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If you want to know how to be successful in every investment, grab a pen and let your angel conduct your finances.

If you want to know how to be successful in every investment, grab a pen and let your angel conduct your finances.

Today, your angel will be sharing some tips and tricks about personal finance. Part of a good life is knowing all about frugality. That’s the singular point in financing and it just naturally branches off to other good habits such as curbing your impulsive buying and efficient bill payments, which includes household expenses and mortgage loans.


You’ll unknowingly block your connection with the Universe if you’re too worried about financials and household management. Why don’t you work with them instead? The energy of the divine is an inherent guide for everything in the world, even money problems. If you accept it all in abundance, you’ll soon find your physical concerns transforming into profit. Your angel can be quite the financial adviser when needed.


Putting Your Goals Before Finance


The best way to avoid financial ruin is to set up the main road. When you have THE goal, it will be easier to figure out which finance goes to what. Any other expenses will just be mini roads diverging from your main one. And since they’re only mini roads, you’ll know not to put too much investment into them. 


For better elucidation, your angel would like to apply this in a real-life scenario. If you’re in the middle of a mortgage loan for your house, try not to focus first on grand internal designs. The main road is paying off that loan so the better plan is to construct your household into an income-generating investment! Stave off that desire for a fireplace enhancement for now--this is a future, side priority. The main point here is to have your primary expenditure leaning toward things that matter to you and be economical to things that don’t.


In following this technique, everything else follows. You’ll have a substantial amount of budget after a couple of months of cutting and spending, plus a good experience in financing. 


Frugality is not about spending nothing, it’s about spending right


Your angel’s guidance about frugal living details the cutting and spending process under goal-making. Frugality is efficient money allocation, with the key trait of actually allocating something. Money is something to be used; its value will only drop otherwise. This is why it’s important to differentiate between the essentials and the extravagance first.


Household financing is your top priority so start by setting up your budget details---how much you want to save and how much you actually spend. Afterward, make a list of every expense invested in your house: insurance, utilities, mortgage, interest fees, and miscellaneous spendings, then average your monthly costs. Compare those costs with your daily income---remember that it has to be lower. If it’s not, the high tide of frugal living has arrived. 


Instead of buying new expensive furniture, salvage your old ones and refurbish them yourself. Invest in credit card points/credit rating as they can provide good rewards like low mortgage interest, free plane tickets, cash bonuses, cashback, etc. Contain your impulsive buying in grocery stores and the mall. Remember, stick to your angel’s shopping list and try not to shop hungry. Make your essentials last at least 6 months and only stock up during a sale if you can.


Some people also divulged that city living is cheaper than the rural areas, because cars are not necessary, notwithstanding the costs of living, however. But the lack of car maintenance, document fees, and gas makes for a good adjustment. When it comes to food, learning how to cook becomes an investment if you put it side-by-side to restaurant costs. Most importantly, you need to have a percentage for savings. It will serve as personal insurance.


To outline, allocate your money to the right things and remove as many expenses as you can. If you want to spend on extravagant food, games, gadgets, do so once in a while. Your angel is especially keen on the motto: “Live behind your means” with the addition of differentiating between being frugal and being cheap.


There’s the instance of destructive frugality in which it doesn’t hurt the wallet but it does hurt the person. You may buy a can opener at a cheaper price but if it only lasts for a week then that’s not proper frugality. You need to think about returns. In this case, even if the can opener was cheaper at that other store, this higher-priced one has a better quality. Cheap is more or less equated to an extra expensive; price doesn’t last, quality does.


Financial stability can lead to induce spiritual stability


By no means does it mean depending on your mental and spiritual happiness to material things. Your angel simply knows that it’s harder to focus on soulful enlightenment when you have a growling stomach. Money CAN bring happiness, just not in the way that most people think. You need to input dedication, honesty, and legality to make it favorable. 


Being frugal in finance is actually a good influence on character. You’re essentially practicing mindfulness in everything you do. Though you might’ve started on a financial niche, it’ll eventually spread across your other habits. You’ll become much more thoughtful, gain economical wisdom, and despise unproductive gadgets and practices. You’ll eventually see your finances not as comfort, but as a way to bring it. Among other things, your angel likes how being frugal can be an excuse to take care of yourself, health expenses and such.


Another benefit of frugality is how it narrows your desire for contentment in small things. Instead of active entertainments found in TVs and gadgets, you might enjoy the decrease of electricity cost by walking in the park or spending the entire day reading a book. Some people see this as denying gratification, but the real secret is shifting it over to a less risky object. There wouldn’t be any gratification at all if your expenses outweigh your income. Nature is not only beautiful but free, after all. “The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less”.


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