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Money Doesn’t Change You, It Will Just Show The Kind Of Person You Are When You No Longer Have To Play Nice.

Money Doesn’t Change You, It Will Just Show The Kind Of Person You Are When You No Longer Have To Play Nice.

Today’s message from your angel is about loans. You most likely do not like the fact of borrowing money and having to pay it back later, like most people. Using a loan is a very smooth road because you hardly feel the pinch, it is only until you start paying, money that you already used that you start wondering if it was really necessary to borrow.

It is a goal to strive towards financial freedom, that is the reason you go to work and do everything that can lead you there.  Your angel knows it is unsettling to have money conversations but they believe such knowledge can give you a better insight on handling money. Without this conversation, you will most likely repeat the same spending habits over and over again which is more unsettling for your angel who wants you to experience a life of abundance and freedom.

Being Debt-Free Is Good Freedom.

Taking loans is easy considering there are many avenues offering instant loans nowadays. However, taking a loan can take a toll on you and ruin the success and plans you had for yourself.  When you take a loan, it is easy to prioritize other things other than paying the loan, if you are not pressured. Though most institutions have consequences if you fail to pay the loans, so you end up being obligated to pay. You should stay motivated on paying down your loans and set deadlines for yourself on when to pay and keep track of your progress.

This can be one of the financial goals that you decide to work on. It is necessary for you to create a paying plan and stick to it. You will not imagine the freedom you feel once you don’t have a loan to pay. You will be able to start saving extra money that will come in handy for the things you would want to achieve. Paying off loans can easily create a life that you want because you will not be trying to keep up with parting with money every time, now you get a chance to do the things you really love doing.

Your angel wants you to use the loans you have as a tool to understand the kind of life you want to live. You could be living through the cycle of taking loans and doing something for yourself, could be even growing your business, and you are always in this vicious cycle of getting money and parting with almost all of it, borrowing again and it never stops. You could try to minimize your budget and pay off your loans and start leading a life that is now within your capability. You will notice that you actually had money in the first place; it's only that you never saw where it went previously.

You Are The Only One Who Knows When You Are Ready To Stop.

Taking loans can be quite a habit at some point. Got a little fix? Get a loan! Do you need to buy a car? Get a loan! Even on things that are not really necessary. Banks should be able to see your pattern of getting loans that are taking you deeper in debt and should stop giving you more loans. However, this is not the case, as long as you are paying on time and making enough money, you mean profit to the banks. So, you will continually be approved to get more and more loans until one day, you just can’t handle it anymore. It is a hard lesson to learn that banks do not care about how much debt you get into as long as you are adding profit to it.

Your angel knows that it is not until you get tired of something, that you will stop and return from a self-destructing path. In life, you could be in a relationship with an abusive person, this kind of relationship tends to demoralize you and pull you back in so many ways including creating traumas. Everyone could see how bad it is and tell you about it. No one can make you leave and choose yourself apart from yourself. Learn to care about yourself enough to be able to walk away from things that are out to dim your light. When you find your self-worth, there are so many things that you will stop entertaining, so find it.

Your Path Is Not Made For You, You Create It.

Taking a loan can put you in a lot of mess sometimes. Late payments, bad loans, being over your loan limit, and incapability to settle the loan altogether will remain on your credit record for years. You can choose to repair your credit and get the bad credit away from your records in a legal and ethical way. The first thing is to strategically have a plan to pay off the debt. You have to analyze the situation and not want to be in it, you should not normalize having loans.  Once your loans are paid you can follow the instructions you get to get a good credit report.  

You have a choice of which side you want to stand for. In life, how often do you hear statements like, “People in our family do not get that far”. Or “people do not go to university in our neighborhood, so don’t try it”.  How often do you allow yourself to conform to a way of life that is not good because you have never seen better in your life? Whose story are you choosing to repeat? No one will create a path for you, you do it. You settle for it or you choose to take a different one.

Your angel wants you to know that, there is uniqueness in you, there is a reason you are where you are and there is a lot that you can choose to do differently.  Do not settle for things that you have seen harm other people. Move, and start living a new life that will give you fulfillment.



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