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In a competitive environment, maximize what you do best and let it distinguish you from the rest.

In a competitive environment, maximize what you do best and let it distinguish you from the rest.

Today’s message from your angel is about learning life lessons from business service providers. If you are one of them or you happen to know some, you agree that they are aggressive people who are always listening for any business opportunities with their eyes wide open so they don’t miss any chance to earn more profit. The goal of every business person is to make huge profits because that is the main reason for their business existence. Perhaps you have heard some business owners use the phrase ‘we are in business and not charity.’

Today you are called upon to look at your life in the eyes of business services providers and weigh yourself using their scale. Below are some lessons you can learn from those conducting business services;

Save for the low seasons

In business, there will be seasons when you enjoy high harvests while in some seasons there will be low or no harvest at all. The days when sales are plentiful with high-profit margins do not last forever hence the need to save to be sustainable when the low season comes knocking. A wise and experienced business person understands this and acts accordingly hence when the profits and sales are down they will not be caught off-guard because they were ready for it.

They know that utilizing the harvests from the high seasons will be able to ensure the sustainability of the business. Whether you just got your first job and you feel that your salary is not enough or you are a student receiving allowances, you need to put some savings aside for the rainy days. The sun will not always shine and sometimes there will be no clouds to alert you that it is almost raining. The rain might come amid sunshine when you are least prepared and least expecting it and at that moment you will start complaining that it was because you never saw it coming.

Take risks cautiously

Unlike most investors who prefer taking high risks, most of the people in business understand the high losses associated with unsure risky investments hence they would rather avoid it. Before a business person ventures in any risky investment, they ensure to conduct a thorough analysis and try to forecast to look out for any loopholes that may be hidden. This is necessary because it saves them the losses associated with scammers. A deal that looks good to the business person does not always mean that it is worth venturing into because as the saying goes; ‘not all that glitters is gold. 

You need to tread carefully because even pebbles can be coated in gold. In life, you may go out looking for opportunities and sometimes they may come knocking at your door and the first thing that comes to your mind is to take every one of them especially if you have been waiting for a long time. I know you are thinking that you should never miss any opportunity you get in life because some opportunities come once in a lifetime but that is just what you were made to believe. Before you get excited that you have suddenly gotten a hold of opportunities, understand that not all opportunities are meant for you as they may not give you the right results. 

Imagine you just graduated with good grades, failed to secure a job and someone offered you a meager job that is not within your interests and you accepted the offer just because you did not miss an opportunity. As time progresses, you realize that your growth is stagnant and you cannot secure a job because you have not used your technical skills in a long time. You begin to wish that you took up a job that would enable you to practice and improve your skills. Sometimes when opportunities do not come knocking on your door, go out and look for them because they may just be lost in your compound. When you find them, take some time to analyze and identify those that belong to you because others may have lost their way.

You are not in business alone

Every business person understands that they are not the only business service providers in the business environment. Competition is rampant and unavoidable hence the best thing is to uniquely position yourself and distinguish yourself from the rest so that consumers prefer you. On this planet, you cannot live alone hence the need to learn how to coexist with others in peace and harmony. Understand that you are all fighting for scarce resources and your packaging, presentation and aggressiveness will determine your share in the resource allocation. Whether you are graduating, you are not the only one sending job applications to certain organizations.

Whether you are applying to join a certain college, you are not the only one doing so. Just like business service providers, accept that competition is okay because it would be boring if things went out smoothly for you and you would be pushed into your comfort zone. Identify your strengths so you can capitalize on them and identify your weaknesses so that you can put more effort into converting them into strengths. Doing this will go a long way in assisting you to stand out among the rest and enable you to access more resources.

The future is uncertain

Business service providers understand that they may be in business today and closed down the following day.  Three years ago, nobody would imagine that there would be a pandemic that would shake the entire world and change the nature of business operations. Public spaces would be shut, rules on cessation of movements would be made and people would stay at home. Businesses in the tours and travel industry would suffer losses due to the restrictions on movement while those in hospitality and hotels would experience losses from restrictions of eat-in services.

Despite the uncertainty, they had to come up with solutions such as adopting delivery services to ensure they were sustainable during those moments. Life itself is a risk and full of uncertainties that will hit you when you least expect it. In such instances, be innovative, learn to think very fast, and respond to them appropriately. Always have a plan because the planning process may help you identify risks that could otherwise remain unnoticed until they are experienced. 


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