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It's not how fast; as long as there is progress, growth is inevitable.

It's not how fast; as long as there is progress, growth is inevitable.

Today’s angel brings you a message to help you invest in yourself through self-growth. As human beings, you live in the same world but with several differences such as your skin colors, heights, financial status, intelligence quotient, beliefs, and in different parts of the world. With all these differences, you have one thing constant under the sun which is time. You all get twenty-four hours a day. What you do with these hours reflects directly on your standards of living, your reasoning, and your social network.

As a child, you do not get to choose the family to grow up in, the school to attend, or the kind of neighbors to have. The key decision that depends entirely on you when you come of age is how you want to live your life. Would you love to change the things around you? If yes, then you got to start with your thinking since you are fully responsible for your thought patterns. The most powerful asset that you have in you is your brain, hence for what it's worth, you ought to invest in it. 

Resisting growth

The truth of the matter is that you attract who and what you are. Life ends and becomes meaningless the moment you stop growing and begin existing in mediocrity and stagnation. When you allow your life to become boring and repetitive, the spark of your purpose is extinguished and you begin walking in the dark.

How you see yourself is mainly impacted by how you treat yourself. You would never think of yourself as a noble and treat yourself as a useless individual. No! You alone know your value and this is the reason a considerable percentage of people will treat themselves with disrespect since they feel they aren't good enough. This feeling is solely fetched because your mind recognizes you are not utilizing your full potential to better yourself. This often leads to depression and isolation, thus low self-esteem. 

Choices often have a ripple effect on every step and stage of your life and the good thing is that you get what you choose. The consequences of your choices may not be felt or seen immediately but with time you will get the revelation of the exact choice you made.

How to invest in yourself

Just like an elastic band, your brain stretches as far as you pull it.  You are made of whatever you feed it, if you feed it trash, in the end, your communication and actions will be trash. Today, you are encouraged to gain control of your brain by feeding it with useful and relevant information. Imagine the discomfort you experience when you are in a group that is discussing issues that you have no idea about! Reading is one of the ways to invest in your brain since information is more powerful than money due to its ability to challenge and stimulate your brain.

Your decision-making criteria are mainly based on how informed you are about the matter at hand. The more informed you are, the wiser the decisions you make will be and the reverse is also true. Technology advancements today provide easy access to a wide range of materials that you can read, whether it's to improve on your emotional intelligence, how to handle stress, how to manage your family, and any information in any part of the world.  Imagine just sparing an hour a day to read something that will impact your life. This one-hour investment translates to more wisdom in the long run, which will be witnessed in handling yourself and the people around you.

You can grow yourself via watching videos that are available online. There is a wide range of genres on the internet and you have a choice of what to let in and out of your life system. Just like an investor has the power to decide on where to put their money, you have control of what you invest in yourself. You can watch videos that talk of things that you desire to see in your growth journey.

Through inspirational shows like TED Talks, documentaries, and other encouraging videos, you get to realize that you are not the only one experiencing certain issues in life and you also get to learn how to handle those issues and come out on the other side strong. If you are aspiring to venture into business, watching videos of successful business people and what they did differently will provide you with various tips and ideas on how to do it right and avoid some of the mistakes that they made. 

Getting into training programs is also another way of investing in yourself. The internet has made these programs very affordable as they are available virtually. To know the right program for you, identify your passion and go for it. You cannot be passionate about accounting and enroll in engineering training programs when machines do not excite you. Invest in that thing that makes blood rush through your brain and gives you goosebumps.

The reason behind it is that; passion will give you the patience to see growth, no matter how slow, you will go out of your way to invest in it. With patience, wealth will trickle, and you will be enjoying both the money and the fulfillment in your heart to get the job done.

The impact of self-growth.

Your value as a person appreciates when you invest in yourself and your self-esteem gets higher as your perception of life changes positively. With self-growth, people begin to treat you differently in a better way since your thinking has upgraded, your conversations have gotten more intriguing and at this point, you will lose friends who are not vibrating on the same frequency as you are. 

Time waits for no man and since change is inevitable take the initiative today,  when you invest in yourself, you invest in your community too since your decisions and way of living will affect and influence those around you. However, you are reminded that this change is not random but a gradual process that requires sacrifice and patience. Your angel would like you to put everything down to start investing in yourself today, this way, you will feel more in control of your life and appreciate the challenges life presents instead of complaining. 

Finally, you are challenged; you only have one life so, what is life without investing in it? Life itself is a risk, you ought to risk getting higher returns, which means to risk being vulnerable and flexible to learn more. Life will begin to make sense when you create the substance out of it. 


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