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Most People Just Exist, To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World.

Most People Just Exist, To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World.

Today’s message from your angel is about casinos. People are involved in casinos and gambling for several reasons. Apart from playing to win, they are a source of entertainment and a way of relaxing your mind. However, even as you play, there are some life lessons you get that you may take for granted. Casinos are a place of leisure and hardly will someone think of the impact of it when they leave the place. Your angel insists on the need of breaking the rule and learning from even the smallest of experiences.

Learn To Have Limits.

Casinos make you understand that you will always have limits to everything. There is nothing wrong with spending time in a casino having fun and enjoying the games as long as you put a time limit to it. Before going to a casino, you have to have a budget that you can use comfortably without having to strain. Most people go to casinos and they don’t want to lose. Immediately they do, they do everything they can to win again, including using all the money they can get. The truth is, you shouldn’t use beyond the money you can lose and be okay with it because gambling is taking a risk. Sometimes it is okay to do just what you can. Overindulging in something can leave you in debts and situations you cannot reverse. Knowing when to stop saves you the drama. 


Your angel understands that you may feel pressure to salvage issues, because, just maybe, there is the sunlight out beyond that tunnel. It is unfortunate to continually put effort into something that is already dead. It is okay to feel the pain of losing some battles in life, which could be choosing to end a difficult friendship or even leaving that toxic work environment. Always keep your well-being and peace a priority.

Casinos Have Rules.

When you go to a casino, every game has rules that need to be followed. The casino itself has rules for all players who wish to join them. Slot machines, for example, is one of the simplest games, but still have precise rules to be followed to the end. Similarly, you are always faced with hard and simple rules and guidelines to follow. There might be those rules that are considered common sense but many people still choose to not adhere to them. Having regulations in place is very important because they will always be there to control different circumstances that may happen. Do not shy away from setting rules and boundaries when it comes to interacting with people. It will help maintain respect and no one will be overstepping and making the other person uncomfortable. 


Imagine, a young teen who lives in a house with no rules, and they get to do whatever they want. This teen can come home late at night, sleep out or even skip classes, without having any repercussions to their actions. Later on, it will be a big shame to the family, when this young teen goes completely astray ruining their lives. Rules are not placed because you do not love other people, and not putting them doesn’t mean you love them either. For better outcomes, there have to be consequences of failing to adhere to the rules you have kept, which will make the involved people aware and they will act accordingly. 


Your angel informs you that rules have been there since time immemorial and that is how the universe has continually advanced. The universe retaliates against those who do not cooperate towards following the rules and laws of nature. You have to intentionally make the tough decision to be disciplined whenever you are involved in something.

Money Has To Be Managed.

It is funny how money depletes quickly if you are not watchful enough. When you visit a casino, people are winning and losing, and this is what maintains the excitement of the place. Some people start with a budget but when they win they reconsider sticking to it. In a casino, even if you win huge amounts of money, you should be disciplined enough not to spend it, you should rather walk away. 

It is important to know when to spend and when not to, focus on needs other than luxuries. You may love living a good life and spending money, but if that’s the kind of lifestyle you want, you have to be willing to work extra hard for it. Have you met people who were so wealthy, but ended up being bankrupt and full of debts? Money has to be managed, regardless of whatever social class you are in. 


Your angel wants you to focus on investing in ideas that can increase your revenue and expand your means of livelihood. You do not have to be stuck in one career path, living paycheck to paycheck. Do not confine yourself to lack because of fear of the unknown. Many people are afraid to move because they are not sure if they will get any better opportunities. Your angels insist on the need of perfecting your craft, whether great or not, it will make you indispensable and there you can push your way on top. Money management is for real people who know that tomorrow awaits them to make better decisions. It is for those who work hard to fend for themselves and are not ready to ride on someone else’s sweat. When your finances are well organized, you will have a more peaceful and contented life.

Top Tip Of The Day.


Having fun and leisure is not a bad thing after all life is to be enjoyed. The problem will only come in when you fail to balance your priorities. Do not let the excitement of the moment lead you to make irrational decisions. In life, you will win and you will lose, but do not mourn your losses too long, that opportunities pass you by. Your angel expects you to have fun with your experiences, after all, life is not that serious.


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