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It Is By Protecting The Other Man’s Freedom, That You Are Able To Protect Your Own Liberties.

It Is By Protecting The Other Man’s Freedom, That You Are Able To Protect Your Own Liberties.

Today’s message from your angel is about lawyers. Courage is not shown by physical strength, but the ability to stand up for a cause that nobody else is brave enough to. Many people get intimidated when faced with questions to defend themselves, let alone others. Your angel encourages you to be bold enough to stand for what is right and do not shy away from speaking your truth.

Some time back, practicing law was presumed to be a sophisticated job and everyone envied followers of the career. In recent years, with a lot of competition from people who have gone further to achieve way more in this particular field, you have to have something that stands out for you to be noticed. The universe has evolved and it is no longer about the basic qualities you bring to a table. With the support of your angel, it is time to go with this high tide and grasp everything helpful along the way.

Being Different Is A Good Thing.

With lawyers, conformity is the norm, and when you tell a lawyer to be different, it is not an easy thing to do. Lawyers go through law school to learn a new language and a new way of thinking just so they can be the best lawyers based on traditional standards. In recent years, lawyers are trying new strategies to stand out. What if being the best lawyer means tapping into what makes you different?  Being “normal” and fitting in feels safe, however, there are very few results from it. 

Your angel is marveled at the many things that you can do if only you choose to do what you feel is right, your way. What if your success doesn’t just rely on knowledge and skills but on your personality, “weaknesses” and individuality? You may want to start a business where everyone is branding their business the same way using the same marketing skills and you notice the clients are fed up with the monotony and don’t buy anymore. You may as well consider trying the unconventional way to reach an audience, which may work best for you. You have enough grit and strength to try something new, the universe awaits for you to awake that bit of you.

Lawyers Are Productive.

Lawyers have very hectic schedules, most of them rarely have time for themselves or their families because they are mostly up and running with cases they have to deal with. Many lawyers tend to take on a lot of work to do by themselves. It is an admirable thing to be productive but it will be better to ask for help. Do you ever do so much work, you can hardly remember when you last had some rest? 

Your angel insists on the need of unwinding when you need to, and their insight is that you should know it is okay to relax and do nothing sometimes. When you are working, prioritize all the tasks that will require your attention throughout the day, start by tackling your toughest task instead of pushing it aside while working on the less important tasks. You will notice that you feel better and every other task you do will not be as tiresome.

Your angel wants you to ask for help when you need it and also the importance of delegating some work to other people. You could be a stay-at-home mum and you are always doing a chore in the house, at the end of each day, you end up feeling so tired, yet no one understands how hectic housework can be. Start by delegating different duties to the other people in your house, let them assist so that you can have time for yourself each day. Your angel wants you to value your time and focus your energy on what’s important, this way, you will be able to consistently self-improve.

Patience Is A Virtue, Use It.

Lawyers understand that it will take some time for them to climb up the ladder and be recognized. It requires patience for a lawyer to follow through with a case, get the right evidence and create a proper defense while still constantly winning. Successful lawyers have focused on the long-term end game and have capitalized their whole way of working on this. In every field, not just law, you will need to be patient. 

Your angel points that there is no magic potion for success. Building a life and career you love will take you some years, and these results are built on the small actions you take daily. A common factor for most successful people is the fact that they all failed. They have faced failure in their journeys, whether it is going through a divorce where they had to start all over again, losing all their finances and almost going bankrupt, or continuously starting businesses that failed. What made them still conquer is that they did not give up and recognized the power of patience. It is an illusion to think that things will just align themselves when you start.

Some people have misled others by just showing their results but they have not used their stories to offer hope or encouragement. Be patient with yourself and your progress, you do not have to go as fast as everyone else, some may even have stayed in the game longer than you have.  Your angel reminds you that at the right time, everything that was meant for you will follow you. Live life happily and let worry not make you stop watering your garden, good days are yet to come.

Top Tip Of The Day.

If you had everything just when you wanted, you would know how to value or maintain it. The universe allows you to experience life, even without, so that you can create a culture of disciple and appreciation. Do not be impatient during your season of wait.


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