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Make sure you are not saying no to yourself when saying yes to others.

Make sure you are not saying no to yourself when saying yes to others.

What kind of treatment do you give yourself and others? If you have ever been treated poorly, you agree that it doesn’t feel good and you are always left with a lot of questions about whether you deserved it or not. Today, your angel is helping you look into the lessons you can learn from treatment.

How you treat yourself sets the pace on how others treat you

Treatment is the manner in how you handle something or someone. You can handle someone in a better way than another person because of reasons like their social status, your relationship with them, or because you hold them in high regard. Although this should not be the case because all people are equal regardless of their positions in life. Treatment can also be how you act towards yourself, the thoughts you have about yourself determine how you will behave. There can be deeper reasons why someone does not treat themselves well or even others.

Today you are reminded that no one else will treat you better than you treat yourself. You could have had an abusive childhood where you always had people treat you poorly, they might have never listened to you or even cared. It is normal to feel devalued in such instances and ignore yourself too. Your angel wants you to take back your power, by self-acceptance first. You are different and it is okay and you are capable of doing good things in life.

If the way you treat yourself improves, Other people around you will copy that and you will notice some changes. You agree it is not an easy journey, but it is a worthy one in order to live a fulfilling life. How you treat other people will be reflected better when you work on yourself too. You cannot treat anyone else in a better way than you do yourself. Today, choose self-care.

Admit when you are not okay

Treatment is also used in therapy. You can talk to someone about the issues that are bothering you and they will offer professional help to help you feel better, this can also include medication in some instances. Psychological treatment is given to people going through emotional, behavioral, and mental issues. With treatment, you are able to change your behavior, understand why you think a certain way, and even reduce your symptoms.

There is no shame in seeking help. You agree it is easy to feel stressed when the pressures of life start pulling you in. In life, you could be going through depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or addiction. First, you are not alone, so many people are going through the same and there is nothing that cannot be fixed.

You could be hiding behind a happy face to show people you are okay but deep down you are going through a lot of issues and you choose to be quiet because you think people will not understand. Speaking up is the beginning of healing. Find a trusted friend, parent or loved one and tell them how you feel, even if you will not know how to describe it, let them know you are not okay.

Your angel wants you to gather all your strength and choose to deal with the issues bothering you. If you have timely treatment, some of these issues will not have dire consequences. Do not be demoralized, it is better for your sake and everyone else for you to allow restoration. It is good to learn to take it easy and also be okay with being uncertain about things in life.

You might be going through anxieties and you might not know how to handle pressure, you could be experiencing nervousness, fear, or panic most of the time but there is a light waiting at the end of this tunnel. Try to find what triggers you, try to be with people who care about you and can give you a support system.

Today, treatment for these situations is available so do not lose hope. Find reading materials that will speak to you in-depth and speak whenever you feel bothered. Avoid pity parties and self-absorbing, when you think outside of yourself, you will see the many beautiful things in life and this can greatly help.

Begin again

Treatment is also referred to when improving the appearance, condition, or performance of someone or something. Making a person have a better appearance by treating them either with cosmetics or surgery makes them feel good about themselves overall. Other products can be purchased to treat another, to make its performance better, for example, grease can be used to lubricate doors and avoid the creaking sounds.

Today, remember you always have an opportunity to start again. You could be a mother who has spent a lot of years raising your children, you might feel worn out and you want a different life for yourself but you do not know how to go about it since you are so used to the old routine. If you feel stressed most of the time, your family will be on the receiving end of how you react. It will be hard for people to be happy in the home.

Know when to stop, and appreciate yourself. Allow people to help you and look after you. You can choose to go for a makeover at the salon, take yourself out occasionally to experience life by yourself. You can choose to start on physical fitness to feel better about yourself and share out tasks if possible. Taking care of yourself makes you a better person to be with.

You could be a student who has been failing in previous classes and you know there are things you have not gotten in a certain class, it is wrong to continue further until this issue is attended to. It will also be ok to repeat back a class if need be if that is assurance that you will perform better. Just do not be afraid to begin all over and improve your situation.


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