Your Angel Message For Today

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world, and education the first step to contentment.

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world, and education the first step to contentment.

Today's angel will help you decide on what degree to pursue. A lot of students these days are stressing about their prospects either because there are far too many choices or they haven't thought about their goals at all. And your angel is worried that you might be constituting the word "classes" to feelings of stress and anxiety. They know that the highest outcome you will get is hating education itself. But luckily, you have your angel to guide you away from the thought.

School is where you find your passion

High school is a very important coming-of-age 'ritual' to everyone. During your childhood days, every job seemed attainable. All it took was seeing a picture book about planets or a TV show about space and the life sentence "I want to be an astronaut!" would immediately form. Your first exposure begins at elementary school, and during science class, your dream buries itself deeper. You felt like you didn't even need your angel to guide you because you already had a life plan. And then high school arrived.

 The real challenges begin during those teenage years. As a kid, you opened every door possible but were ignorant of the hill's steepness; in high school, with a much better understanding of yourself, you closed the 'impossibles ones' yourself. But your angel says that this isn't necessarily a bad thing! The point of your classes is to make you experience many opportunities. That's right, the term is "opportunities".

 You need to understand yourself, and to do that, you need to expose yourself to society's choices. It may have been hellish to go through Algebra class, but at least now you know you'll never want it as your job. Graduating to higher classes, you'll undergo the same process. As you learn major strengths and weaknesses, the number of degrees previously available gets filtered and your true passion will slowly make itself clear. Your angel, being of Divine power, already knows what you are capable of and is waiting for you at the next starting line.

 A hobby is different from a passion

One of the things you'll discover as you go through school is the difference between fun activities and life activities---that is, between a hobby and a passion. These two are surprisingly distinct! For one thing, you can't make a pastime your job because it stops being fun. It's your recreation. It's something you do to take away the stress of work! On the other hand, your passion can and usually becomes your craft. It's an activity where you can afford to sacrifice eating and sleeping for the sole purpose of continuing it. Naturally, there's stress, there's the pressure of deadlines, there's the fear of failure, but all of them do not matter because it's your passion. And that's where your angel is at, that place is what you need to find.

Finding your passions takes time and experimentation

There are no two ways about it. The only way to find your passions is to be involved in everything a school can offer. There's no need to worry so much, however, you will doubtlessly hear your angel's voice beckoning you in the right direction. Just remember that this 'right direction' is not without a few bumps on the road so don't be surprised where your angel will lead you. It's inevitable to feel out what you hate first before finding what you like because their divine power will undeniably push you out of your comfort zone.

When you reach college but haven't chosen a degree yet, you may find yourself thinking that you were too late, that you have no choice but to choose a caricature of your passion. Let go of this fear at once for your angel is smiling down upon you with the truth: the final decision is when you're finally content. It's easy to mistake your first degree to be the concluding one but college was never the final stage. Countless people found their passion even after their first job. Prior to that, they experimented with themselves by finishing 2 or 3 additional degrees. And when that wasn't enough, they labored through classes again. See all the possibilities that you can do?

Use everything around you

Your environment is your experimental field. School gives you a starting point to fumble your way through but it's not the only weapon out there, no matter how other people force it as a requirement. Your angel will surely follow your every step, even if you don't follow the conventional order of things. You can join clubs, intern at a company, or practice volunteering before finding your footing in specific classes. By that point, you'll have learned enough to choose which subjects are related to your passion.

Your trial and error will almost certainly bear fruit. All that time and effort spent sitting in a classroom, undertaking various tasks both related and unrelated to your major, will no doubt make it easier for you to get hired at a company. And because of your angel's blessing, you either have a large accumulation of experiences or a wide-reaching network of friends. Perhaps even both. Whatever struggle you've encountered along the way, you now have the confidence to see it as blessings in disguise. All those years of English-related essays? It taught you to write papers for more than 5 hours straight. Those video-edited outputs and poster-making assignments? They taught you the basics of Multimedia and graphic design.

 Congratulations for you have not only discovered your passions, but you have also developed your mindset into one of grit, plus your body into a multitool of skills. In the long run, education is a good investment. The best things to fill your life with are experience and knowledge. They're the only ones that can help you realize any dream. Your angel is nothing but proud that you were busy living life than simply existing. 


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