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Be Careful What You Give To The Universe Because It Will Always Echo It Back

Be Careful What You Give To The Universe Because It Will Always Echo It Back

Donations are not exclusive to the financially stable

Did you know that your bank account need not be flowing with millions of dollars for you to make a difference in somebody’s life? You might be one of the many people who have subscribed to the norm that only the rich can lend help and you could be praying that the universe brings wealth along your path so that you can make a change in your society.

However, today’s angel is demystifying that norm and assures you that donating the little you have can make a huge difference to the one who lacks. Imagine you were homeless and someone went to the thrift store and purchased some clothes.

Truth be told; you will be excited, the smile on your face will be priceless and every time you wear the clothes, you will always utter a prayer for the giver. Similarly, you may donate something that costs less than 10 dollars but you end up touching the heart of the receiver to a great extent.

The future is uncertain; live fully in the present

You may have your life together with all planned out well on a piece of paper waiting to be executed. Your vision board could be the main motivation that wakes you up early while the rest of the world sleeps and the reason you go to sleep late as you seek to achieve it.

However, you have no idea of what happens tomorrow and things may not always turn out as you hoped they would. People neglect their health, work their entire youth and amass huge wealth then later spend money treating illnesses in their old age. You might plan to own a home and a car by age 30 but then your business gets liquidated before you achieve your dreams. What happens then when the future doesn’t work out in your favor?

Today’s angel is letting you know that you ought to learn to coexist with others and do not be mean. Imagine someone is sick and they need a blood transfusion and you are the only compatible donor. The patient and their dear ones will beg you to save their lives and it is not a surprise if they go on their knees to beg since at the moment of desperation pride and ego are non-existent. If you agree to the donation, they will sing your praises and live to be indebted to you.

However, if you decline their request and their patient passes away, they will live to be bitter. Assuming you declined the donation, tables turned and you are now in their position. Do you think they will be willing to help you out? At that moment you will wish that you had helped them when they needed you so that your kindness would have been reciprocated. However, it will be too late! To avoid getting yourself in such ordeals, your angel would like you to live today knowing very well that tomorrow is uncertain and tables may turn.

Donors never lack

Your angel is fully aware that some people are always afraid of making donations for reasons best known to them. You could be one of them and perhaps you are afraid that if you donate, you will be left with nothing, or you are simply overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown. A very interesting fact is that the most generous people never lack while misers live in poverty.

Why is this so? you may ask, the truth is; the universe works under the echo law. This means that what you give is echoed back; you become a generous person, the universe becomes generous to you, you become a miser, the universe becomes stingy to you.

The logic behind it is this; if you had a closet full of clothes and you needed to purchase more clothes, you ought to remove some of them to create space for the new clothes. The universe similarly cannot reward you with more things if you keep holding on to the new things.

Your angel is pleading with you to learn to let go and empty what you have to create more space for more. Those who donate always receive even more than they donated. If you are yet to understand, then you are challenged to try it out today and test it.

Blessings come your way when you donate

You must have heard that “it is more blessed to give than to receive” and perhaps it left you wondering the reason behind that verse. Take a situation where you are living in poverty and you are almost dying of hunger but by good luck, someone helps you out and your life situation changes for the better.

Wouldn’t you spend the rest of your life praying for them and proclaiming blessing? Would you not always hope the universe rewards them in immeasurable ways? That is exactly what happens when you are a cheerful giver. Blessings flow your way and you keep wondering what you did to deserve the good things happening to you. However, when you do good to someone, that goodness will always come back to you.

On the contrary, expect nothing upon making donations. Do not start making donations just because you heard that you will receive more than you give. If you choose to be a donor, be a donor who gives deep from your heart without expecting anything back.

Give because you are privileged to be in a better position than others and because you accept to be used as a vessel to bless others. The smiles, happiness, prayers, and well wishes of the receivers will stand up for you when you no longer have the energy and strength to stand on your own.

Finally, your angel understands that the current times may be tough and you may genuinely not be in a position to donate. Worry not because tough times don't last but instead be patient as the universe works to echo back your energy.


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