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Failure is not the end of the road for you, the journey has just began

Failure is not the end of the road for you, the journey has just began

Today your angel is bringing you a message on how you can use your failures as an inspiration rather than a discouragement. The most successful people have had plenty of failures but they never let the failures define them. Did you know that the more times they fail, the more they are inspired to work harder and come up with solutions to ensure they succeed? Why then are you afraid of failing even before you get to know what lies ahead? If you were taking a morning jog and you happened to slide and fall down, you have to get up and keep moving, right? Or will you remain on the ground all day crying because you fell? Absolutely not!

Fear and confidence in the midst of failure

Does your confidence get shaken when you fail? Do you feel worthless after failure? Does failure hurt your pride? It is a worry if your answers are all affirmative and from today you need to understand that failure is a part of life and use it as a stepping stone to your next milestone. Unless you get comfortable with failure and use it to draw inspiration, you ought to forget any chance of being successful.

Observe a child who is learning to walk and get to understand the beauty of failure. The child will not automatically walk upright but they will fall down many times. Falling will not prevent the child from learning to walk but they will keep trying until they master the art of walking perfectly. If as a child you got over such a failure and you were successful, why then do you give up just immediately after the first attempt. If a door is closed, knock! If there is no answer, keep knocking! If there is no answer still, look for a window and get in.

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that the fear of failure is not for entrepreneurs. If you are already established, you can admit that the journey has not been smooth and there were plenty of failure experiences along the way. However, you learned to draw inspiration from those failures and took them as lessons. If you are an entrepreneur who is just getting started with a start-up, congratulations because you already put the fear aside and took the risk. You may already be experiencing a thousand ways on how your business is not working out. Today you are reminded to embrace those failures and use them to inspire you to get solutions. Whether you failed because you made low sales, use the lesson to conduct market research and understand why your target consumers are not purchasing your products. You may be surprised that what you think they want is very different from their needs and preferences.

Spread the inspiration to others

If you are in the dark and your candle goes out, it is obvious that you will lose sight of your surroundings due to the enveloping darkness. The candle might have gone out due to a passing wind or it might have melted away. Similarly, your life is like that candle. You are not here forever because eventually you will melt away and be gone forever. Struggles just like the wind are inevitable and it is upon you to determine how you handle the wind in your life. The candle would still be on if it was shielded from the wind and as such you need to recognize the different aspects in your life that cause you more harm than good and find a way to deal with them.

In case you are wondering why you should inspire others just remember that like a candle, if you spread your light to others, the same will be reciprocated when the wind extinguishes your flame. If you keep the light to yourself when your flame is extinguished no one will be there to light you up hence you will no longer be relevant. Eventually, lighting up the light for others will ensure your light remains with them long after you melt away hence you will not obliterate but remain in their hearts and memories.

While sharing your inspirations, let others see your authentic self which includes both your success and failures. It happens in most cases that success is so overrated while failures are underrated. If you only use your success stories to inspire others, most likely they will think that the journey is smooth without understanding that what they hear and see is just the tip of the iceberg. With such a mentality, experiencing any failure will get them discouraged because they were not expecting it. It is high time failure is demystified and embraced as a ladder to success.

As a parent, be an inspiration to your children so that they won’t have to go looking for inspiration in other areas where they could be misled. As a young person, do not kill yourself because a relationship you invested in did not work out. For goodness sake, you deserve better than that! Just think of it in this way; The relationship was draining you and distracting you from living your authentic self. If the partner did not value you, use that as a lesson and be inspired that it is not your loss but their loss for failing to realize what a precious gem you are. Well, they lost a diamond while they were chasing pebbles, so let them go!

As a student, do not be sad because you did not achieve that grade you set as your target rather use that failure as a yardstick to find out your strengths and weaknesses so you can now focus on how to maintain strong grades and put more effort to improve on the weak subjects. This will give you joy and inspire you to aim even higher unlike ranting over a failure and sticking there.

Finally, your angel wishes that you keep shining your light for the world and keep doing your things in the best way possible because you never know who is looking up to you.  If people happened to randomly open up, you would be surprised at the number of people you inspire even without your knowledge.


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