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If you think there is beauty in pain, then your angel will say that there is beauty in healing as well

If you think there is beauty in pain, then your angel will say that there is beauty in healing as well

Your angel today will be talking about detoxifying from physical addictions. The Universe has seen how much you've suffered by clinging to temporary reliefs and has sent an angel of purification. They will assist in removing the accumulated poison blocking your body, mind, and soul, and reestablish your connection with the Universe.


You are under the spell of destructive impurities, infamous for whispering addictive yet horrible practices in people’s minds. But do not get taken in, for these compulsive fixations only fortify whatever impairment you already have inside. Be mindful of who you invite inside. Your angel will have nothing for you but gifts of peace and happiness. So if you hear something not of this nature, immediately pray for their intervention---divine rehabilitation is on its way.


Identifying the signs of addiction and fighting back


Were there ever any moments where you’ve felt partial, or perhaps even complete disconnection with the Universe as if something’s blocking you from feeling harmonious with the world? You feel as if you lack the ability to feel happy or satisfied by anything, thereby imagining that something must be wrong. So you resort to temporary pleasure-givers in the form of alcohol, drugs, cigarette, and other ‘options’, religiously indulging in them. Small doses of happiness are better than nothing, right? You later realize that, in using those substances, you unknowingly helped in blocking the voices of everyone around, even your angel. Any further and you might not hear them at all. So you consented to heal yourself---and just with that, your mind cleared a bit, along with your connection with the Universe.


Though you didn’t hear them at first, your angel never left because they believed in your spirit. Rehabilitation begins with awareness and you’ve just achieved it. The process of healing can move finally forward. 


Your angel believes that you must rehabilitate yourself on two things: in the spiritual sense and the physical sense---having an addiction stems from a biological lack of dopamine and low confidence. First and foremost, it’s important to realize that you should never blame yourself. No one practices a solution and expects to get addicted to it. Addictions are the work of unfortunate and powerful circumstances, sometimes completely out of your control. They don't just appear out of nowhere, it’s a developmental disorder. They build up because of factors like biological complications, a bad social environment, and physical dependence.


Addiction vs. Dependence


It's important to know the difference between addiction and physical dependence because you might misunderstand the latter as another disorder. Dependence is a physiological condition, which means your body might not function normally without taking in certain substances. Despite their aversion to it, your angel knows you cannot physically survive in the absence of it, there's no choice but allowance. For instance, though it's better not to be dependent on anti-depression drugs, it's better than letting depression crush you.


Addiction, on the other hand, is compulsive. This one your angel knows you can fight. Physical dependence can be controlled through proper drug medication, so what you need to focus on is improper use to avoid growing it into addiction. Because you regularly take in dopamine, a hormonal mood boost, it’s understandably difficult to keep away from. But remember that you must! This is what your angel meant by spiritual rehab---you need to gain enough self-control to avoid dopamine addiction. A lot of people give up the fight because they resolved to do it alone, forgetting about the higher power they can rely on. You, however, know you can depend on your angel. 


Spiritual therapies are often unnaturally overlooked, this alone makes it a losing battle. If you're not mentally ready, how would you be able to quit? Fortunately, your divine therapist knows better than to leave guilt and shame alone. Leave it to them to purify such emotions. That faith will give you the power to abstain whenever needed. And because you're starting to avoid frequent use, the addiction will slowly but surely disappear.


Work with your angel to expedite the rehabilitation process


Now that you’ve left the spiritual rehab to the divine, you can focus on other physical healings. Your angel is particularly wary about the greatest enemy in this stage: withdrawal. Sadly, withdrawals are unavoidable since you've gone through both the dependence and addiction phases. It comes as a result of discontinuing your prolonged substance intake. Symptoms may vary but look for the common signs of abnormally raging emotions, anxiety-induced seizures, and psychosis. But since withdrawals are inherently psychological, your angel can also counsel you about this.


A healthy diet and daily exercise, the seemingly commonplace advice, is an effective routine for curbing dopamine cravings. Food is a natural source of it, especially nature's candy---fruits and vegetables. Exercise pumps the body full of adrenaline; it reduces anxiety levels and lowers the chances of relapsing. Just be careful not to become obsessed with exercise itself. Meanwhile, your angel cautions against taking detox juice and supplements. They can either worsen your addiction or do nothing at all.


Just keep on trying


All in all, the most important factor in rehab is dedication. Your angel won't lie to you; it's going to be a struggle, you may give up in some stages, it might even be painful, but through it all, they won't ever leave you alone. Your angel believes in you, why shouldn't you do the same? Your good support has and will never fail you so trust in it. Remember that you are tied to the Universe, and will always be cared for.


Another important reminder is to never be ashamed of being rehabilitated no matter what anyone says. You've gone through hell and back. If anything, you should be proud because not everyone has the perseverance to come back, the humility to ask for help, or the courage to admit that they have an addiction---all of which you've succeeded in.


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