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It is not your end when lady luck doesn’t smile at you; rather it is a sign that the real-life has just started.

It is not your end when lady luck doesn’t smile at you; rather it is a sign that the real-life has just started.

Have you ever traded before? In simpler terms, trading is explained as the buying and selling of stock to make a profit. In the current world, most people are involved in trading where it is their source of income. There are so many life lessons your angel today is helping you learn from the practice of trading;

Things do not come easy

While trading, you have to learn how to do it. You have to get information from books and other successful traders. Putting a few hours to research each day to get the skill. If you trade recklessly, you can actually lose a lot of money. There are times also, you just can’t seem to get the money after trading.

There are instances where one has doubled their money in their account only to lose all those gains in a single day. For you to be a successful trader, you need to be persevering and never stop learning, take online courses too. It is not going to be easy, as most things in life.

Today, your angel reminds you to embrace working hard for things. You could have wishful thinking about all the things you want, but if you do not get out there and work like everyone else, it will remain just that, a dream. In life, you could be a lady who doesn’t like working and you wait to prey on older men so that they can finance your lifestyle. This can work for a certain period, but you will not be young forever.

There are so many consequences that come from such a lifestyle, you could get diseases, it could put you in danger, and you need to think about the family that you are ruining. You cannot justify this lifestyle, try to work for your own money, there is respect in that.

Greed will cost you greatly in life

Many traders put in large amounts of money to get a lot of money in return. Greed keeps a trader away from logical thinking and makes them overtrade which is a path to failure and having zero money. Most traders know best to have proper risk management solutions and be consistent. As a trader, you give importance to the process rather than the money.

You need to write down a trading plan and execute that while trading, it will always remind you what you are doing. If you make a mistake, it is easy to rectify it and do better, with this consistency, your trade will start being profitable. Similarly, in life, you cannot afford to be greedy, people stop trusting you which creates a bad reputation overall. How many times have you felt the need to hoard things for yourself, and you just want to keep adding? Greed prevents other things from coming to you, and most times, you lose more.

Today, you could be a student who is supported by your parents, but you have made it your mission to extort money from them with any chance you get. Your parents trusted you and you took advantage of that and maybe they are even struggling to make ends meet.

You should be lessening their burden instead by getting a part-time job if possible. If your parents find out, the trust will be broken. Learn to be satisfied with what you are given and do not take advantage of people. The universe rewards good deeds and you will find so many opportunities coming your way.

Accept and move on

You can never be always right while trading, you could be so sure it’s a buy but you end up losing instead. Most traders, often beginners, are affected by these losses and do a revenge trade that always ends up being more disastrous. If you dwell on the loss, you might quit trading altogether. Be sure to take responsibility for losing, you can take a short break to figure out what you did wrong and come up with a better strategy.

The truth is, even the really good traders have bad days, weeks and it can even last longer. It is happening all around and you should not get discouraged by it. Today you are reminded of the uncertainties of life, everything changes, and there is nothing or very little you can do about it. You could have been with your partner for years and you know you are going to get married and have a family together.

The same partner could have cheated on you and married someone else within a short period of time. This is a frustrating event, However, it should not bring your life to a standstill. You are allowed to feel bad and take some time off dating, but eventually, you will need to stand up and dust yourself and allow yourself to find love again. Accept it, and move on. Do not blame yourself, it is not your fault because there are better ways of handling issues.

No matter how good you are, life will not always respond favorably

As a trader, sometimes you feel you have traded well, you have done the research, set out a plan that you executed, used all those tips that you learned but you still end up losing. Sometimes a broken trend in the market can break the trading structure, and lead to a different route than you thought.

But what is important is what happens consistently, which means you could just be doing the right thing, but things do not always go as you think. You are reminded today that you will not always get what you deserve but there are always things to learn along the way.

You could be a very careful parent who takes care of your child properly and your child ends up falling ill and doesn’t seem to get well. You might try to find reasons you can blame for her falling sick, but sometimes life is like that. It’s not that you did anything wrong, it is just an event that occurred. Learn from these experiences and be strong enough to face life. 

Finally, there are many things that are not foreseen, this is what makes life interesting, as you patiently wait for the next chapters to unfold.


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