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Giving Some Money To Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Handle It Is The Surest Way To Ruin Them.

Giving Some Money To Someone Who Doesn’t Know How To Handle It Is The Surest Way To Ruin Them.

You might know people who continuously borrow money so quickly without thinking of a payment plan.  People just don’t want to be wealthy and comfortable, they covet it. So it’s natural to want to have a good lifestyle even though you cannot maintain it yet. How badly you want it, can make you make irrational decisions and do things that end up putting you in more trouble. Your angel understands the necessity of planning, and progressively developing within your capacity until you get where you can live a comfortable life truthfully.

Your angel’s message for today is about mortgages, which is a property that is used by a creditor as security for a loan. You agree your vision includes owning a home and having a peaceful life when you can no longer rush up and down to get an income for paying rent. Whether this can turn to reality is entirely up to you and you have the power to make it happen. Your angel will guide you more deeply to some of the life lessons you can learn from getting a mortgage.

Your Reputation Can Take You A Long Way.

To qualify for a mortgage, you have to have good credit. Before you take a mortgage, you have to make sure you know how your credit score is and check if there are any errors because lenders use that most times to determine if you qualify to be given a loan and the interest rate that they will charge you. You have to know the type of mortgage you are looking for because your credit score can interfere with that, plus the requirements of the lenders. As much as you pay a down payment, people who want to be homeowners realize the importance of having maintained a good record because it can fulfill or kill their dream of owning a house.

Similarly, in life, the reputation you have can really influence the opportunities you get. It is very easy to dismiss what other people say about you because you might feel you do not need them, but the truth dawns on you when the same people are in a position to vouch for you or against you. You could be working in an office where you tell your colleagues about all the sneaky things they can do if they want to avoid work, you watch movies at work and play video games and your colleagues see you doing these things, but when your boss comes by you pretend as if you were working. It looks like fun and games, but imagine what your colleagues would say if they were asked whether to choose you for a serious role that would determine the shift of the company? Choosing to do what is right and engaging in things that are reasonable is essential even if you are not answerable to anyone. Do not trade your reputation for things like money. It is a powerful tool you can use and never get back if you lose it.

Do You Keep A Budget?

Mortgage lenders always want to make sure you do not borrow so much that you have trouble paying. They ensure you are able to pay by looking at your income and checking if it is relative to the mortgage payments you need to make. Before you consider taking a loan, it is important to understand what you can afford. It is also necessary to know how much down payment you can make because it will interfere with the monthly amount you will have to pay.

Keeping a budget is very necessary because you will know how to take care of yourself much better. You could be wondering why you finish all your money so fast without achieving much. Budgeting can help you align your financial priorities well and you do what is most important first. You will live comfortably when you live within your means, and you will not necessarily have to live on debts if you plan well.

Your angel would want you to learn the skill of self-control, which you can learn by making your expenses not get out of control. You will know when to stop and how far you can go. Your future will turn out well if you start preparing early and be in control of it in terms of financial security.

Choose To Be Realistic.

The thought of owning a home is exciting. The monthly payments almost don’t matter when you are signing the documents. You always think you will manage it- until it starts to weigh heavily on you every month and you have very little flexibility with your money. Just the thought that this will go on for many years is tiring and it is easy to think you might have made a wrong choice. When taking a mortgage, you have to remember that you will have to pay back what you owe partially, each month, plus interest. Putting down a bigger down payment can reduce the payments, the more you borrow the more you will pay each month. You might want to own a good house in a good neighborhood, but the money you are required to pay will just put unnecessary pressure on you. It is good to choose what works for you.

Similarly, in life, facing the realities that come your way is very important, do not think how it was, or how you wish it to be. A common example is where you think that life should be fair. As much as you tell yourself and others around you, even after you see the injustices that happen, this is a point that never really sinks in your mind.  Subconsciously, you might expect that life will be fair to you and that the unfairness you have experienced will be balanced out eventually, even if you do nothing about it.

Your angel wants you to know that it is time to let go of that mindset and work on your emotional intelligence for this not to be a struggle for you. When something unfair happens to you, do not expect that outside forces will come to your rescue to get you back on your feet. Sometimes, there isn’t any prize isolated for you, and the sooner you stop expecting a prize, the sooner you will work towards making a difference.  Make the most of yourself every day, this is your time.


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