Your Angel Message For Today

It Will Take Courage For You To Grow Up And Be What You Were Meant To Be.

It Will Take Courage For You To Grow Up And Be What You Were Meant To Be.

The message from your angel today is on the degree. To what extent can you go to achieve what you want in life? It is very easy to slack down if you do not have a clear vision of what you want. The degree of your desire will be the driving force of you achieving things and a direct reflection of how bad you want something. Most people have failed to achieve their dreams because of following the crowd and not isolating themselves to know what they want. There could be monotony in the lifestyle of people because there is no original driving force. The degree-which means the extent to which something happens determines the choices you make and how far you will go.

Your angel understands the need to be zealous and having an unstoppable desire to actualize your dreams and would want you to visualize the impact your actions have in your life. Looking at degree, here are some life lessons you can learn that can better align your life.

Flee The Comfort Zone.

You agree you want to do better in life and to continuously grow. The level of this being achieved is determined by the degree of how hard you work towards it. Living in your comfort zone makes you do the things that make you feel safe; they are easy things to do because you know the outcome of it. You can never really understand who you truly are if you are afraid to do things that scare you and take some risks. You will learn more about yourself when you walk into challenges openly and learn how to overcome them in the process. You will prove to yourself what kind of a person you are if you go ahead and do something despite feeling doubt and fear. 

Your angel knows that you will begin to see that part of yourself deep inside, your true self, the part that holds the power and wisdom that you are unaware of when you start taking risks. You will know what makes you tick and what triggers you to act. Want growth bad enough to motivate you to get out of your safe space. You could be complaining about how difficult life is and how you are experiencing hardships, but the level at which you want to change could be small and is not pushing you to do anything about your situation. This means this situation will not change until the extent you want a different life goes ahead of you. You decide to get stuck or grow. Change your mindset to the point it starts reflecting in the things you do because you are equally capable as everyone else. Agree to connect to your true self, you will see doors to change open, you will see love, progress, and growth that you would not have found inside your comfort zone.

How Bad Do You Want To Fulfill Your Dreams?

This almost sounds like a cliché phrase until you start seeing it work in your life. Is there something, could be a habit that you are willing to give up to get what you want? You most likely want to become successful, wealthy, and comfortable with a good family probably. You would try to emulate the habits that successful people have and tell yourself that it is going to work out for you.

The question though is, are you chasing something that you care about?  It is very easy to chase someone else’s dream and never try to define what you truly want for yourself. When you chase a dream that is not yours, you will never feel the sense of fulfillment, there will always be that feeling of inadequacy because you never defined what you wanted in the first place. Start acting towards what you want, it is easy to think you are getting closer to your goals when you talk and think about it, meanwhile, you are standing in the same place the whole time. Can you say that your actions mirror your words? Do you hold yourself accountable for the things you do? 

Your angel wants you to know that if you desperately, seriously, and wholeheartedly want to become what you think of, you will get it. At the end of the day, what will define you is if you ever went for the ideas you had.

If You Want To Pursue Your Passion, You Have To Work Harder Than Everyone Else.

The degree to which you want to experience freedom will cost you.  Most people go through their lives having not done what they love. Instead, they do what other people suggest they should do, which could be family, friends, or even employers. You will find that most people have pursued nothing close to their hearts at all.  If you want to do what you love and are passionate about, do not have that as an expectation, see it as a privilege because the majority of people never get there. You have to truly put in the work if that is what you want. You might want to start a business that allows you to travel, have time with family and not miss important events in your life.

A lot of people have thought of this too, how many have you seen actualized? So for it to work for you too, you have to level up. Put in the extra time, save up money to expand your projects. Learn to sacrifice and delay self-gratification, this is for a greater course. Most times when the business starts picking up, you want to start living a good life using the money you get, sometimes it is to prove to people that you are doing well. Choose to look at the bigger picture and create a good foundation first. Do not tire on yourself, it is only you who knows what you want.

The starting point of achievement is desire. So level your degree of desire to be sufficient when you start, little desire will give you weak results.




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