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“Gambling is a family disease, if one person is addicted the entire family suffers.”

“Gambling is a family disease, if one person is addicted the entire family suffers.”

Gambling as you know it

Gambling is putting at stake something of value in the hope of getting a more valuable outcome and the process involves a lot of risks. Gambling is an event done to win and an interesting thing is that you can start gambling as a leisure activity and without knowing, it eventually gets addictive. Most gamblers come to the realization that they are addicted after experiencing a series of losses. There are various forms of gambling you can engage in such as; lotteries, betting on games like horse riding, playing dice, and even roulettes.

You might feel the adrenaline while engaging in the gambling games and anxiously waiting to win, which keeps you going back and back again regardless of whether you are making losses or not, and holding on to the hope that eventually you will be able to get back all the money you have invested and even more. Sadly, gambling has affected many people especially young people since with technology, you can easily access gambling sites, betting sites, online casinos, and even make money transfers.

This has made gambling easily accessible to anyone in need. Today, your angel would like you to know that you can choose to have healthy recreation activities that are beneficial and productive.

Why you are engaging in gambling

Most people get into gambling as they try to escape from their real lives. If you sit back and observe, you will realize how miserable people’s lives can get. One of the major reasons that can lead you to engage in gambling includes boredom since you want to be involved in an activity to pass time.

Loneliness leads people into gambling because they want to feel the part and since it feels good to be involved with other human beings and connect. You may be feeling lonely and end up at the casinos and betting offices just so you can interact with other people.

You could also get into gambling as a way of getting rid of financial problems or debts. You opt to gamble the little money you have hoping to get a bigger amount of money. For others, unemployment and the greed to get rich quickly is the major cause of gambling. Your angel is reminding you that if you desire to get out of poverty, you must work hard for what you want in life and exercise patience since success is a progressive thing.

In any case, once you plant a seed you do not sit down and wait for the harvest immediately but the reaping season will take some time. In cases where people engage in gambling due to personality disorders such as;  being bipolar, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or issues like depression and anxiety, the best thing to do is seek treatment on the above issues rather than engage in gambling.

There are bigger consequences in the long run

Gambling is one of the fastest ways to get into huge debts because the probability of a gambler losing money is much higher than the possible chances of winning. Unfortunately, most people continue to gamble despite continuous records of losses which makes it difficult to ever recover the money he has lost. Debts can cause financial strain in your family since they will feel the need to help you be out of it.

You will end up having strained relationships because it is so inconsiderate of you to drag other people into faults you have consciously gotten yourself into. When you engage in gambling, most people end up avoiding you and there is very little or no growth in your life because you end up channeling most of your resources to finance the habit. Stagnation is displeasing, over years you cannot account for anything you have done to better your future. It is very hard to eradicate poverty in a society if the people keep on participating in the act.

A lot of gamblers end up with depression and severe anxiety because of constant stress and the need and obsession to win. Gamblers may take up credit to facilitate gambling and when they lose the stake, pressure flows in from money lenders resulting in stress because they have nothing to pay back. Most suicide cases have been fueled by failed gambling cases, losses, and the disbelief that they lost while they thought they would secure a huge amount of money. Your expectations should be within realistic ranges to avoid extreme disappointments.

You need to take care of your well-being

Today you are reminded that you are in charge and the universe backs you up to achieve what you set your mind to. You do not have to be enslaved in a habit that does not grow you in whatever way. If you have been a victim of gambling or know an individual who is, there are ways to get out of this. Life will present you with numerous opportunities and you ought to know which ones to take and the ones to leave out. Your angel would like you to know that you need to think critically when you are given a chance and use it wisely.

The most critical thing is talking about it. You will be surprised by the support you will get around you if you are willing and determined to stop. Find a support system and spend time engaging them when you feel the need to gamble. Counseling is a big help and your angel is recommending it if you are in a position to access it especially for those who face difficulty in trying to open up. In this way, you will be able to relate that there are so many people going through the same and some have conquered their struggles.

You can involve yourself in activities that involve people who do not gamble. Volunteer in community projects and find treatment for disorders or issues leading you to this vice. You can also allow someone else to manage your money in the meantime. Listen to your spirit, you will know when to stop.


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