Your Angel Message For Today

If you are not willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed.

If you are not willing to keep looking for light in the darkest of places without stopping even when it seems impossible, you will never succeed.

Today’s angel is speaking to the youth facing various medical needs that society fails to address. As a youth, you are the guide and a symbol of how future generations will look like. You steer the course of life and the kind of issues that will be faced. It is a great advantage to whichever society has productive youth, physically, mentally, and emotionally. In the current world, young people may feel lonely, unheard, and with so many unattended issues.

This is the beginning of turbulence if not dealt with. Medical needs are major issues threatening the lives of our youth and outlined below are some of the common medical issues the youth face, the solutions to this problem, and some of the things the youth can incorporate as team players.

Common health issues affecting the youth.

Mental health issues have been on the rise recently. A lot of young people are going through depression, anxiety among other issues. Suicide has been a leading cause of death lately and perhaps as a youth, at some point in life, you might have felt frustrated about life situations like unemployment, peer pressure, and overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness.

As a youth, you are in a stage where you are joining higher learning institutions and perhaps becoming sexually active.HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancies, and childbirth have affected the lives of many young people and interfered with their health, education, and financial stability. These are among the leading causes of early deaths if not well taken care of. The results are inevitable if the information on the risks is not passed across. 

Alcohol and drug abuse is another issue that is almost becoming a pandemic by itself. The overindulgence in alcohol use and the frequent drug abuse is a major issue affecting the health of young people, your decision making and productivity. The use of tobacco and smoking other substances increases the chances of lung cancer.

Lack of fitness, malnutrition, and physical exercise; With the rise of technology, most young people have resulted in being physically inactive which leads to obesity, shortened life expectancy, and other health issues.

Medical solutions to issues affecting the youth.

A person who is listened to has the most chances of being emotionally stable. Medical institutions should put in place offices for psychological therapy at affordable rates and free rates for government institutions. The counselors should be professionally trained and well able to relate with the patients, regardless of the age of the patient or issues they are facing. Lack of affordable services leads to a lot of suicide cases, impossibility to access professional services has led to unproductive and suffering individuals.

Sex education should be normalized without hiding under cultural ignorance. The medical institutions, mostly those established by the government can offer monthly or weekly meetings in a place where youth can attend to be informed about the importance of healthy and safe sex life. This will prevent a lot of early pregnancies and childbirth as most of the girls get children while still pursuing their education.

Both partners are mostly not able to fend for the child. Free condoms should be places in schools without running out. Offers of regular free or affordable screening of diseases can be offered in society. Hospitals can erect tents in a community to offer these services. This way it reaches everyone.

Educating people about HIV/AIDS prevents discrimination against the affected individuals. These services should be placed in schools, universities, places of work, and in every health facility. The knowledge of one’s status will allow you to actively engage in safe sex and also allow suppression of the virus, therefore minimizing transmission.

Rehabilitation centers are a much-needed facility in the current society. Most centers are highly unaffordable, forcing you as young people to not access them. Alcohol and drug abuse are addictions that do not easily stop without regular treatment.

As a youth, you should be sensitized to some of the things you can do to effectively stop the vices. With access to affordable services which have been placed even in remote hospitals and institutions where your fellow mates in the village can also access. A lot of productivity will be noticed.

As the youth, you should be sensitized to the importance of physical activities. Health facilities can assist in offering services to people suffering from obesity, anorexia, and other weight issues.

Nutrition education should be offered to you. Health institutions should formulate ways where this information can be easily accessed. By training parents, teachers, and caregivers. Information on healthy and unhealthy diets will prevent a lot of premature deaths and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

By training masses, it makes it easy for the information to reach a bigger percentage of members of families and groups. Resources should be channeled to this initiative. A great way of getting resources that are already scarce can be through engaging governments, donors, well-wishers with fair distribution.

Lights at the end of the tunnel.

However, your angel recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the medical sector in their contribution to the benefits of society in great measure. To make and leave a great impact, as a youth you need to partner with health institutions, be involved, and contribute in ways to help society. While governments are advised to be more involved in preserving the health of their future people because this will directly affect development, remember that individual responsibility is important while also taking care of others. 

As a youth do not shy away from speaking about these issues because your voices are needed and they can be heard. Keep in mind that responsibility is given to someone who can handle it so trust yourself to be able to change the narrative because you are needed in the little and big things you do.


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