Aquarius Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Oct 09 2021

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and they belong to the Element of Air. They are individuals whose birthdays fall between the 20th of January and the 18th of February. Aquarians are usually symbolized with a picture of the water bearer.  

They are individuals who tend to think deeply about the world and enjoy getting to the root of the problem. Aquarian's love figuring things out and they are always able to handle problems with ease because of their ability to think out of the box. They are individuals who find it hard to settle down, and even if you think that you have figured them out, you will find yourself to be constantly surprised with the things they say and come up with.  

The characteristics of Aquarius 

Being an Aquarius, they are humanitarians by nature and they are quite hard to understand. They are individuals who would like to make a difference to the world, and only bring the good introduced to the world. The Aquarius zodiac sign is also often known to be rebellious and they have the constant urge to explore and know more about life. 

 Their hot and cold attitude would leave you at your wit’s end but they are the individuals who have the power of brightening your life with their personality. They are ruled by the planet Uranus and are often considered to be extremely independent and intelligent people. The placement of the planet also makes it quite easy to understand the personality traits of every Aquarius and they are known to be forward thinkers who are very free-spirited. They will listen to your worries, and make amazing friends who shall have your back, no matter what.  

The traits of Aquarius 

Aquarians are individuals who have a positive mindset and always see the best in every person. They will always give you the benefit of doubt even if everyone else is against you and they strongly believe in second chances.  

They hate people who are dishonest and manipulative, and they steer clear of such people. Aquarius are individuals who will stand up for themselves even if the whole world is against them. They are not pushovers or even doormats for people to walk on and they will always raise their voice for the cause they believe in.  

Aquarius may get anxious and nervous during a confrontation but they believe in themselves, and the cause they are passionate about, will not back down easily. They are extremely courageous by nature and will fight for the reason they believe in. Aquarians are extremely smart and they know exactly how to use their keen intelligence.  

They devour knowledge and are always found exploring new ideas and concepts, perspectives that will feed their hunger for knowledge and wisdom. The Aquarius zodiac sign loves learning and they enjoy teaching people what they know. This is one of their ways of bonding with people and is always known to be the kind of people you can have a conversation with on almost any topic.  

They are always signing up for classes or in the library, but they are also the kind of people who enjoy having deep conversations with people to know what their point of view would be and how different would it be from their own.  

The Aquarius zodiac sign views the world differently. They are extremely creative and are known to think not only outside the box but also are called creative thinkers. They are individuals who have the tendency to use their right brain more, and in short, are geniuses. You will also find them solving problems in a way you would have not thought of, and while they definitely would be logical, it just would not be the common route you would take to solve that very problem.  

They are innovative and inspiring, and they are known to be one of the most responsible and reliable individuals in your life. You know for a fact that you can always depend on them and they have your back regardless of how crazy your idea may be. They make great friends and are always there as a shoulder to cry on when things get too crazy and rough. The Aquarius zodiac sign makes great listeners and they will drop whatever they are doing to hear you out. They will not only lend an ear but they will also offer logical solutions that will solve your problems.  



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