Your Angel Message For Today

Don’t be afraid of being someplace new. A familiar angel will always be beside you.

Don’t be afraid of being someplace new. A familiar angel will always be beside you.

Your angel’s topic for today is about going outside your comfort zone. Why should you practice it, you ask. People don’t just like familiarity, they covet it. So it’s natural to feel uncomfortable whenever you need to transfer from your comfort zone to outside of it. But your angel sees a lot of benefits in it, for both your mental and physical health. They want you to gain those advantages to improve many aspects of your life skills.


And there are certainly improvements waiting at the end! Getting out of one’s comfort zone is a struggle for contentment in and of itself. You purposely invite stress into your life so you can either adapt to it and get over it. Your guide knows it’s unsettling, yes, but they believe that challenges can make you strong. Without them, you’ll be stuck forever in one same place, reinforcing old ideas over and over again, and that’s even more unsettling for your angel who always wants to find ways to develop your spirit.


Being too comfortable can lead to stagnation


When a person stays inside their comfort zone, they limit themselves to practices they’ve already mastered, to challenges they’ve already conquered. It may be a relief to live a life devoid of stressful problems, but in the same vein, you won’t have opportunities to grow.


The first reason why most people reject this rationale is that they equate “inviting challenges” to “living life on hard mode”. The Universe doesn’t have a “hard mode”. Life simply becomes easier for those who had the grit and wisdom to overcome new challenges. In the face of such confrontations, your angel sees a chance for thicker skin and a go-getter attitude. Though you gain enough confidence from their company, they believe you can obtain more.


The second reason is their idea of a comfort zone. The notion is that when you go outside of it, you leave that stress-less spot behind and transfer to another. No, when you conquer the surroundings of your comfort zone, you EXPAND it, just like how you expand your mental strength.


The final reason is that of their image of a comfort-only life, purporting it as everlasting Neverland. There’s security, closure, and the usual expectations. No unpredictable problems challenging their intellectual capabilities. No risks of disappointing others. No tragic mistakes to remember every 5 minutes. But really, even you realize at this point that it’s a lifetime bereft of opportunities and courage---the two main proponents for an adventurous experience. And with that knowledge, you’re already one step out of your desolate space along with one ear left to offer to your angel.


How to fight against your small comfort zone


Most people are actually aware of the drawbacks of staying in their comfort zone. Some may have even wandered out purely out of confidence. But they didn’t realize the significance of wisdom, of starting with a good mentality before stepping out. Now, after an experience of failure, they’re terrified of looking outside to the extent of blocking their angels’ sound counsel of potential strengths just to retain a semblance of stability. It wasn’t a matter of growth at that point, they’re hindered by the thought of a shaky footing.


Inside your space, you know your current strengths and weakness; the moment you go outside of it, you risk their very conviction. “What if I’m not actually good at this?”, “what if someone is better than me?”, “what if they expect a lot from me?”---these types of question start to plague the mind. Hence, the first and only task is to overcome the fear of risks. The simplest way to do this is to change the phrase “taking a risk” to “taking a chance”; adjusting your attitude to the problem from pessimism to optimism. If you ever need the motivation to do this, just listen to your angel’s relentless encouragement. In order to achieve this mindset, you must apply it during a transfer.


For example, moving to a new city. Instead of thinking that you’ll lose something---a former friend perhaps, imagine that you’ll gain a new one. When you go to that new cafe, instead of thinking that the cashier will laugh when you nervously stutter on your order, imagine that he/she will think it’s cute. When you go to your new school, instead of thinking that you won’t be part of a group, imagine that you’ll be friends with the entire class. That’s the difference between risk and chance---you don’t risk losing what you have, you chance an opportunity to gain something.


Being a fatalist changes nothing. If you want something to improve, you NEED to step out. 


Find fulfillment outside of your comfort zone


Ultimately, improvements can only be attained outside of your comfort zones. All things new are windows leading to various kinds of personal development. If you follow along with this particular mentality, expanding your comfort zones will get more and more exciting as you go forward. It may take time and effort, it may even get painful at times, but the outcome is nothing but fulfilling. You can even utilize your comfort zone as a kind of ‘resting area’ after going out. The important thing is that you keep trying.


Besides, even if you transferred to a different place, no matter if it’s the far-reaching ends of the planet, you’re still connected with the Universe. So there’s no reason to be afraid. The divine spirits are watching, pumping you with energy whenever you feel as if the ‘new zone’ is pulling the rug beneath your feet. Your angels know the difficulty of going astray from the comforts of your norm; their guidance is the reason why you’d suddenly find yourself with newfound confidence. By the end of your steady improvements, you will have gained a sense of maturity and confidence, which would’ve been impossible inside your initially small zone.


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