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Losing Yourself While Serving Others Is The Best Way To Find Yourself.

Losing Yourself While Serving Others Is The Best Way To Find Yourself.

Have you ever had someone in your life who has helped you all through and is a support system for you? You need someone who makes things easier for you and helps you solve issues that could be bothering you. If you have one, then you are indeed lucky.

Today’s angel will look at the internet which is used by billions of people across the world, to communicate and help find information. If you get this message from your angel, you agree you have access to the internet and it is a great way of connecting you. Below are some life lessons you can learn from the internet that can align your life better.

Lies Will Always Spread Faster Than The Truth.

One of the things you can learn from using the internet is, even when it gives honest information, you cannot trust it all the time. Some people create news that is too absurd and inflammatory, which most times are not true. A lot of people use applications found on the internet to edit content to make it look real or more appealing.

Others photoshop and edit videos to get a following or even gain political support. These crafts are mastered and if you are not keen enough you will not notice the lie. The internet has a strong way of influencing the way people think and behave and that is why it is the most used platform to spread lies. 

Sometimes, there is a huge difference in how someone looks in person and through the internet. No one will put an image up that is not appealing to the eye, they would rather fake it. Bottom line is, you need to be keen to find the truth which most times is not selling itself. 

In life, you could have heard rumors involving you that are very far from the truth, but that is what most people believe. You should not try to clear it up, continue living your life, the truth will ultimately surface no matter how long it takes. Be patient.

The World Is Full Of Good People; You Just Need To Open Your Eyes and Heart.

As much as the internet has a fair share of its bad side, you cannot ignore the good people and the things they do that are posted on the internet. Every day you come across videos’ that make you feel like tearing up.

People helping each other, animals being saved, people giving gifts, words of inspiration and encouragement, people who went through challenges and came out of them as better people., strangers standing up for each other, and even the people who make funny content just to brighten your day.

Today you are reminded to be happy and spread that energy wherever you go. You need to appreciate the good around you, the people who care for you, and always try to make sure you are okay. You could be very bitter with life and you always find faults in everything and everyone.

This can greatly limit you from experiencing the beauty of life. Learn to see the good in people and life, you will notice that good things also start happening. You will attract the energy you give out.

Honesty Is Paramount.

The internet is the source of information and research has been made easy to do. You can practically find a true and logical answer to almost all of your questions. That doesn’t mean all of the information is factual though. Most people on the internet are anonymous and have private accounts.

This allows people to show a side of themselves that they do not reveal elsewhere and so the internet can also work as therapy. Anyone can give an honest opinion of what they think without the consequence of being judged by their loved ones. As good as this is, the internet has also attracted people who take advantage of privacy and choose to have fun ruining good courses, being racist, cheaters and doing other malicious things.

Similarly, in life, you need to be honest to unload the load of keeping up with lies. Honesty allows you to feel free and you do not have to keep explaining yourself. You could be having an affair in your relationship, whereby you have to always come up with lies, for you to keep seeing the other person.

Pretending to work late, having work meetings, and not wanting to fix issues back at home. After some time, it starts to weigh you down because it takes your freedom to freely express yourself. Your angel reminds you to learn to be honest and say what you think, considering other people.

There Will Always Be Someone Steps Ahead; Stay Humble.

The internet has a way of taking you down the high horse. Every time you think you have a great idea or invention, you should try looking it up on the internet. Chances are someone else already came up with the idea, a long time back or the invention already took place in another country that you do not even live in.

You wonder if there is nothing new you can think of. Truth is, human beings are intelligent beings, and most of the time they have similar thought processes. It is said, the universe pushes people to create something by giving them ideas, and when you do not act on it, someone else has most likely gotten the idea too and will act on that which you ignored.

This is interesting to know because it should push you out to work on your dreams. You could be a person who dismisses other people because you think you are the smart one, but if you meet more people in life, you will notice there are so many things that you do not know and some you never will.

You should learn to treat everyone you meet with respect because you are all equal in the universe, each with a different high potential.


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