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Let the energy of the Universe light up your spirit and bloom as your passion

Let the energy of the Universe light up your spirit and bloom as your passion

The right state of mind will invigorate both your body and spirit. And so, today’s angel will talk about what we can call the ‘juice of one’s soul’: enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the gas, so to speak, that revs up your motivation to live life happily and with purpose. Motivation and enthusiasm more or less come from the same field of increased “life energy”, but there’s a distinct difference between the two.


Enthusiasm is the spiritual strength given to you by the Universe. It’s the inner stimulus that drives motivation and performance. On the other hand, motivation is derived from yourself, prodded by your inclination to achieve something. Your angel will be focusing on the importance of your spiritual strength---that is, your enthusiasm---and how it fuels your life.


Having an existential crisis: how you lose enthusiasm


Do you sometimes find yourself drained of your metaphorical gas and are aimlessly going trodding through existence? Do you find yourself questioning every achievement or lack thereof done so far? Are you looking for “a spark” that can change your current diffident disposition in life? Well, chances are, you’re lacking in enthusiasm. Your angel would say that this is clearly impossible, as the Universe has been unfailingly pumping you with its spiritual energy whenever you feel down. Yes, the issue wasn’t with the divine, it was your closed heart. 


Though there’s a chance yet, seeing as your looking for the advice of your angel. So you ask, how exactly did you unknowingly bolt your heart away from enthusiasm, and how can you prevent it in the future. 


Prior to noticing your ‘soul gas’, everything starts with your mindset. Even if the Universe has been offering you spiritual strength, if you never notice it in the first place then it’s the same as not being offered anything. To you, it doesn’t exist. The cause of this is your heart losing either hope or interest in life activities themselves. You believe that nothing is beautiful anymore, that nothing is worth considering. That punk music you continuously listen to? You’re an adult now, it’s time to move on. That self-help book you’re in the middle of reading? It probably won’t help anyway. That new fruit seed you were going to plant? It’s going to require a lot of effort to grow.


You’re losing interest in these previous hobbies because you somehow gained the belief that it won’t make a difference in the future. There are varying reasons that can cause this. For one, social influences, such as criticisms of “you’re not good at it anyway” or “it’s an unimportant hobby” can greatly affect your enthusiasm, sticks and stones and all that. When the environment doesn’t accommodate your interests---i.e. working for a company whose goals are not in line with yours---can also empty the gas. Any more demotivators like these and you’ll eventually have no drive to even get out of bed.


Regaining your spirit


Your angel believes that the key here then is to learn how to maintain your interests. That can be achieved by transitioning to positive outlooks. That punk music was sung by adults, there’s no shame in listening to it. That self-help book was written by someone whose life has drastically changed, surely the logic inside could be used. Finally, if you dedicate your effort to planting that seed, you’ll get your hands on some fine home-grown tomatoes!


People look for satisfaction in everything they do. That’s why imagining a positive outcome can help; if there’s a likely reward at the end, you’ll get the enthusiasm to pull through. The reward doesn’t even need to be tangible; perhaps learning a new life lesson from that book is enough to be thankful for your dedication. Have more hope for the future! Your angel has not given up on it, there’s no reason for you to.


Youth or old age has nothing to do with it


The Universe has filled the world with countless excitements to be discovered. Some are challenging to find, others are hidden almost entirely, but overall, life should be anything but uninteresting! Whether you’re old or young doesn’t matter to the divine. You deserve an enthusiasm to live just as much as anyone because you’re alive. Just as a famous poet had once written, “Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind”, “Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul”. Age is but a number for your physical body, but youth stays in the heart.


Your enthusiastic gas is very important if you want to feel a sense of purpose and enlightenment in life. That’s the reason why the Universe is circulating it in the first place. When you get enthusiastic about a certain project, you get motivated to find different ways to do it. And that kind of productivity naturally breeds happiness and contentment. You become mature as a matter of course as well.


The excitement of the soul can never truly be extinguished as you persistently cling to it. You just need to keep finding the spiritual energy of the Universe and apply it in everything you do. The small achievements eventually pile up, and you may find yourself with a number of unforgettable memories to further drive the soul. You become unstoppable in the face of worry and despair. 


One of the most important aspects of enthusiasm is that it brings meaning to your life because you give value to everything and everyone you interact with. It behooves your existence to be a grand adventure. Even better, people will gravitate towards that light, and you’ll essentially be spreading your overflowing enthusiasm as an endless ripple. It’s possible you might’ve encouraged someone in the process.


Remember, the power of enthusiasm is the main core of contentment. Temporary objects such as money, food, or a large mansion only scratch the surface of true happiness. Not only that, as they are only temporary, so is the joy they provide. But enthusiasm is eternal; it grows and stays in the heart of every person, fending off the shadows of apathy. As long as you remain open to the flow of the Universe, you will never run out of it.


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