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Never Stop Standing And Defending What Is True, For You And Those Around You.

Never Stop Standing And Defending What Is True, For You And Those Around You.

Have you ever had to defend yourself before people and give your turn of events to clear yourself from trouble? There is always someone to accuse you and find fault. If you cower, it becomes difficult to get yourself out of the whole situation. You should never be afraid or intimidated to say your truth.

Today’s angel will look at an attorney, who is a member of the legal profession and is licensed and qualified to represent a client in court. Remember, you will always have instances where you have to defend yourself, your angel wants you to learn some life lessons from an attorney.

Avoid looking down on people.

Attorneys spend their days taking charge of peoples’ cases such as their estates, marriages, and their need for compensation for the harm they might have suffered in the hands of someone else. Many attorneys spend their time rubbing elbows with other people who are influential such as judges and politicians.

There are those attorneys who have financial success because of their jobs, and as a result, they start viewing themselves as more important than others. However, the notion of self-importance is an illusion because everyone around you plays an important role and it should not be taken for granted.

Whether it is the man taking your garbage out every week or the person making food deliveries for you, if either of them stopped coming by your home for some time and you find you have to do the things they did for yourself, you will soon come to appreciate their visits, wouldn’t you?

You could have gone to the best schools or you come from a well-off family, but that is not a leeway to treat people in a lesser manner, this can ruin your relationships and make people will avoid you together. Learn to co-exist with people and appreciate them.

Always put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Some attorneys handle very sensitive cases, like a bad divorce where one party is being mistreated. It is very easy for an attorney to become insensitive to the needs of their clients. This trait will not just happen overnight, it comes with handling a lot of cases, and taking people to court such that an attorney can easily become numb.

Many attorneys deal with cases that involve very heartbreaking tales, where spouses and children could be abused, other people lie, cheat or use very uncouth ways to get to the top and some people could have been unfortunate and got catastrophic injuries that permanently alter the course of their lives. Within some years, the attorneys can become insensitive to this kind of event.

They do their best to detach themselves and lack empathy towards the clients because they believe when they allow themselves to feel these emotions they can become ineffective and be dragged down. This is not true, it is okay to be compassionate towards people and have a determination to right the wrongs done to them. You may not find justice for every person but you should put yourself in their shoes and do your best to help them out. 

You could be a parent who continually insults your child and you do not put much thought into it. Do you know the child gets the most validation from you as the parent? You can scar this child by the things you say and make them doubt themselves throughout their lives because of those simple words you tell them. You wouldn’t want anyone to verbally abuse you all the time either. Your angel reminds you to do to someone else what you would want to be done to you. You should learn not to underplay other peoples’ feelings.

Always express yourself.

As an attorney, you have to make others feel your story to have an understanding of the case. The way you build your case has to be simple and presented in a way that can capture the attention of the judge. Attorneys show exhibits on a screen, could be texts, videos, or photos, and give judges materials that help them resonate better. These tools can help them create a strong case for the client.

Similarly, to life, do not let everything go under the bus while you feel uncomfortable because you do not want to bother others.  Learn to speak about issues and the changes you would want; you will be surprised how much others are willing to help. 

You could be a person who feels overburdened at work by being given so many jobs that are not on your job description but you do not want to offend your employer, so you keep on doing them. You should be able to approach your employer and tell them that you feel overworked and that it would be better if they shared some of the tasks with other employees.

You can say that you will be able to do your job more efficiently if you get some help. Once you learn to express your needs your life becomes simpler to handle.

Avoid thinking you are smarter than others.

One of the mistakes attorneys make, is talking down to a judge. When the judge notices this attitude, they mostly hold it against them and their clients and this can really affect the result of the case no matter if the attorney was right or not. Judges also possess skills that attorneys do not and that is why they have the job position. You cannot be highly skilled at everything.

You should learn to respect others and the skills they have. Being successful will always come down to being a decent human being. You could choose to not listen to your parents because you think they do not understand the current happenings of the world and you find them outdated. But these people know way much than you even if it differs from the current times.

Your angel reminds you to pay attention and listen to what you are told, no matter great or small, from a respectable person or not and find the value in it.

Dreams are the only thing that will keep you going after your dreams get you started.



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