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Loaning help can stop being parasitic if you just leave it for your angel to manage

Loaning help can stop being parasitic if you just leave it for your angel to manage

Loaning something to people may be a bit difficult to digest as there’s the worry of not getting it in return. The years between giving it and receiving it is an anxious time as well. If done wrong, you might find an unfixable hole in yourself consistently leaking out your hard-earned repertoire. This shouldn’t be the case for you so long as you let your angel help create some ground rules for people who go to you for loans. 


The Art of a Successful Lending


Loans can come in two forms: cash and services. The second one is the easiest and most requested kind of help, generally known as a “favor”. Favors are quite the facile loans because your friend can easily get away without paying it back. This is why friend favors can be attributed as gifts and is a trait of ‘utility friendships’. But as easy it is to ask and give, your friendships can easily be broken over it as well. You don’t have to worry about this though, your angel says that a friendship that fractures over a rejected favor can only be a fake relationship in the first place.


Besides, the Universe highly encourages personal responsibility as a form of enlightenment. If your friend wasn’t able to handle the problem themself, what more can a third party do?


The best rule in loaning your services is to think of it as a gift. By definition, a gift is something given away for free for the sake of the other party’s fortune. It’s similar to a donation, really, and it stops being a loan entirely---but that’s exactly the point! Favors are sustainable once you input a positive feel to it. Make the act simplistic. If you don’t mind doing the favor, not minding how there’s a low chance of a return then there’s no harm in loaning your help. You’ll even be helping the Universe spread some positivity around through simple kindness.


Otherwise, set up some boundaries. Your angel is advising for the loan rules because they don’t want you to run yourself aground doing limitless favors for everybody, even more so when you only do it because you can’t say “No”. The inability to say “No” may seem like a harmless practice at first but you’ll eventually be frustrated with yourself and the loanee. 


Learn to reject their call if you determined you can’t do it and exercise not justifying your reason for it. Your loans before have already turned into a free favor, why the need for negotiations? From now on, your goal is to use loans to make yourself unburdened and push other people to be independent as a matter of course. 


There are a couple of strategies that can do this. First, settle a timeframe where you can answer their calls during so. Set up your weekends as the only time you can set aside personal responsibilities, or tell them you’re reachable only during Fridays because it’s the last day of work. A timeframe will filter whether or not the favor is something they can do for themselves. Second, start asking for favors in return. Whenever they request something, say for example babysitting their pet, reply “Sure, then can you take care of this on the way?” or “Sure, just get me a juice when you come back”. They’re more likely to appreciate your efforts this way because it’s not for free. Finally, don’t go beyond what they need. If they loaned you for a day, don’t suggest you’re available again next week. Doing so will only give them the idea that you’re accessible for stronger favors. Remember, the point of these strategies is to make them lose interest in asking someone for service. 


Eventually, your loanees will take the smaller matters into their own hands, or maybe turn to their angels for guidance before taking action. All in all, it’s a push toward independence. In the case of not minding doing the favors, oblige friends with extremely bad cases and those who ask for it neutrally. 


Rules for Money Loans


Cash loans are a more difficult matter to set rules on as money can essentially make or break a person’s life. But don’t worry, since there aren’t a lot of ground rules involved, it’s easier to make a decision. It’s all in the matter of practical thinking, and your angel is the perfect counsel for that!


Naturally, for friends and families with drastic financial problems, you should help if you can afford to. There’s no question about that since they probably have debts to other people and they’re probably at their wits’ end. The Universe is also doing all that it can to bless them with fortune however it could. No, your designation of money loans will be for those who ask in the long-term yet maintainmaintains that they can probably consider it as a free favor. It’s not so much as you not being able to handle getting it back than it is of your friend practicing to be a sycophant.


The only important policy for these types of friends is to imagine the best scenario for them. You’ll be assisting their angel as well by teaching them the true virtue of friendship. If they start to guilt you into loaning money, the answer has to be an immediate “No”. The act says more about them than it does to you. You are not their wallet. Following this, make sure they have their priorities straight. If the only reason they’re lacking in cash is because of addictions and such, you have no obligation to loan some. They have a personal responsibility to fix first. Lending them in that scenario will only feed their bad habits.


When it comes to money loans, you’re not the only one in danger of losing something. The other party risks losing your trust too. Ultimately, however, loaning is a good method of determining your true friends.


Learn the Boundaries of Loans


Loans aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, circumstances force a person to ask for it; no one can completely disregard its utility. But you better believe that loans affect one’s mindset as well so make sure you don’t become a loanee and lender for life. And remember that not all loans are for big problems. Sometimes, people just don’t want to give the effort to take care of it, so they pass the responsibility to you. If you’re having a hard time, remember that your angel is always around for advice. They’re the masters of anything related to assistance.


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