15 Weird Quirks Of Libra

by Admin Aug 25 2021

The Libra sign is the 7th sign in the Zodiac and is governed by the Air Element.

Symbolized by the Scales, a Libra is prone to weigh judgments both intellectually and emotionally.

On one end is the cardinal quality of their thoughts, which demands they take a mature outlook on their decision’s effects on the world.

And on another end, it’s Venus (their Ruler), which demands a sensual appreciation of their special role on the stage of other’s lives.

Here are 15 weird quirks of a Libra, which make up its uniqueness among the Zodiac.

#1 A Libra Tends Towards Extremes

It’s fairly commonplace for Libra to exhibit a need for “equality” among their friends and for people, in general. It’s important though that they exercise a case of “middle ground” behavior. If this is not observed, it’s easy for Libra to become either incorrigibly tolerant or overly judgmental. To Libra, the rules of “fairness” are more or less an invention, and it’s one they like to help shape.


#2 They Think That Dignity Matters Above Others

While most of Libra’s goals tend towards a noble cause, they can get caught off guard in matters of social dignity. A Libra wants to get people’s respect and they like to uphold the values of honor. Not because they’re lofty goals, mind you. But, they are powered by Libra’s cardinal state of mind, which looks at things as a hierarchy—top values, and bottom values.


#3 Appearance Is Extremely Important To Them

While the words “sensation” may not match up with people’s idea of Libra as the Judge, but physical and sensual appearance is something Libra is obsessed about. And, this is driven by Libra’s affinities with Venus (which is the ruler). The sensuous image of Venus propels Libra to reason that a life that is beautiful on the outside, is beautiful on the inside. And Libras need to get cautious, as this isn’t true!

#4 A Libra Tends Towards Depression

A Libra has a mitigation approach towards stress. The thought focus of Libra is so strong to the point that they can visualize the completion of their tasks. That said, their sensitive drives propel Libras to “push the envelope”, past healthy margins. And thus, burnout and depression. Thus, they perform their best when their tasks are lighthearted and fun, as opposed to drudgery.


#5 They Have Strong Opinions About Things

Libras have nice reserves of stamina, for heavy-duty tasks. Careful though, Libras can put that same reserve into the field of convictions and beliefs. If they hold strongly to particular views about the world, they will tend to push. And, this can come off as aggressive to some. But to others, this is seen as desirable to sustain a high-performance career.


#6 Libras Like To “Procrastinate”

Though, not in the associations that people tend to have. To Libra, it’s not procrastination. 

As symbolized by the image of The Scales, the Libra likes to “weigh” the severity and impact of decisions. Informed by both their thoughts and convictions and their sensations, Libras like to see and examine both sides of a problem (the rational and the empirical). 

Thus, they refuse to hasten their procedures. They’re not lazy—they have a lot in their mind, you know?

#7 A Libra Tends To Avoid “The Mad Crowds”

And, it’s for this reason that Libra tends to avoid the crowd. 

To Libra, there’s a nervousness about the different criteria, standards, opinions a crowd can get. 

Coupled with their sensation drives, a Libra could easily get cajoled or enticed by others and cause them to make ill-advised choices or decisions.


#8 Libras Tend To Ignore Others Opinions

One of the nice things about Libra friends is that they can get generous with a standardized, and fair concern for others—almost impartial, even. 

But on the other side of the coin, they can easily get blinded by their convictions that they can easily—in joy or pain—ignore what others think of their decisions.


#9 A Libra Is Prone To Argument

It’s likely that a Libra is concerned with the sanctity of their dignified behaviors, and that they would argue for these relentlessly. In the mind of a Libra, so long as there is a justified reason for their behavior and it’s one they value, it’s only proper to stand by it.

#10 But, They Fairly Reasonable, Too

Strange but true, a Libra isn’t always out for a fight. 

Libras want to get along with people and their belief systems. 

And, they often put aside their differences to smooth things out when things get wrong. 

If there’s a sign that you can talk reasonably about things and decisions, it’s Libra.


#11 Thus, Libras Tend To Mature Late

Especially in later mid-life, a Libra will likely get a sense of the mature and adult life. 

This will usually indicate that a Libra not only gets along with others (if they haven’t developed that in early life).

But, it’s also about a fundamental shift in their mode of operation. 

The mature Libra will not emphasize what they want, but what others want.


#12 A Libra Idealizes Beauty and Harmony

Due to its affinity with its Ruler Venus, the Libra sign often displays a need to observe the beauty and charms of others. 

It’s not uncommon to become friends with a Libra who also wants to crack a few jokes too. 

The social importance of these gestures pairs with Libra’s demand for the beauty of a socially harmonious group.

#13 What Libra Wants Is What’s Fair

Though Libra would like to see everyone benefit under the table, it can’t also help that some ideals are far better compared to others. 

In particular, when a Libra gets judgmental on something, they make it an overly urgent issue. 

This can tick people off, as Libra’s want for fair judgment is, after all, an opinion only.


#14 A Libra Swings From One Side To Another

Due to their dual gifts of thought and sensation, a Libra can swing to either fence almost rapidly. 

They can weigh a decision about something for a fairly long time, but also end up on the other end of things with indecisiveness. 

This kind of flight is governed by their element, which is Air. 

And, it’s this Air Element that makes Libra a swift decision-maker, but also a cause for their tension.


#15 Uncertainties Can Bog A Libra Down

Though everyone has a different issue with uncertain things, Libra is especially concerned with uncertainty. But, it’s not a control issue, unlike other signs. A Libra is likely to become bogged down by the eventual consequences of any said decision, and whether it can benefit only them or the decisions include others.