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Allow Yourself To Be Flexible About Your Methods, But Stubborn About Your Goals.

Allow Yourself To Be Flexible About Your Methods, But Stubborn About Your Goals.

Can you categorize yourself to be from a certain class of people in society? People treat each other differently because of their social and economic status. You could be highly respected because you are financially stable. As unfair as that sounds, there are some lessons you can learn from the situation. Life is unpredictable and you can easily shift from one social class to another by the decisions you make. Is there something you are currently learning in life that is changing your view?

Today, your angel will guide you through classes, which means belonging to a certain category, use it to align your life to become better. Below are some life lessons you can learn from classes.

Learn To Embrace Discomfort.

Society classes exist whether you think it’s fair or not. The level of success an individual has determines the direction of their life and the opportunities they get. People from a privileged background most of the time tend to assume that their experiences are normal and do not accept the fact that the inequality experienced in society greatly contributes to their well-being and successes. People from struggling backgrounds also know how inequality works against them and how hard they have to work to have a place in society. These are very different world views and most times people from poor backgrounds can easily feel angry, defensive, helpless, and frustrated.  Only when you choose to be more resilient can situations change.

Similarly, in life, you could be working in a company that has strict rules and you are always on your toes to avoid getting into trouble, on the other side, it fully helps to pay your bills. Does that mean you quit the job and get another? Learn to embrace the uncomfortable situations in life until you can get out of them without hurting yourself or others. Life can be like a rollercoaster, sometimes, you will not get what you want.

People Have Different Issues, Do Not Be Judgmental.

Social classes are not only based on an economic basis. Classes can exist within other areas like race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, and other identities. The social classes one belongs to sometimes can be problematic and allows the privilege to some people. Trying to understand where someone is coming from helps you understand the issues the other person is facing and gives you a better perspective to relate to what is happening in their lives. It is very easy to judge and make conclusions about what someone should or should not do. You could be a person who quickly judges people who are struggling financially, for example, the homeless people. You could be very quick to give solutions to what you could have done if you were in their shoes.

The truth is, you do not know their story or how far they have tried to make their lives better unless you listen to them and get their perspective. Learn to let people be and give others chances to choose their paths and find the truth for themselves. You agree everyone goes through something including yourself. You would want others to understand and appreciate you. Even as you find people that choose to care for you, extend the same hand to others.

Create Your Path.

There will always be something that separates you from someone else. You will always fit somewhere and not fit in another. Fortunately, you have a choice of not conforming to a general path that you get fixed. It is easy to get peer pressure and search for an identity, with a desire to be part of something. Having a sense of belonging to a certain class can direct your views and the way you live your life. You could relate to your ethnic group or race and live your life according to their way of living. It is important to avoid the pressure to conform to a popular norm and create the beat of your drum. You could be a person who has different talents in your family, but the rest of the family members follow specific career paths. You could shy away from choosing yourself because of the fear of standing out and you end up following the path created for you.

In the end, you might end up with a career you do not enjoy and you are only left with the imagination of all the possibilities you could have achieved if you followed your dreams. Your angel reminds you that you are a special person and you should reach your dreams and follow your path. Do not allow others to dictate the things you do with your life.

Believe In Yourself.

Because of the lack of opportunities and inequality that people from underprivileged backgrounds face, they do not tend to get to the very high social class levels in life. Sometimes classes can deny someone an opportunity to attend top schools which can deny them an opportunity to apply for the best job positions. Being biased and discriminating makes the setting of classes among people a very difficult thing to solve.

Encouraging diversity and allowing yourself to learn about different cultures can help to improve how you treat others. There is nothing wrong with you if you are different from the rest, at some point, it is your qualifications, experience in life, and confidence in yourself that will open doors for you. You could be a person who always self-doubts and questions yourself a lot. You could not feel confident in how you look, your accent, your education, or even your social status. You should know that it is okay to be different just as you are. Accept and believe yourself, everyone else will have to fit into that standard. Believing in yourself gives you confidence and enables you to do things without wanting validation from other people. You are your pacesetter and the power to make your life better regardless of where you come from lies in you.

Your angel reminds you that you can make a better life for yourself by changing your view of the world.




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