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Completing School Does Not Mean An End To Learning, But Rather The Beginning.

Completing School Does Not Mean An End To Learning, But Rather The Beginning.

Today’s angel is helping you to accept and adopt online education just like physical school education. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, closing schools and adopting the online mode of education was one of the measures that were adopted to help fight the pandemic.

The habitual physical learning in schools came to a sudden halt, in line with the social distancing measures put in place. If you are among the people who were affected by this change and had to switch to online education, your angel assures you of protection and understands that sometimes you could be lonely since it is a new normal you have to adapt to.

Appreciate the facilities you have

Before looking at the cons that come with online education, your angel is reminding you that many students across the world have no access to the internet as well as the devices to enable them to access online education. When physical schools are closed down, they are forced to halt their studies until it is safe to attend the school once again. When a pandemic strikes and schools have to be closed, it means they have come to the end of their learning until the pandemic is contained.

Such students are expected to compete for similar resources with those who continued their syllabus in the online education curriculum. Imagine they compete for the same best schools, colleges, and even the best employers as you do. So before you complain about how boring it is, remember that you are privileged to access it.

School is where you choose your company

Once you grow up, you realize that most connections come from the people you met in school and especially college. When making friends, online education may make it a little difficult since you only meet your coursemates online. It is even harder for an introvert and your angel understands that you could be feeling so detached from your peers that you often get lonely. Engaging in group discussions and assignments is a window for you to get to know other people and you may end up making friends online.

You need not meet people physically to establish a friendship with them. Just imagine it as having a pen pal who lived far away in another continent but you were able to maintain a friendship via writing to each other. When there is no other choice but online education, your angel requests that you may be open-minded and see it as a challenge to make friends even when you cannot meet them physically.

Learning is endless

When you are young and in school, you probably look forward to completing your education so that you will no longer take tests and do assignments. You probably think that you will never get hold of a book and your brain will be so relaxed to be stressed by education once more. The truth is that once you have completed school, you realize that you can never stop learning unless you want to remain irrelevant. A secretary in the 1980’s cannot be a secretary today unless they have opened their mind to learning new things such as gaining computer skills.

In the past, secretaries were only required to have reading, writing, and communication skills since most of the work involved paperwork while today secretaries are required to be computer literate and even certified. In the current constantly evolving world, the skills you possess today may not be relevant in the next five to ten years. Your current job position may be automated in the next five years and you may be retrenched since you no longer bring value to the workplace. Based on these reasons, you ought to keep learning and gaining more relevant skills. 

Online education brings you the best solution since you can enroll in a self-paced course that will not interfere with your daily activities. It is said that leaders are readers hence to be a wise leader, you have to constantly keep learning across various niches. Whether you are an accountant who has been longing to attend that online course on certain accounting software, an IT consultant postponing the enrolment into that new online computer language course, a linguist shying away from joining that online course for a new language, or even a student desiring to enroll in a certain online course to learn more during your free time, your angel is assuring you that you are on the right path and you need not fear but take the step ahead and enjoy the journey.

People Who read

Reading opens your mind to an endless imagination of possibilities. It is said that words are more powerful than swords and other weapons. There is something special about people who constantly read and get moved by the words in a book. Even from a chair, they can teleport across the world and gain meaningful experience from there. People who enjoy fiction will agree that they have been murderers wiping out an entire generation, kings and queens ruling with justice, and even heroes who have saved a continent. A good fiction book provides a window to escape from reality and live in another world.

Bibliomaniacs will agree that a book can also be a friend because not only do you read a book for the sake of reading, but a good book has the ability not just to talk to you but also to listen to you. No matter the genre of the book you read, your angel advises you to keep reading and getting more knowledge and information to enable you to remain informed and relevant.

Finally, your angel today would like you to know that you ought to keep educating yourself and any time you feel like giving up and quitting midway, you are reminded that you are strong, wise, and capable of completing and excelling in everything you started. So keep moving and never look behind!  


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