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Crying is a form of healing as well, so cry as much as you want!

Crying is a form of healing as well, so cry as much as you want!

Today’s angel will counsel you about two kinds of issues in need of treatment: a mental and a physical one. But the main motif will be internal healing. More often than people care to notice, they usually find themselves carrying both burdens. Whichever one starts first, they’ll always end up under the weight of the other. Either way, there’s a singular point for both problems: they are a result of self-inflicted negativity.


By now, your angel will be shaking their head by your confused or rejecting remarks. They’re sad that you haven’t noticed it at all. That’s because self-inflicted negativity is either done on purpose or done unconsciously, both requiring awareness for the first step in treatment to begin. Your angel today will thus explain the process of getting there.


Be aware that you lack awareness


The sad thing about treatment, your angel begins, is that it is a cause, not an effect, more or less comprising the last stages in the cycle of anything negative. Something bad needs to happen first before you even think of treatment. This is why self-awareness is very important. If you don’t even know that you’re hurting, whether it’s from a mental or physical issue, then obviously you’d believe that you don't need any kind of healing. 


And so, you keep wondering why insomnia haunts you every night, why you can’t stomach even the thought of eating, why it’s getting more and more difficult to jump from your bed. Your angel points out that this is what it means to lose recognition. It’s time to stop denying the fact that something, perhaps something inside of you, is bringing about all kinds of bodily harm. How can someone lose sleep over nothing after all?


The most important, yet also the most difficult, thing to do is to confront yourself. Your angel is handing you a mirror, welcome it. Confronting yourself means tackling both positive and negative traits; though your angel is especially focused on the negative part. Here, you’ll be facing ugly habits of anger, guilt, regret, sadness, and many more emotions that you built as a defense mechanism. And once you’ve agreed to go inside that storm, healing will begin.


How Does Self-Inflicted Negativities Occur?


While the lack of awareness is usually caused by uncontrollable elements such as inexperience and naivety, purposeful infliction of negativity is rooted in Denial. In this scene, your angel will be pointing out your obvious issues but you’ll refuse to acknowledge them because of various reasons. Stubbornness is the usual shallow suspect, while pride is the psychological one. 


Your angel discourages stubbornness with a passion but is understanding of your reasons. It’s normal to reject the thought that something is wrong with you, even if there are signs showing it. But you have to realize that when you refuse to acknowledge your negativities, you’ll not only hurt yourself but the people around you as well. Whatever brutality you commit to yourself---maybe subsisting on extremely high standards or being overly criticizing---eventually, those will make their way unto others.


Pride, on the other hand, is a deeper scar to understand. You reject the notion of treatment because it is insulting. It indicates that you’re weak, and a weak person cannot achieve anything. Realize that this defensive stance closes your heart from your angel and from emotions that humans cannot part with. Your angel says that there’s no shame in feeling pain or sadness---they’re the ingredients for a better character; a character who believes that neither perfection nor a steel heart is the epitome of happiness. Struggles in life are there to make you grow.


Your angel has a reminder:  you are not your enemy. That’s how things begin. Once you see yourself as another critic, what’s to stop the entire world from becoming one? Reorganize your heart through at least 10 minutes of meditation and practice mindfulness. Do this by sifting through your thoughts and analyzing the negativities and the reason why you have them. Again, emotions don’t just poof out of nowhere.


Mental and Physical Issues are intertwined


Now that you know about the sources of self-inflictions, you can begin the healing process. And In order to treat the problems that lay within, you have to watch your actions very closely. Negative habits are difficult to get a hold of but they do put out signs unwittingly. Luckily for you, mental and physical issues support each other. For example. after eating a slice of cake, do you beat yourself up over it, fast for dinner, or get into the habit of exercising immediately? Another, do you drown yourself in alcohol whenever a bad day at work occurs, or perhaps smoke an entire pack of cigarettes for instant relief?


Your body itself is talking to you, you just have to watch your reactions to everything. Better yet, you have your angel to point out things you might’ve missed. Be proud of the fact that, at this stage, you’re attempting to learn everything about yourself. By the end of your treatment, you’ll know your strengths and limitations. When encountering future situations, you’ll know when to stay or walk away; your intuition as clear as your angel’s guidance.


A Clearer Sight, A Peaceful Heart


Don’t be afraid to restart your life all over again. You have your experiences and your angel to guide you this time. At the end of the tunnel, the world is shining bright.


 It’s quite an amazing feeling once you’re out of the negativity clouds. You’re left thinking, “Well it was just a bad storm, wasn’t it?” Though everything looks the same, they don’t feel like so. Your eyes have stopped roaming around cautiously, your shoulders hang loosely. When you walk, spine ramrod straight in assurance, feet practically floating in lightness, people’s eyes become naturally drawn to you, motivating themselves to do the same. That’s the power of self-treatment! Your angel is very proud that you took the leap in finding the improved version of yourself.


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