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If You Fall In Love With A Rainbow Then You Have To Put Up With The Rain.

If You Fall In Love With A Rainbow Then You Have To Put Up With The Rain.

Do you have an essential thing that you have to do on a daily basis to maintain your wellbeing? It could be having enough sleep or simply taking your meal. There are parts of life that are basic needs meaning that they have to be there. Gas is a necessity, that which was used to power lights in buildings, with the advancement of technology can now be used for almost everything. Today’s angel will take you through some of the lessons you can learn from gas.

You Cannot Be Without A Purpose.

Gas is used for heating. It is much more preferred to electric heating because it is faster to use. Gas has now been accessible to more people at affordable prices and more people have resulted in using it. This is from simple house chores like cooking or heating the room by increasing the temperature if it is cold.

There are so many uses around gas that it becomes a fundamental need in society. Because even the simplest use like lighting a bulb at night uses gas. Similarly, in life, it is hard to be disposable if you have a purpose and when people always need you for one thing or another. Your purpose is the reason why you have the chance to be here. It fuels your passion and drives your every action.

To live a fulfilling life, you need to have a purpose. What would you want to achieve from life? You will find you wake up excited and ready to face each day. You could be a person who has a passion for supporting orphans and the less fortunate, while people may think this is draining for you because you always have to go back to your pockets, you might be having so much pleasure from doing the job.

It could be your career that you progress, you can get a family or travel, it could be anything that you define as success. If you ever want to make a change in the universe you will have to begin with yourself. Dig deep to find what you are passionate about in life and how the passion can have a positive impact on those around you. Then go for it with vigor with all of your heart. That will become your legacy for living with intentionality.

Always Use Your Time Wisely.

Gas has so many uses and has made life simpler in so many ways. Now to cook, you just need to light a match, you can use gas for air-conditioning, to heat water using gas which is faster and less costly, for refrigeration, to dry clothes and recently gas is also used on transportation for example on the electric cars. But the real essence is that it saves time, it is easier to do many things that would have been exhausting and now people can use their time on other things.

Similarly, to life, once the time is spent, it has gone forever, it is a limited resource that you have. You can only be intentional about the time that you have because you can never get it back. You have the same number of hours that you have obligations and responsibilities to do in a day. Managing your time comes down to the choices you make. You might be saying, “yes” so many times that it makes you lose your balance.

In life, you could be a person who prefers to watch movies the whole day and hang out with friends instead of looking for a job and developing your life. While doing this you are saying, “no” to something else. Later these actions catch up with you and you find you are way behind your peers’ development-wise.

You should use your time well to keep up in life. Your angel reminds you to truly be present in your commitments and never really rush from one to the next. You might feel that you have less time to do the things you want or to see people, therefore you have less time for yourself too. You can protect your time by saving it for the people and activities that give your life more joy and meaning.

Do Not Take Things For Granted.

It is undeniable that gas has so many benefits to people. However, if mishandled, it can have dire consequences. Gas can cause huge explosions since it is highly flammable, so many accidents that have cost lives have been caused by gas explosions. You should be keen to watch out for any gas leaks by ensuring you tightly close the pipes and cylinders and keep children away from them.

Gas leaks can go unnoticed because it is mainly odorless. Constructing infrastructure that is used to transport gas like pipelines is quite expensive, and by the time homesteads access the use of gas, it has been a huge investment to get it there.

In life, there are things that you might take for granted but in case you mishandle them, they can cost much more than you are willing to pay. You are used to waking up and going about your business easily, but your health is one of those things that need to be handled carefully.

So many times until something life-changing happens, you take your health for granted. But with good health as with gas anything is possible. Without it, you cannot live to the fullest. Learn to always pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Eat healthily and do exercises to prevent lifestyle diseases and stress. Your angel reminds you to practice self-care and focus on your health.

Even though you might be a caregiver or a breadwinner, do not forget yourself. You will serve others better when your well-being is ok too. Finally, practice being kinder to yourself, and take time to rest your mind and prioritize yourself.

Your angel reminds you to not miss the gift of today by focusing on the struggles you face.


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