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It Is Not About How Much Money You Make, But How Much You Keep Aside, How The Money Will Keep Working For You, And The Generations That Will Get To Benefit From It.

It Is Not About How Much Money You Make, But How Much You Keep Aside, How The Money Will Keep Working For You, And The Generations That Will Get To Benefit From It.

Do not underestimate the power of little things. Saving small amounts of money and later investing it can change your financial situation for good. Unfortunately, most people wait till they get huge amounts of money before they start executing their plans, because of this people end up doing nothing at all because the big opportunity they were waiting for never came.

Today’s message from your angel is about stock-which is a type of investment where there is ownership of shares in a company. Most people buy stock without really knowing how it works or from a company they haven’t researched well. Stock is quite beneficial if you take time and invest well. Your angel understands the value of making wise decisions when it comes to finances and will want you to reflect deeper on some lessons you can learn.

Be confident enough to voice your opinion.

When you want to buy stock, there are always a lot of options with some overhyped companies. It is very easy for you to buy because of the pressure that comes from people. You have to develop a probing mind and look for growth and value. You also have to know the price of buying and selling and probe the affairs of a company. Researching for yourself across different companies will give you a variety to choose from and you will know what works for you. You are in a better position to make a decision when you are well-informed. You will know the risks you are getting into and if you will be comfortable with the way the company fares.

Similarly, in life, you have to be confident in the decisions you make and you have to be bold enough to give your opinion where it is needed. You could be working at a place where you have a lot of ideas you can share to increase the growth of your company, but you shy away from speaking out because you think maybe no one is going to implement it. You will never know without trying. People only grow and become mature when they know how to use their opinions and thoughts. There will always be someone else telling you to do something. No one can ever say for sure what is best for you apart from yourself; your angel wants you to take this responsibility. With financial matters, crowds are mostly wrong. You could get money when you follow the crowd but you can get more when you make your own sober decisions.

Being Simple Is Also Good.

When it comes to using your money, you have to find value for it. It is wise to invest in something that you understand. If you cannot explain your strategy, then it seems it is more complicated than it should be. It is easy to buy a stock that sounds big because you think that is where the money is, but in case something happens to the company, it might take you some time to figure out a strategy. It doesn’t have to be hard to be profitable. A simpler approach to life is more enjoyable and meaningful.

A similar example is a person who loves a flashy lifestyle and goes the extra mile to keep the image. It could keep them in debt, depression, and unnecessary frustrations. For what course should you do that to yourself? Simple is good, living within your means keeps you from being stressed and you can have a real look into where you need to work harder because there is no false impression.

Your angel wants you to untangle yourself from the clutter, distractions, and unnecessary action. Choose to build a comfortable life for yourself and focus on the simple basics that can make your life good.

Know When To Move On.

When buying stock, you have to be sober-minded and choose a stock that will give you good returns. Do not let your emotions cloud your judgment. When a company starts making irreversible losses, you need to cut your losses and sell your stock. You cannot hold on for too long, being sentimental and overlooking the need to sell, because over sometime your stock will not be worth much.

In life, it is good to hold on to relationships that matter and let go of those that are not good for you. Your angel also knows the struggle of trying to change habits that do you more harm than good and would want you to try taking up something new that will be beneficial to you. Do not cling to a past that you know does not serve you any longer. You could view your attitude, relationships, and habits as part of who you are and you fear letting go because you are not sure of who you will be when you do not have them anymore. Detaching is an act of courage and strength. It shows hope, that you have an expectation of better things happening to you. The rewards could be worth the risk. When you let go of what was, you open up a new chapter in your life, full of possibilities. Always know when to walk away from things that pull you back.

Mistakes Are Lessons In Disguise.

Sometimes people pick the wrong stock, or hold on to stock longer than they needed to and end up suffering financially. This kind of thing happens and it should not keep you away from investing entirely. Everyone learns, the next time you will know what to watch out for and make better decisions. In life, you make mistakes very often, knowingly or unknowingly. Some of these mistakes can be too costly and that’s okay as long as you do your best to let go and learn as much as you can. Your angel wants you to show yourself grace sometimes, allow yourself to live, and because living is never done perfectly, be strong and enjoy the ride.



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