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Listening To What Someone Else Has To Say, Is One Of The Highest Forms Of Respect You Can Have.

Listening To What Someone Else Has To Say, Is One Of The Highest Forms Of Respect You Can Have.

How often do you take your time to have healthy conversations, willingly and fully participate? It is very easy to take others for granted and to take the opportunity to interact with people as a normal thing, so you do not give it much attention.

Your angel knows the difference communication can bring and how relationships can thrive when each one is focused on speaking out in a way they can be understood. Today’s message from your angel is about a conference call, which is a telephone call where different people from different places can talk at the same time.  When most things are recently transitioning to a virtual platform, this is a commonly used way of communication.  Looking deeply into a conference call, there are some important life lessons you can learn.

Everyone Wants To Be Listened To.

When you hear you have a scheduled conference call, you see it as an opportunity where you can do some unfinished business. Most people would rather just do anything than listen attentively to someone else speaking on the call from a remote place. A lot of important information can go past you because you are always doing something else at that time, which could be cooking or sending an email or other personal stuff. People can fall asleep during a call or even get out of a call without informing anyone. When the person who speaks notices a non-participating audience, it can demoralize them to continue with what they were saying or they can just try to do it quickly to finish up. You need to be listened to, being ignored can make you feel irrelevant if it’s done over a course of time. You could be a wife who tries to reach out to your husband to tell him what is happening in your life.

Most times when you are speaking to someone, you want to feel cared for, you want to be encouraged and the support you get gives you more resilience to keep pushing. Imagine telling someone everything that is sensitive to you, then when you ask them to share their perspective you find they completely zoned out from what you were saying. Find people who can spare their time to listen to you, who do not dismiss what you are saying as if it’s irrelevant, who allow you to fully express yourself and truly want to understand how you feel.

Find What Gives You The Adrenaline?

If something is not of interest to you, you will not be excited to do it. Conference calls that are mandatory and where only one person is addressing the rest while you just have to listen can be very boring. Boredom is one of the reasons why people are often so eager to do other things that they feel could be more important. Most people get distracted easily because of the channel of communication, how the call is facilitated and some people just don’t find the purpose of that call. When the conference goes for too long and has poor audio quality sometimes, you often just wait for it to end.

Similarly, in life, how many times have you done something just for the sake of it? How often do you do something because you are needed to and not because you love doing it? Your angel knows how difficult it can be to continually be in a cycle of repetitiveness, of something you are not interested in, could be your job, or even someone you are with, whom you do not want to hurt. You could be working in a place that makes you feel drained because you do not enjoy doing the job, but it pays the bills. What do you really want for yourself? You could take an entirely different course if you want to. It is not going to be easy, but it is very possible.

If you feel the need to change your career, do it. If you want to move to a new place, do it. What is stopping you? forever is too long to keep asking yourself, “what if? “You will never be too late to start. Choose something that gives you adrenaline, that excites you, that you can’t wait to learn more and more. The essence of life is continually discovering, and finding little treasures. If you cannot change your whole life entirely, make those special bits about you with you, do it as a hobby, do it in your free time, just do it.

Choose Your Environment Well.

When picking a conference call, the place you are is really important.  You have to make sure you are close enough to the microphone to make sure you are audible enough. It is necessary to find a secluded place where you can focus and participate in the topic of discussion. Choosing a quiet place is necessary to maintain your focus and avoid being distracted. Other participants can always pick up the noises in the area you are, could be children or other people who are just going about their business, these noises can make the rest of the participants not focus or get clearly what is being said. 

Where you get your energy from really matters. The environment you are in can limit your progress, your thoughts, and even how you do things. Learn to create a space for yourself that makes you feel comfortable and allows you to explore your ideas. You could be surrounding yourself with friends who always discourage you when you are trying to do something in your life, for example, getting from a toxic relationship. You could hear things like, “It is normal, it rains everywhere”, “I also stayed”, “you should work harder”.

The truth is, it doesn’t rain everywhere and relationships are to be enjoyed and they are supposed to build you up. It is very likely that you can accept this notion and just continue living an unhappy life. Your angel wants you to understand that people of character refuse to be changed by the world no matter what everyone else is doing. When you surround yourself with the right people, life can be very beautiful.



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