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Everybody’s Propensity To Take Risks Is Different, That Is Why( Living Within Your Means) Is Defined Differently For Everyone.

Everybody’s Propensity To Take Risks Is Different, That Is Why( Living Within Your Means) Is Defined Differently For Everyone.

Your angel’s message for today is about loans. Managing your finances is an important aspect of life that also sets the direction of your future. Unfortunately, many people don’t learn about borrowing money when they are in school or from their parents, they learn it first hand from their own experiences, which by then can have a serious impact. Your angel understands that you may have been given warnings to buy only what you can afford, that you should save for your future, and also manage your money wisely. However, were you ever told how loans work or did you have to figure that for yourself? The truth is avoiding debts is much easier than dealing with them. Your angel encourages you that no matter how bad or good your financial picture looks right now; it is never too late to learn how to avoid some of the problems that come with being in debt.


Loans Teach You How To Be Street Smart.

You don’t get out of a financial crisis by taking up more loans. Unfortunately, lately, there are many institutions that will try to make you believe that you should take out another loan for one reason or another. We live in a world when people are money hungry and will charge exorbitant interest rates for any little money they give. If you have ever ended up in bad debt because you were enticed into taking a loan, you already have learned some lessons the hard way. Also, you don’t have to be in a situation to learn, seeing other people going through bad money debts, where some even get auctioned when they fail to pay can help you avoid making this mistake of borrowing. You will gain a little bit of street smartness in the process. 


Sometimes, you learn things the hard way, and you will be keen to see the signs of a similar situation when it is about to happen. Sheltering people around you from having bad experiences, let’s say your children, sets them up to have a rough time later on. It is best to allow someone to have their own experiences, and they will know what to do next time. Take an example where every time your child gets into a fight, you are always there to protect them and intimidate the other child.


At the end of it, your child won’t really know that it is bad to get into fights, because they have not experienced the consequences of it. You should let them have their own experiences and they will know better not to fight when they get hit one time. Your angels know that there are some lessons that no one will tell you about, but the streets are not hesitant to teach. Be ready to learn and do not allow yourself to be bitten twice.


Leave The Bad Habits.

You can blame everything else when you are taking up loans, but if you keenly look back, you will realize that a big part of it is your fault. It may be hard to admit, but when you look at your bills and expenditure, it is impossible to deny. Having little income and bad spending habits always lead you to take up loans and be in debt. You may try to please other people, or live beyond your means, which will only worsen the situation.

Once you realize that you are the biggest contributor to this, you will learn to say no and you will look into minimizing how you spend. You can never really know the impact of bad habits until it costs you something. Most times, you may justify why you do some things because you don’t want to change them. People have labeled the bad things they don’t want to stop doing as “weaknesses”, which deny them progress and make them get stuck in their ways. 

Your angel wants you to constantly check yourself without bias, and always be ready to fix the bad areas, no matter how uncomfortable they can be. You have to be truthful with yourself before anyone else is. Do not allow mediocrity as part of your character, just because you don’t want to level up. Taking up better habits needs patience and a desire to be different, slowly start practicing and try to make it routine. Once you start experiencing the benefits of it, you will desire to stick to what is good. For example, if you are used to buying expensive lunches at your workplace, which may drain your pockets, try packing a healthier meal from home and save that coin. When you notice your finances are not straining, you will prefer packing that lunch.


Loans Give You A Tough Reality Check.

Sometimes, you get loans because of very invalid reasons. You could be staying with someone who is stealing from you, you may quit your job without having any backup plan, or even start a business that has no way of functioning and being successful. These mistakes that you get to make once in a while can put you through a lot of financial constraints and get you long-term loans. Seeing how bad your situation is can sober you up, and it can make you realize that life doesn’t always work the way we hope it will. It is easy for you to think of how beautiful life will turn out, which can certainly happen.

The problem comes in when you let wishful thinking affect the decisions you make. Be careful to make decisions that suit you, that will open you up to a good future. Do not speculate, life can only open up one day at a time, make wise decisions at present, that is the only thing that can determine the future. Your angel motivates you to embrace critical thinking and to see life as it is.


Top Tip Of The Day.

To live a comfortable life, you need planning, mostly it is not about the availability of excess resources. Without discipline, how much you have doesn’t matter. Create a culture that works for you and stick to it.



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