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Have you ever reached a point in life where you feel that there is no more room for growth? Do you feel like your energy is drained, your purpose is no longer appealing and stagnation is all that is visible in your life? What happens when your mobile device goes low on storage and you need to take more pictures and videos? You transfer some of the old videos and pictures to another device to create more space, right?

Failing to transfer means accepting that there is no more space to take better things in. Why then are you afraid of getting a transfer when you feel there is no more space to grow in your current environment? You are just enduring the suffocation and it is very dangerous it could suck the life out of you. If you are in that state, your angel today is telling you that it is time for your transfer.

It Is Time for A Transfer

Your angel knows that you have been procrastinating the dream that you seek to achieve one day. Whether you are a student envisioning scoring a certain grade by the end of your studies and you have been postponing working hard towards your target, the time to commence is here. Are you not tired of staying in the same place? Does it not bother you that you keep setting a target but remain in the same routine? Imagine it is vanity to set a higher goal and behave normally then later expect different results.

For the employees; You fail to admit that you are suffering from burnout since your work is stressing you. Are your bosses and your work environment toxic? Do you dread those Monday mornings and look forward to the weekends? Your angel sees you and knows that you keep convincing yourself that you cannot quit your job due to your responsibilities as you are footing the bills.

Why are you still in that organization while you are constantly breaking down any moment you get some privacy? Why are you allowing somebody else to dim your light yet there was a moment your self-esteem and confidence were so high? Where did that spark of living life go? Cry no more beloved, your angel wants you to realize you are worthy and refuse to be treated as an unworthy person. It is time for you to transfer into an environment that recognizes your worth.

The Fear of Transfer

The most interesting thing about the comfort zone is that it becomes so comfortable that you do not even realize the need and urgency to get out of it. This is the reason you find yourself staying in a toxic environment and do not even realize that it is toxic for you regardless of everyone else telling you it is.

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship where everyone else was advising you to get out of it but you could not? You might have entertained the idea that they were jealous of you. You could be a lady who was constantly abused by your spouse both physically and emotionally but you could not quit the relationship since you were afraid that nobody would love you again.

You might have been scared that your friends would make fun of you and perhaps even gone to the extent of pretending that everything was okay even when you were breaking apart. You could be a man who stayed in a toxic relationship simply because you felt that calling it quits would hurt your masculinity ego.

You allowed your partner to keep hurting you because you were afraid of letting her go and you never wanted to lose her for the fear of the unknown. Today’s angel is letting you know that you need to let go of your fear for you to take a transfer.

Letting Go of All Attachments

Transferring requires you to leave something behind for you to enjoy your new state. As a child, you could be afraid of transferring schools just because you will be required to leave your friends behind. You get scared of leaving the routine you were adapted to and the teachers you were used to. Fear, not dear child! This is the nature of life; you have to let go of your attachments for you to grow.

Do not be afraid of transferring from your workplace or your city just because you are so used to your neighbors and colleagues. Let not the shackles of emotional attachments get in your way of growth. Instead, take it positively; a transfer is an opportunity for you to make a new beginning, rebrand yourself and start living the life you desire without anybody judging you.

A New Beginning

The best thing about a transfer is that in the new environment people do not know you. They have no idea about your past no matter how horrible it is. This means that nobody will judge you and you have an opportunity to make a first impression.

How great is that! Imagine being presented with a blank book and a pen for you to begin writing your story. You are the author and you get to determine the kind of story it will be. Will it be a romance novel? A self-help book? A comic book? A horror? Science fiction? A short story? Or even a memoir? Well, you get to decide.

Your angel knows that deciding to transfer is not easy and it requires courage. In case you are thinking of it, congratulations for making the first decision of consideration, now with the same spirit take action and begin your journey to a new beginning.

If you are feeling worried and overwhelmed by the fear of the unknown, think of it like an adventure you are embarking on. Just like you look forward to exploring new adventures, a transfer is an adventure where every step you take is an opportunity for growth. Take the challenge today!


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