Your Angel Message For Today

Love and hope are always possible, no matter how dark the moment is!

Love and hope are always possible, no matter how dark the moment is!

Have you ever gotten ill and wondered if you will ever get well? What was your recovery journey like? Most times when you are recovering from something, you feel very alone, no matter the support system you have. It is always a process you go through alone and during that time, there are so many lessons you can learn. Today, some of these lessons are outlined.

Always give yourself time

Recovery is the regaining of strength and health after going through an illness or a surgical operation. Sometimes it is not as speedy as you would want, you get unable to do things for yourself and require assistance. While undergoing recovery, you have been treated, you are under medication, you only need to be patient to get well. Time is a great remedy to a lot of things that you do not have control over.

You could have lost a loved one, and you feel so broken and filled with grief and you wonder if that dark cloud will ever pass. Do not let yourself go, time will heal the scar. Give it time, allow yourself to grief, in due time you will find you are fond of the memories instead. You could have started a business and you feel like giving up because it’s not working as you thought, maybe it hasn’t picked up yet. Anything that is not easily shaken takes time to build a strong foundation.

During this season, learn and push yourself further, when you get to where you want the lessons will be helpful.

Avoid comparisons to others

Each recovery journey is different. You will not heal at the same time as someone else. Recovery can also be applied to drug addicts who are in the process to stop using the drugs. The period of them starting treatment till when they are free from addiction and also with the possibility of attending counseling is recovery. Some addicts relapse back to drugs when they go back to their homes because the supply is still there being the former group of friends remain.

It is easy to feel frustrated that you cannot stop using the drugs and the people that you began with look like they are doing so well. Do not judge by what anyone shows you, you do not know what happens behind closed doors.

Instead, take your journey like yours and work on yourself till you get there, you can do it. Comparison is a hindrance to seeing how far you have gotten. Most people will not tell you the truth because everyone wants to be thought highly of. Your angel wants to remind you why you started. Make peace with your past. While recovering, you need to learn to forgive yourself and let go of the things you did or you could have done.

If you were an addict, it is easy to think of all the damage you might have done and how you started. This is a hindrance to your full recovery, you might think you do not deserve another shot at life. But you recovering is that opportunity which you should grab. Speak to a counselor, a therapist, or anyone you feel comfortable with. 

Close that chapter called the past, just pick lessons and give yourself permission to live again. Today, you could be married to an abusive partner, you might have seen all the red flags before you settled but you went ahead and lived with him. The regret that you feel could be intense and you wished you chose differently. Wallowing in pity parties will not help, forgive yourself and focus on yourself now.

Take that leap of faith in yourself and start experiencing life. You will find so many beautiful things you might have overlooked. Your angel reminds you that everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

People, will always have an opinion, do not worry about it

While recovering, take care of yourself. Sometimes recovery can take so much time. You could be a cancer patient who has undergone so many surgeries and chemotherapy and you feel exhausted. This could be your time to recover and regain yourself in peace. Most times when going through recovery, people come with all these ideas of what to do and what not to do.

Everyone has something to say. While recovering, take the doctor’s advice and then follow your heart. It will be a much smoother ride to healing. In life, you could be a student who wants to follow a career path that others think will not be beneficial to you. Do not back down from your dreams. You need to take time to try and make them understand how it works, if they want, maybe this will change their perspective. At the end of the day, work towards whom you want to be, you know yourself best.

Create your own happiness within

Most times when going through an illness and taking that time to recover, you often have a lot of questions in your head. Is your life content? What if there is no more time? You remember all that time you wasted in doing things that do not even matter. In some way, you might think illness makes you go back to the drawing board.

You have all the power to create a story, did you create a good one? Even as you recover, your mindset should change. You should come out better and more prepared to live. Some people do not have the chance of recovering at all. Some die, some fall back to addiction because it is not easy. So when you make it out, do not take it lightly, your angel reminds you of these chances.

Today, you could be so used to complaining and whining and finding faults in everything. Do not take it for granted, because someone somewhere is looking for a chance like that. Resolve to create your own happiness, start small, just find it. At the end of the day, you only live once.


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