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Freedom is expensive, do not wait to recognize its value after losing it

Freedom is expensive, do not wait to recognize its value after losing it

Today your angel brings you a message that you should enjoy the freedom that is freely given to you.

Bail Bonds For Your Freedom

Have you ever been arrested and nobody came to bail you out? If you have ever been bailed out, you understand how relieved one becomes and you begin to appreciate freedom. You may be underestimating the freedom that you enjoy freely until it is taken away from you or you have to pay to get it back. An arrested person who is held on the basis of a non-bailable offense can tell you the value of freedom because even with all the riches they own, bail bonds cannot be used to buy them some time outside prison.

When talking about bail bonds and freedom, your angel brings you some tips as outlined below;

You never miss the water until the well runs dry

From that old adage, it is evident that human beings do not value what is given to them until a moment comes when it is taken away from them and they begin wishing they had treasured it. You may be a child who is always embarrassed by your parents such that you hide when they come to visit you in school. You are ashamed and quick to defend yourself against any claims that they are your parents, probably because they are not good-looking based on your standards or you perceive them to be old-fashioned as compared to your peers’ parents. You could be in a relationship, whereby you resent your spouse simply because they have changed, it could be your wife who has gained weight after the birth of your children and you are now embarrassed by them walking with them and introducing them to your friends just because they do not fit in your perfect shape. It could be your husband who is facing a financial crisis and you lose the respect you have for him just because you are earning more than he is. Unfortunately, you only begin to realize the value of those people who are dear to you when they are gone. 

There is a story about a young couple that had two children in their seven years of marriage. Initially, their marriage was enviable as they were still enjoying the new spark newly couples enjoy. However, as the years progressed the husband began getting home late and when the wife inquired of his whereabouts he would never explain. This became worse because the man started getting home reeking alcohol and insulting the wife if she dared ask him any question and later he began hitting her. The wife was patient with him and always cleaned him up and treated him nicely despite his newly hitting habit. One day the wife was shocked when her suspicions were confirmed and she found out that the husband was cheating on her with a younger lady.

When she later confronted him, the man did not reject the accusations but accepted and even said that he wanted a divorce. Imagine how devastated and heartbroken the wife was! She could not imagine that the person she trusted the most and sacrificed so much for would turn his back on her. This was not the nice gentleman she got married to but a beast that caused pain without any guilt feelings. However, she agreed to the divorce after a condition that he would take care of the children upon which he agreed and they got divorced after three months and the man married the young lady immediately. In less than a month after the divorce, the wife died and the husband found out that she had been battling cancer on her own.

The changes in her body were a result of neglect but an indication that her health was deteriorating which he failed to notice, the condition to take care of the children was an indication that she did not have much time and she never wanted them to suffer while the agreement to divorce was because she wanted him to be happy even when she wouldn’t be around. The man was devastated and began understanding the wife then cursing that she left before he could apologize but it was too late, there was nothing that he would do to change the situation.

Buying back freedom is expensive

The most interesting thing is that freedom is freely given and you spend no dime for it. It is similar to the air that you are breathing which is free and you underestimate its worth until you ask someone admitted in the hospital and depending on that oxygen container, about the worth of oxygen. When you lose that freedom even for a day, you do not get it freely like you used to but the cost of getting it back is expensive. Depending on the nature of the crime one is accused of, people even spend thousands of dollars as the bail bond just to buy some freedom. In life, some things once lost are expensive to get them back while others are lost forever.

If somebody trusted you but you broke their trust, high chances are that they would obviously never trust you again and they would even draw a line and put up boundaries between you two. It could be a friend who trusted you with something sensitive such as an illness they live with but you end up telling that secret to other people and they find out. You end up losing their trust as well as their friendship and even if you take actions that are expensive and end up restoring the friendship you will never be able to restore the trust to the level that it was in the beginning. Understanding this will help you take care and appreciate the things you have before you lose them and begin searching for them.

Finally, your angel would like to remind you that you are gifted with many abilities and talents hence use them where necessary and ensure to use the freedom granted to you by God to make the right decisions that impact your life and that of others positively.


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