15 Weird Quirks of Scorpio

by Admin Aug 25 2021

In the Zodiac, Scorpio is the 8th sign and governed by the nature of the Water Element.

Scorpio’s vast reserves of water are coupled by its rule; the dark and weight planet of Pluto.

Together, they make the personality of The Scorpion, who exhibits a fixed desire to take control of things, based on their feelings.

Would you know what a Scorpio looks like in the real world?

Here are 15 weird quirks of the Scorpio—see if you can spot them!

#1 Scorpios Have Tendencies Towards Control

If there’s something that a Scorpio is known for, it’s their desire to control. They often want full control over ideas, and they want control over people. 

Although this is not necessarily malevolent, these can become problems if these tendencies become toxic. So, to Scorpios and friends alike, take heed!


#2 And, Scorpios Are Often Addicted To Things

On one hand, this can often indicate that when a Scorpio is addicted to something, they can turn their addiction into a drive to hurdle over obstacles of almost any kind. 

On another, once they are over a certain threshold, a Scorpio can get to a point where their addictions become destructive. So, it’s really important to push down those feelings of addictions, before they get addicted.


#3 They Often Get A Kick Out Of Life

For all the things that can make a Scorpio get into danger zones, it’s also areas like that for which Scorpios can get a thrill in life. This is due to their preferred mode in life: feeling

 It’s this mode of feeling that helps a Scorpio participate in the tasks of life with maturity and humor.

#4 But, They Are Suspicious of All That Glam and Glitter

Though it’s variable, a Scorpio is generally suspicious of the superficial life and what a life like that entails. They can get skeptical of “cures”, ideas that are “cheerful”, and especially overly-optimistic people. It’s a nice life. 

But, it’s likely that to a Scorpio, a mindset of “glam and glitter” and “pleasure” is deplorable.


#5 To A Scorpio, A Nice Life Is A Great Life

On a general scale, due to their preference to accommodate their “feelings”, a Scorpio is highly instinctive to the nuances. 

Scorpios can see that life is tragic because feelings don’t always last. But, it’s likely this understanding that propels the Scorpio to develop a fixed state of mind. 

If a Scorpio has a feeling for a certain admirable lifestyle, it becomes their fixation—despite the tragedy of life.


#6 Scorpios Feel Agony Is Necessity

With a fixed quality of mind and their need to control, it’s no surprise to understand why a Scorpio would prefer to suffer for their chosen decisions. 

A Scorpio will likely see that life is about birth and death, and so it falls into them to perceive their life with an intense vigor. 

To a Scorpio, a life without an arduous set of risks is a miserable existence.

#7 A Scorpios Tends To Put Dreams Into Reality

A Scorpio, due to their personality, is one of those signs that are driven by “the dream” (as we normally understand it). This is because Scorpios often share an intimate network with their rational mind and the mind of the unconscious

A Scorpio looks at the “dream” and interprets it as a “vision”. 

This is further explored in their element, which is Water—an image portal of emotions and memory.


#8 Scorpios’ Intensity Are Often Problematic For Others

Scorpio’s gifts are equally both maligned

And, often than not, it’s easy to put a Scorpio on the ringer. 

Due to their intense personality, they can find themselves a subject of other’s labels, whether it’s that they’re full of treachery, or are highly sexual


#9 A Scorpio Would Rather Defend Themselves

True to the image of The Scorpion, the sign of Scorpio is likely to put themselves before others. 

And, it’s not because they’re cold-hearted. 

But, it’s because they don’t want any unnecessary confrontation or trouble. Scorpios will prize the primacy of their life and their participation in it.

#10 But, Scorpios Tend To Get Quite Frank

Not necessarily due to irritation, but because they like to let others take their “sting”. 

This is likely the case, even if their opinions are improper and unruly. 

And, this comes from the need to get others to recognize their nature. 


#11 Scorpios Can Produce A Sense Of Hostility

Due to Scorpio’s ruler, which is Pluto, there’s a strong dynamic tension in their personality. 

On one side, there is a strong urge to establish a “vision” of life that is fairly reasonable. 

But, over time, Pluto’s dark and sexual drives can creep up on a Scorpio, which can make them the opposite: unreasonably aggressive towards certain “goals”. 

Along with the underbelly of Pluto, the Scorpio gets further influenced by water that can’t help but burst out when trapped. 

Watch out!


#12 A Scorpio Is Often A “Sore Loser”

Sorry to say this… But probably one of the most notoriously enticing aspects of a Scorpio is their strange competitive nature. 

A Scorpio wants to become number one against others, especially those they hold a rivalry to (even if it’s family). But, they also want to excel in their field of choice, which may need cooperation with other people. In both cases, a Scorpio hates to lose!

#13 A Scorpio Likes To Assume A Power Role

Other than their peculiar desires, a Scorpio will usually opt to get a role of considerable “power”. 

And, preferably, over people. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of Scorpio’s weakness or insecurity but is prompted by their need to control things. 

This kind of propensity usually tends to manifest itself in later mid-life, when social roles have usually settled.


#14 Their Real Achievement Is Their Uniqueness

Contrary to their known image as a scorpion, a Scorpio can also take the image of a soared Eagle. 

And this represents the desires of Scorpio to survey the land that lays before their “vision”. 

For a true blue Scorpio, there’s this tendency for them to compare and contrast constantly, so long as they can use it to create their own “unique” place in the world.


#15 The Scorpio Holds Grudges Over Issues

Among the traits that make Scorpio infamous, is its tendency to take things personally. 


Scorpio’s immense capacity to feel is also what makes their nerves sensitive to anything they harbor.  


So long as it’s something that Scorpio has a fixed desire to, it is bound to begrudgingly protect it–at all costs.”



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