they are defenders of things that aren’t right in the world

They can’t—most probably won’t—tolerate different kinds of oppression or injustice. 

The fire element drives plus their quality for fixed ideas tend to bring this rigid view of the world.

#13 And, They Can Get Overzealous

Especially for those who are a mid-life Leo, the drive-quality inherent in a Leo usually begins to take an almost manifest destiny. 

What was once a sensitive and protective nature has likely become a personality that desires to offer its services to others or a community. 

But, they can also become easily overzealous in certain details—so, watch out!


#14 They’re Fascinated With The Bohemian

For all of Leo’s desires to put their ideas onto the map, they come from an almost romantic fascination with things that provide both personal enjoyment and harmony for the collective. 

In other words, Leo’s world vision has a Bohemian whiff to it: the goal is to share warmth for all to enjoy.


#15 But, They’re Unapologetically Fearsome

As Leo’s ruler is the Sun, and its representative image is the Lion, there’s a powerful need to match the bright inner vision with materialized results

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