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It's a rare thing, being able to accommodate other people’s feelings alongside your own

It's a rare thing, being able to accommodate other people’s feelings alongside your own

Your angel today will boast about your hidden powers of kindness. It has a unique, soft-spoken strength different from the discernable trait in most people. Now, every one of us carries our own luggage. It's a fact of life. It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, you're certainly going to be dragging some kind of burden. And because all of us know this, being cynical is pardoned more often than not, to the detriment of your angel's positive reinforcement.


But it's a pervading thought in society: "It's understandable to put personal problems over others". Yet it's also understandable to be called selfish in the process. The moral question just turns into whether or not it's considered an insult. And throughout all this common inquiry of moral conduct, an angel has descended upon you, proclaiming of your capability of becoming 'a host unto yourself' when it comes to hosting other people's problems.


"Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful"


Despite the pure energy circulating within the Universe, it's difficult for people to propagate the emotion. Self-preservation is deeply ingrained in their DNA and it's in a higher position than their nature as social creatures. Unfortunate though it may be, humans live the first years of their lives consisting only of survival instincts---food, water, shelter, etc. You were no exception. You had to grow your body first, followed by the mind, and the soul last.


Only when you’ve met other people, got to know them, cared for their well-being, that you’ve discovered just how much we can all affect each other. No man is an island indeed. It can’t be helped, your angel knows, that kindness takes this long to manifest. They just have to teach you about it and you just have to open your heart to theirs.


With the help of divine guidance, you can understand the complexity of such emotions; how even the simplest words can make or break a person, how it can fill the world with light and peace so long as everyone constantly tries to practice it.


Helping people carry their trauma is a form of help


Not everyone can surround themselves with trauma, let alone choose to accommodate pain other than their own. Even if it’s willful, it takes an incredible amount of insight, maturity, and kindness to be able to do it. Everyone has the potential but only a small portion of the population can actually realize it. And your angel is telling you that you’re a part of it! You have the ability to put personal issues on the back burner in favor of helping another carry theirs.


In essence, a host of traumas transforms their heart into a metaphorical pillow; You become a supporter instinctively. You can mold yourself into whatever shape other people need. When they want to punch their feelings into the pillow as a form of release, you can soften the blow so their anger is a superficial bruise to either of you. When they want comfort, you can let their bodies rest as much as they need. You can express a quiet kind of strength, one that can influence the hearts of everyone around. You become more connected with the Universe, its energy flows within and eases all the negativity you’ve received. Enshrined in divine blessing, you can silence every raging emotion, you can bring peace to a mind’s anxious voices, you can convince anyone to take a deep breath and think more clearly, you can stop people’s hurried lives, pointing out that they’ll miss the beautiful sceneries. 


Whenever you’re in service to others, you’re not only bringing peace to yourself but your surroundings; the state of enlightenment it gives you can be quite empowering. More than that, it can make your own troubles disappear. Before you know it, your steps have a lighter spring to them, your muscles are not as tense, your headaches slowly disappearing. Indeed, a kind spiritual mindset will affect even your physical being. 


Try not to host others at the expense of your own feelings every time


While having a big heart is beautiful, it can be incredibly heavy. Your angel wants you to know your limits as well. A host is never without wounds. You may be able to carry trauma but it doesn’t mean anything can’t hurt you anymore. Quite the opposite. When you help carry other people’s burdens, you don’t just give a hand, you lend your heart. A host takes in stress separate from their own, leading to a higher chance of emotional burnout. More importantly, you utilize the spiritual energy of the Universe mainly for others. 


Your angels are also worried that your kindness might backfire. Too much positivity is poison to some people, and instead of treating you like a friend, they’ll think of you as a ‘doormat’---someone to be used without any regard for their pain. You won’t be hosting their trauma, you won’t even be helping them in any form. It’s advisable to use another strategy as your actions are a boost to their ego and will only inflate upon continuing further. Eventually, that person will burn themselves from the inside and out. To avoid this, you should make them realize self-awareness instead of accommodating their personality.


Learn the best way of being a host


A true helper is someone who doesn’t want to help forever. It may sound paradoxical at first but this logic is what truly supports others---this is what your angel does. While it’s valuable that people can rely on your kindness, they shouldn’t learn to be dependent on it. You need to teach them how to be happy and peaceful on their own. Carrying half of their burdens is a comforting solution but a temporary one. Follow in your angel’s footsteps and help others improve their self-worth! That way, they can hear the guidance of their personal angel and establish a connection with the Universe as you have.


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