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Life May Be A Gamble But You Get To Determine The Stake Of What To Gamble With.

Life May Be A Gamble But You Get To Determine The Stake Of What To Gamble With.

Have you ever taken a risky decision, hoping the results will be favorable to you? Most people gamble with their lives and the results don’t turn out as they expected. The pain that comes with making decisions that are not carefully thought through can affect your entire life. Your angel understands the need of being well informed and making decisions from a place of logic to avoid dire issues.

Today’s message from your angel is about gambling.  Which you can engage in for a chance of winning a bet. As much as you may be quick to remove yourself from that equation, there are areas of your life that you may be gambling with, that should be shed light on. Your angel wants you to look into this area and choose to make decisions that will bring good results in your life.

Gambling With Your Finances.

How many times have you wanted to fit in that you have gone ahead and used most of your money to pay for it?  Most people want to always feel in place and will do just about anything to do that. Some people work so hard for their money yet they put all of that into things that are so temporary that cannot be seen in the future. You may say that tomorrow will take care of itself, but you have a choice of securing it. Do you believe in instant gratification? Gratifying yourself each time you do something well can be a downward spiral to not having much later.  For example, you do that job and immediately you get paid, you think, “I should get that dress”, “I should go for that vacation”. Yet you could have used the money to create an investment or do something that can generate you an income or slowly get an asset. 

Your angel wants you to learn to postpone these things sometimes and sacrifice when you can to create a life you desire. You cannot afford to gamble with your finances. You will not be young forever to have the strength of working. You cannot depend on people to provide for you later, yet you had the chance to be self-independent. You must have seen people who worked in very good job positions, and later in their lives, they turn out to be extremely lacking in resources and they have debts almost everywhere. What do you think they did? Tomorrow will be taken care of by you to some extent, do not dismiss that fact.

Gambling With Your Spirituality.

In a modern world, where self-love is the preached word, it is easy to think everything you do is okay as long as you are happy and you are having fun. Is that really the case, that you are not answerable? Your actions have consequences; you cannot go with the rest of the flock not caring about the repercussions it may bring. You are an independent being, a spiritual being, and whatever you do has to be accounted for. Moral ethics have been far thrown out of the window because everyone is doing their own thing. When you are alone when all the noise is gone. Can you say you are happy with the way you live? With the values you uphold? 

Your angel wants you to open your spiritual eyes, be awake in your spirit, and tap into your power. Spiritual death will make you not know your purpose, you will not know what steps to take, and you might end up falling into pits because you are taking the wrong path most of the time. In life, you might be a person who looks down on people and thinks you are superior and you cannot hesitate to ruin someone else’s life, this doesn’t have to be in big situations, even you, among your friends. Do you think you would go anywhere like that?  You will hardly feel peace or progress like this. Your angel wants you to declutter and desire to do good. Let your spirituality guide your morals and ethics. Desire your light to shine bright. Help those in need around you.

Gambling With Your Future.

You cannot leave your life to chance.  You have to make a wake decision to be in control of it. There is a lot of peer pressure in society that misleads a lot of people. You see teenagers not focusing on their studies but rather they start engaging in things like drugs, immorality, or even going to adult parties. Social media gives the impression that this is the way life should be, and you think everyone else is doing it and you do not want to miss out. People show the good sides of their life, do you know the regrets they may be having behind closed doors? You could ask some people, and they would tell you they regret doing these things. Some miss being children and the innocence they had. Is this really a path you would like to take? It doesn’t glitter like that when you are alone. 

This is your life, learn to create it. Do not leave this important responsibility to other people, to peer pressure and short-lived happiness. Your angel has been with you, they know the desires you have for your life, and would want that to be the focus that leads you till you get there.  A similar example is when a young person involves themselves with older people so that they can finance their lives. You will look better than your peers and you might seem like you are doing well, but at what cost? Think about the diseases that might follow, the families you might have inferred with and the lack of respect you get for yourself. There are so many choices for you, do not enclose your mind. You are so capable of doing many things, do not limit yourself. Why do you choose to be a charity case? While you can have a career, a job, a business, your family, and all the good things that the universe can offer. 

Lastly, your angel urges you to liberate your mind, and see the good things life has to offer you, opportunities that you can never exhaust.


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