15 Weird Quirks Of Sagittarius

By Admin Aug 25 2021

The sign of Sagittarius is the 9th Zodiac Sign and is Ruled by the planet of “expansion”—Jupiter. 

Symbolized by the Archer Centaur, the Sagittarius is a mix of both an inquisitive philosopher and an intuitive traveler of life’s many topics.

Governed by the Fire Element, a Sagittarius’ quality state of mind likes to understand many subjects, without a loss for their optimism and enjoyment.

Here are 15 weird quirks of a Sagittarius, and why they’re some of the best friends you can meet and greet.

#1 For A Sagittarius, Expression Is Important

Probably the epitome of a wanderer soul, the Sagittarius will often constantly venture into different areas and fields to get their expressive natures out there. 

To a Sagittarius, life is a gift with a bounty of things to explore. This can, understandably, make the Sagittarius resist a life of boredom for pretty much most of their lives.


#2 The Sagittarius Likes Thoughtful Challenges

Known for their philosophical motto in life, the Sagittarius likes to partake in creative projects that both thrill their minds and open their hearts to new avenues of what life can become. 

Whether it’s on vast different lands, or in the comforts of their own homes, that’s rarely a concern for Sagittarius so long as it is a welcome challenge.


#3 When The World Is Too Much, They Like To Retreat

The Sagittarius sign is particularly keen on a life of travel and to traverse various terrains. 

That said, their preferred mode in life is based on intuition, and when stressed, they often feel it wise to settle and to philosophize their concerns.

 Given enough stress in their lives, a Sagittarius will intuitively want to retreat to a homestead that can accommodate their weary state, and find contentment (instead of travel).

#4 A Sagittarius Can Get Overly Enthusiastic

And, who can blame them? 

After all, one of the joys of this world is that there’s much that draws you from place to place. But, as nice as Sagittarius’ point of view is, not everyone shares that belief, even if they admired it. 

It’s recommended then, for Sagittarius to not press on that difference further if they can help it.


#5 Sagittarius Is High-Value Minded

A Sagittarius’s quality state of mind is mutable, and their inquiry and interests in life will vary considerably. 

The thing that seems constant in Sagittarius’s life though is their respect for what are called “high truths”. A Sagittarius will often respect these high-minded values far more than whatever values societies make for propriety.


#6 A Sagittarius Is An Eminent Student

Though a Sagittarius is less concerned with matters of academics, this sign thrives to study the world in all its complexity—they embrace this. 

And, a Sagittarius likes to learn something out of a curiosity for things of all kinds. 

This is partly due to their Fire Element, which is symbolized by the strong flames that give them the drive to look out for things that particularly interest the Sagittarius.

#7 Befriend An Animal, Befriend A Sagittarius

If you can make friends with animals, you can get a glimpse of Sagittarius’ inner circle. Like the symbol of the Archer Centaur, a Sagittarius has a close affinity with the natural world. Animals, in particular, are special to Sagittarius. To them, animals represent an ideal from which humans can learn; especially qualities like playfulness.


# 8 They Can Have Confidence and Motivation Problems

Typically, a Sagittarius usually has no problems with either of these. Their mutable states of mind and intuitive drive provide Sagittarius with an electric focus on various numbers of interests. But if they’re not careful, a Sagittarius can easily become “flakey”, which can affect their overall confidence and motivations for things.


#9 They Tend To Have Too Much Idealism

Not for a bad reason though. A Sagittarius has a generally positive view of life, which is further strengthened by the bright Fire Element. This can cause problems though, as this positive idealism can fly against other beliefs. A Sagittarius will likely find reasons—any reason—to cheer someone up. But, for some people, and in some cases, this may be uncalled for, and cause disputes.

#10 A Sagittarius Values Integrity of Character

If there’s something that ticks a Sagittarius off, it’s a phony. Since Sagittarius tends to use their intuition to fuel their life’s passions, they expect others to observe the same principle. To the Sagittarius, a cold and calculable cost-benefit analysis doesn’t always mean a person is frank with themselves and what they want to achieve.


#11 And, They Like To See The Big Picture

Due to its Ruler, which is Jupiter, Sagittarius has a “big-picture” point of view about the world. And, this is great when it comes to an overall expanse of their character and personality. But, it can also make the Sagittarius prone to miss important details about things, which won’t always bode nicely with others.


#12 They’re Often Early Bloomers

A Sagittarius can run the social expectations of life fairly. This is especially true if those expectations come out early in their childhood or adolescence. But, by late mid-age, the Sagittarius’ has all but been worn down by the “dust” of career and family, and would rather use that time to downgrade their lifestyles and focus on personal development. 

#13 They Tend To See The Best In Others

Like its Ruler planet Jupiter, Sagittarius likes the philosophical view from above. And they often take that view not because they want to control it. On the contrary, it’s to establish an optimism that things aren’t always as terrible as people make them. It’s one of the reasons that if you’re down, you can count on a Sagittarius to tell you that you’re worth it—even if you don’t think you are.


#14 A Sagittarius Tends To Not Like Conventional Wisdom

Though a Sagittarius won’t pettily argue nonsense against nitpickers, it’s also likely that they won’t take ideas and things at face value. If anything, the Sagittarius’ will fly in the face of conventional wisdom and explore options to challenge it. If a Sagittarius had a dream job, it would have probably been a hard-boiled detective in some noir thriller.


#15 But, They Are Prone To Great Errors, Too

Despite the tendency for a Sagittarius to fight for the side of choice and liberty, their flighty mutable state of mind makes it far more likely to come to errors. A Sagittarius will often welcome these errors. But, others?—not so much. Especially in times of excess nervous tension, Sagittarius can take themselves or others into a wild goose chase for some McGuffin that isn’t likely to exist.


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