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   Choose To Be A Blessing Because It Is Better To Bless Than To Be Blessed.

Choose To Be A Blessing Because It Is Better To Bless Than To Be Blessed.

Helping other people is a commitment and a choice, standing for someone else is a lot harder. Being able to defend someone when they are being judged and trying to say their part of the story as true is a complete sacrifice and calling. Do you have the courage to defend someone before other people?

Today, your angel will guide you through a lawyer, who is a person that advises their clients, represents, and defends a person in a court of law. There are many life lessons you can learn from a lawyer, below are some you can take with you.

Learn To Separate The Issues You Have.

As a lawyer, an important thing you have to do is to be able to separate the legal issues from the other life events of a client. A lawyer needs to pick only the information that is important for a case and address every argument they have separately. Most people often push all their arguments together and do not separate the different things going on. This trait helps lawyers to be more rational and you will reach solutions much faster because they deal with one issue at a time.

In life, this lesson can come in handy. You need to know what issue is causing another and handle each, it is easier to be understood that way. You could be a spouse who brings a lot of issues from the past when trying to solve an argument that recently happened. It shows that you have most likely not forgiven your partner of the things they did and you have not been able to move forward from it. Resentment can easily be built from such events and the argument can end up unsolved. Learn to let go of things that do not grow you and move on. Carrying baggage from previous experiences can leave you damaged and affect your relationships negatively.

Do Not Be Intimidated.

Lawyers often use your lack of knowledge and their knowledge against you, as most people in other professions would. The problem is you cannot ignore the law as it can have a serious impact on your life, especially if you do not have an idea to what extent it can deal with you. Most people do not know the consequences they can face when they break the law and lawyers can use that to their advantage because they already know what is not known to them. A lawyer is trained and has experience in court and can easily intimidate you. You should try to know your basic rights and how the court works to help you be more confident when faced with a legal issue.

In life, people take advantage to intimidate others so that they can feel better about themselves. You could be a new employee, and no one is guiding you through the rules around the workplace. It is easy to feel intimidated when other people are performing well in their jobs and giving results while you feel you haven’t figured your way around it. Your angel reminds you that you equally measure up. You should trust your skills and give your best to learn as much as you can, this way you will easily match with the rest and surpass others. Do not let anyone make you believe that you are any lesser.

 Avoid Being Arrogant.

Lawyers sometimes come across as being arrogant because of their level of education and the competitiveness of getting to law school and being able to practice law. Lawyers are used to fighting one another using their intellectual capabilities, and the level of success in their careers can be reflected by how good they are at this. Some lawyers feel superior to other people because of the potential they possess. It is important for lawyers to think they are the best because self-confidence is necessary to be able to have a fierce determination to win court procedures.

Sometimes it is easy to mistake confidence for arrogance. You should be careful not to be arrogant in life. Arrogance can push people away from your life, even those who might have helped climb up the ladder. You could be an employee in a company but because you perform well, you treat other people poorly and put yourself high up on the hierarchy. It is difficult to learn or continue to grow further with this kind of attitude because you are full of yourself. Learn to embrace humility, to assist others, and allow yourself to learn even from people who are under you, wherever you are. It is admirable to not think of yourself as better than everyone else.

Always Ask Questions.

Lawyers are trained to be curious and to always ask questions. They interrogate people and know how to get information from them. Lawyers know how to find out the motives for doing something based on the answers of the people they ask.  Lawyers know how to stall someone while thinking of a strategy in case they have been surprised by evidence or a witness from the other side. They can ask questions that lead someone to give important details that seemingly did not seem relevant when asked. Questions always help to give background information and should not be assumed.

Today, do not just go through the motions of life without wanting to know why. Asking questions can keep you from a lot of trouble and danger. You could be a person who wants to buy property but you do not ask relevant questions to the seller. For example, title issues, the legibility of the place, if they have referrals who have bought from them. If later you find out you have been swindled of your money or the place is not as favorable as you thought, you will not point fingers at anyone else.  You need to ask for details until you feel satisfied with the information whatever the case.

Your angel reminds you that you should not let anyone rob you of your curiosity, your creativity, or even your imagination. You should do all you can do with it and do not stop going on. It is your life and your place in the world. Make the life you want from it.


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