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A Small Leak Can Sink A Big Ship, Beware Of The Little Expenses You Get.

A Small Leak Can Sink A Big Ship, Beware Of The Little Expenses You Get.

Sometimes the future looks like a faraway place that you have such a long time to get to. Most times it is easy to attend to the immediate needs and forget that the future requires similar attention. Taking care of the future is a necessity, it doesn’t matter how little you save for it, as long as you just do it.

Today, your angel’s topic is cord blood, which is the blood that remains in the attached umbilical cord and the placenta after childbirth. You probably wonder why this is important, but a lot of families have saved it to use in the future, in the event of some diseases one can get. It is natural to care for your loved ones and to want them to have a secured future. Your angel knows how important it is to feel safe and will guide you through some life lessons you can learn from cord blood.

There Will Always Be Alternative Ways To Achieve Results.

Stem cells in a body have the potential to develop into other different specialized cells. Stem cells repair the internal system by dividing themselves over and over to replenish the ones that are dying or are damaged. It is mysterious how the body works to regain itself back to normal. Stem cells can be gotten from the bone marrow, the bloodstream, and also cord blood. These are different avenues used to get the same thing. The advantage of cord blood is that it has younger stem cells that can easily increase and have fewer complications.  The body has alternatives and so should you. 

In life, it is good to have different paths you can use to achieve something. You could have gone to school and studied to be in a certain profession, that should not mean that if you do not get a job in that field you cannot do any other. Very many people today have walked very different paths from what they expected to do well in life. Some are graduated professionals but ended up doing business that requires manual work, and they are doing fine.  Learn to be flexible and embrace ideas and skills that can help you. Life can give you a bumpy ride so do not shy away from learning different trades.

Saving For The Future Can Eventually Help People Who Were Not In The Picture.

Doctors can sometimes recommend families to donate cord blood to public banks, rather than having it stored privately. Patients need stem cell donors who match their immune systems. It is important to increase the diversity in the genetics of cord blood that is available in the banks. Information is very valuable, people will be able to understand the need for cord blood and the power they have to be able to help others. People from diverse ethnic groups should also consider donating to public banks to help other sick patients. The cord blood will be used by an anonymous patient and all the rights over it will have been given up.

Sometimes, the small contributions you do can change someone else's life forever. Do not ignore the strength of a helping hand. Have you ever been helped by a stranger before? By someone, you hardly even know and you never get to meet them again? It reminds you that the universe has people that care, it encourages you to also pull someone else out of a bad situation.  You could just think of yourself and you do not find the reason to create a good life, but people will always be directed your way if you have the capability of helping. Your angel emphasizes the importance of helping one person at a time, it becomes a chain reaction that does not stop. You could have the potential of changing many lives if you start working on improving your life today.

You Will Not Be Compatible With Everyone.

When doing a transplant, blood stem cells can only come from someone else or yourself. If the patient has a genetic disease or blood cancer, their stem cells cannot be used in their transplant. Unfortunately, if a match that is not good is used, the foreign stem cells can be attacked or can attack the patient’s tissues, which can result in life-threatening issues. Compatibility is the basic factor when using stem cells.

You agree that such situations can be reflected in your daily life, where you can have quarrels with someone just because you cannot relate well. Learn to accept that you will not be compatible with everyone around you and that is ok. You could be talking behind your colleague’s back, and trying to make everyone dislike them just because the both of you cannot relate, this is wrong because you have allowed your emotions towards someone, to ruin their reputation and their relationship with other people. Learn to not take things personally sometimes, you are also not everyone’s cup of tea and they are most likely not rubbing it on your face.

Sometimes You Have To Step Into The Uncertainties.

Cord blood is still being researched and its uses explored. There are procedures that some medical facilities do that have not been established to be safe yet. Some patients’ health can be in a really bad condition such that they don't mind trying any alternative that can work. Sometimes the treatment can be rejected by the body after use but the patients rest knowing they tried the available options. Ethical controversies go around cord blood but it does not stop people from using it.

Similarly, in life, sometimes you have to step into uncharted waters and try new things. Ordinary things make you become an ordinary person, settling only on what makes you comfortable will prevent you from finding out all the things you could have done in your life. You might have gotten a job in another country and you feel unsure of whether you should go, if the place is safe for you, do not shy from taking that step. Let fear not hold you back from following your dreams.

You should choose to not make things complicated more than they ever need to be.

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