15 Weird Quirks Of Taurus

by Admin Aug 25 2021

The sign of Taurus is 2nd under the Zodiac, and they represent the management of the ego.

Governed by the Earth Element, and fueled by their sensations and fixations, Taurus finds its importance in the material world.

Taurus is also ruled by the planet Venus and symbolized by The Bull, which influences them to seek out the aesthetics and the pleasurable.

Here are 15 weird quirks of a Taurus, and why they’re often the most stubborn of the Zodiac signs.

#1 – A Taurus Thrives On Other People

One of the great qualities of a Taurus is that they depend on others. But, this dependence isn’t due to their shortcomings or weaknesses. This tendency exists because a Taurus desires to get approval from other people. And, this is especially true when it comes to friends and family.  To a Taurus, what benefits the beehive is what benefits the bee.

#2 – But, They’re Not Altruists

Most of Taurus’ goals in life are based on self-preservation. This is driven by their preferred mode of life: sensation. Even if it was to please other people, a Taurus won’t like it if it’s at the expense of their sensibilities and pain thresholds. If they can invest in themselves first, a Taurus will usually choose that option.

#3 – And, They’re Stubborn To Boot

If there’s something that a Taurus is notorious for, it’s that they’re stubborn–and, quite so in fact. Those who’ve had Taurus partners usually note they have a fixed quality of mind on things. In other words, if Taurus believes they’re right, they will argue to the ends of the Earth to show people they’re right.

#4 – A Taurus Wants To Be With The “In” Crowd

Usually, a Taurus can’t help but put their pulse on what interests others. More often than not, they will usually subscribe to the latest “hype” and “trends” of popular culture. This is primarily due to their reliance on sensations to influence their decisions.

#5 – But, They Don’t Want To Become Followers

Though a Taurus has a strong propensity to get along with a crowd, they want to make themselves different. Grounded by their Earth Element, a Taurus wants to have an assurance of their importance. And, in terms of jobs, this usually means they wouldn’t want to stick to the role of supporter for long.

#6 – And They Tend Towards Procrastination

Given enough outside noise, a Taurus is a prime victim of procrastination. Their need for gratification plus their high sensation tendencies makes Taurus prone to lots of distraction. In cases like these, it usually takes fear-based tactics to get them out of that rut.

#7 – A Taurus Loves A Nice “Plan”

Though Taurus isn’t likely to brood all day long, they’re not dismissive of plans. On the contrary, their fixed state of mind on many things propel them to plan out things in advance. And, given prolonged contemplation, a Taurus can make a strategy that would baffle even the most seasoned of analysts!

#8 – They Like To Hand Out Advice

For good or for ill, the Taurus is an observer extraordinaire. Their sensory modes give them the advantage to get information from different unconventional sources. As such, the Taurus can become an insightful advisor to many of their friends.

#13 – A Taurus Is A Staunch Materialist

Due to their senses, the average Taurus will look at things from a materialist or tangible basis. To a Taurus, the immediate sensory information indicates security. Thus, abstract ideas and goals are less of a priority for them.

#14 – They’re Often Ruled By Beauty

As subjects to their ruler planet Venus, Taurus will often desire a beautiful existence. And, Taurus will likely want to surround themselves and their environment with visually pleasant objects to make themselves feel nice. Sometimes, others can even label Taurus as a hoarder!

#15 – They’re A Spoiled Bunch

More often than not, it’s hard to strip Taurus away from pampered habits. As symbolized by The Bull, the Taurus often see itself as especially different from the herd. And, this idea of “specialness” is quite difficult to shake off if it was shaped early in a Taurus’ childhood.

#13 – They Like To Get Surprised

Like an innocent Ram, an Aries can get adorably curious about things. This can give Aries an urge to become an explorer or adventurer, which can satisfy their need for variety. More often than not, Aries can become the best of travel buddies.

#14 – But, They Can Become Tactlessly Frank

An Aries can also get labeled as a spoiled child. Their intuitions can often come off as either bratty or pushy. And, this is especially the case when Aries talks to analytic types.

#15 – An Aries Is Quite Wary When They’re Young

The Aries is often a late bloomer, in both their maturity and their knowledge. This can make a young Aries’s intuitions quite fiery and edgy, especially in early life. But on the upside, this can make Aries’s intuitively fast learners, too.