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Learning that you are worth recovery is one of the hardest things to do; do it anyway!

Learning that you are worth recovery is one of the hardest things to do; do it anyway!

Have you ever had a negative trait that you have had to work hard to get rid of? Have you been or know someone who has been to rehab before? You agree that the feeling after rehab is satisfying, to know you have conquered yourself in an area. Today’s angel will look at rehab, as a remedy that helps stop addiction. Rehab has helped a lot of addicts reform and there are various lessons to derive from rehab.

Be keen about whom you allow to influence your life

In rehab, you get a chance to be able to stop using drugs, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be able to integrate back into society with better habits. Most of the drug users are influenced at the beginning by people close to them, which could be family or friends. Once in rehab, you have to drop the negative influence that was formerly there for you to be able to maintain sobriety and avoid a relapse.

This is a difficult process that over time will bring positive changes. Today, you could be in a similar situation, where you feel drained and you just want a change in your life. You could have a family which drains you and always finds faults in you no matter what you do, or a family that always brings up the issues that you would rather forget. It is ok to love people from a distance and not allow them in your space to mess your mind again. Above everything, choose yourself and the peace you have found.

You have so much potential than you think

As you start attending rehab, you have made the resolve to start recovering. It is said, recovery is for that person who wants it, not the one who needs it. Most times you ask yourself if you will be able to actually do it and come out sober. You could second guess yourself and find it hard to get past your situation. But as you start the process, your willpower increases and you are more determined to stay sober.

After successfully being able to stay sober for a long time, and overcoming addiction, it is good to look back and see what you have done. You were actually stronger than you thought and you made it out and stayed clean. In life, you have to not limit yourself. Take risks and face those challenging decisions head-on, learn to not escape from your situations.

You could be a student who is often bullied at school but you always keep quiet because you get too afraid to stand up for yourself. You could be an employee who is often harassed by your boss and you do nothing about it. But for how long? What if you gathered your strength and determined how you expect to be treated?

You will be happy with yourself for doing that. Your angel reminds you to always reclaim your place in the universe because like everyone else, you are worth it.

There is always a healthier way of dealing with issues

Most drug addicts start using drugs as a way to escape reality, they just don’t want to face it. This works until it starts going on a downward spiral. While in rehab you find way healthier mechanisms of dealing with issues that are actually more effective and won’t cause destruction in your life.

You could take a run, talk to a counselor, listen to music or even volunteer to help. It will not be easy to implement and get used to these techniques, they might even sound ridiculous, but eventually, you might grow to actually like them instead.

Today, you could be gossiping about someone to anyone who cares to listen because some events might have bothered you. It is better to go to the person who has offended you and address the issue with them. People tend to despise people who let out their dirty linen in public, to retain self-respect, and always choose a decent way to deal with matters.

You cannot live peacefully without forgiveness

You have to learn to forgive yourself with the same measure you forgive others. While undergoing recovery, you have to let go of the bitterness and resentment for you to heal. Forgive yourself for all your past mistakes, everybody makes them. Life is so short to carry around guilt, self-blame, and bitterness. Not forgiving yourself changes your attitude towards life, you tend to be more negative and there is no progress in that.

Today you are reminded to be easy on yourself, the only thing you have the power to control is the present, so make it worthwhile. You could have been a spouse who cheated in marriage and was later found out, it could have brought dire consequences that even led to divorce and you cannot forgive yourself for doing this to your family. Cheating in itself is wrong, but you will not use the rest of your days wishing you did not.

Try to make peace with those who were affected and collect the pieces, always forgive yourself first before you expect others to.

You will never really miss out when taking care of yourself

While attending rehab, you tend to think you are missing out on the fun things in life by staying there. All the good times you had with your friends and the places you could go. When you start recovering you realize you are not really missing anything, you now have the chance to be more present in worthwhile events.

Taking time to self-improve will never be a waste of time. It is rewarding and cannot be compared to all those places you could be. In life, you could be a young person who cannot heed your parents’ advice.

You could be sneaking out to go to parties and drink alcohol because you think you are missing out and they do not know how these things go. The truth is, they were also young at some point, they know the risks that come with such events and they are only looking out for you. At the right time, you will be able to choose what you want for your life.

Finally, your angel lets you know that accepting to recover will give you a chance to build bigger and better than before, there is no shame in beginning once more.


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