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A Direct Reflection About How You Feel About Yourself Is Shown By How You Treat Others.

A Direct Reflection About How You Feel About Yourself Is Shown By How You Treat Others.

Have you ever considered how you treat other people?  Is it a way you would like to be treated? The treatment you get from a person can really make you question yourself and also affect how you relate to the person. Treatment is the manner you behave towards something or someone.

Today, your angel will guide you through some of the life lessons you can learn from treatment. The lessons will help you align yourself and be a better person.

How You Treat Others Matters.

You can easily treat other people wrongly and not feel bad about it because you have not put yourself in their shoes. An example is when you hurt someone physically, you do not expect they will hurt you back or do worse. An individual can wrong someone and be unapologetic about it because they do not find any harm they have done, until when a similar thing is done to them. From that experience, they can learn and correct the things they do. Sometimes it is until you are served with the same spoon that you will choose a different path. You could be talking very rudely to people and criticizing them and you expect them to treat you with respect, be it your employee, your spouse, or even children. It is very hard to be respected for this kind of behavior.

At some point the other person will retaliate and start treating you the same way you treat them, only then will you start working on improving the relationship. Learn to be good to others without expecting anything from them and before the relationship becomes unredeemable.

Your angel wants you to weigh your actions before you act and wear the shoes first.

Have Good Thoughts About Others.

Your mentality towards someone can really affect how you treat them. Your mentality has to adapt and change first, you have to think about the good in people instead of the bad side. It is very easy to judge others and look down on them through your thoughts. You could feel you are better than them, and it can give you a sense of superiority. Your thoughts can limit you from experiencing happy moments with people and having genuine relationships.

Your thoughts will ultimately transition in the way you act towards others because it happens in the mind first. You could be thinking ill of someone and have things you dislike about the person, you can notice this sometimes when the person is mentioned, and you feel the urge to gossip about them and spoil their reputation. It could be hard to entertain the thought that someone else cannot see all the flaws you see. Choose to have good thoughts towards people, it is freeing, and you will always find a good thing that you will appreciate in them. It is a decision you have to make and practice. Every person you will ever meet has a role in your life. Some will hurt you, some will inspire you, and some will help you. Treat people you meet with significance.

You Are Unique.

It is easy to treat yourself as ordinary or treat yourself poorly, especially if your life is not doing as you expected. It is easy to start comparing yourself and that is also a very difficult pattern to break. Seeing other people doing well in their lives can give you pressure to achieve more. Most people do not show the bad side happening in their lives, so that means it is not a realistic goal that you will be trying to reach.

Life has ups and downs and yours is not any less different. You should choose to not treat yourself ordinarily. You have so many skills and potential to achieve way much better things than what you imagined.  You should choose to be positive and see the good things you already have and not those that you do not. You could be a stay-at-home mother and you underestimate yourself because you feel you are not bringing an income in the home. It is easy to have little self-esteem in this scenario. It is so much you are doing already and you should start treating yourself in a deserving manner.

Do you remember all the things you can do? Your potential? Start working on it, one day at a time until you get where you want. The universe will support you if you just start with yourself.

Value Your Time.

There is no one who gives you better treatment than you give yourself. Make self-care a priority. You should always make time to take care of your well-being and improve yourself.  Sometimes you choose to work many hours in a day, take other people’s responsibilities, and focus on other people the entire time. Being kind to yourself is necessary. Treating yourself better will prevent burnout. You should choose routines to do and even include them on your calendar.

How you are with other people should start with you first. It will also show others how to treat you. You could be a person who is easily available to help others and you deny yourself a break to rest and be helped with others sometimes. You could postpone doing your work so that you can help someone else while you have a whole lot to do. You should know when to say no and when to choose yourself.

Your angel wants you to value your time and yourself to live a happy life. Change does not occur in a day; you should be patient. If you are intending to treat yourself and others better, do not expect everyone will reciprocate your values and morals.  Do not set yourself up for disappointments. The only person you have control over is yourself. Your angel reminds you that it is necessary to take care of yourself, make your happiness a priority and love yourself. It is not selfish.


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