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Only When You Are Willing To Feel Uncomfortable And Awkward When Trying Something New Will You Grow, Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Only When You Are Willing To Feel Uncomfortable And Awkward When Trying Something New Will You Grow, Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

Why should you embrace transfer, you wonder? People hardly like the idea of starting something afresh in a place they are not used to. Transfer, which means moving from one place to another can create a lot of uncertainties and unavoidable changes to your life. Your angel understands this feeling and wants to assure you of the many possibilities that lie on the other side if you try. The world has many beautiful things you should want to experience, staying in one place denies you the opportunity to know other people and their cultures. Can you imagine all the experiences you can get in a different place?

Your angel would want you to be able to understand yourself better, being in a completely new place gives you a space to know yourself more, you will also know how to handle things differently, do not miss on such opportunities if you get them. Some of the things you can learn are mentioned.

Imperfection Is Okay, New Possibilities Will Always Unfold.

When you transfer from one place to another, it could be because of your job, or just the desire to have new experiences, do not expect things to go as you had planned. You have to find stability in the chaos and embrace imperfection. When you transfer to a place, most of the things are very far from how you thought them to be. You have to pick it up from there. Once you get rid of the expectations you had and the way you wanted things to go, you allow new experiences to take place that you will actually appreciate more than what you had in mind. It is possible to find joy in those moments where you have no idea how to do things and just enjoy the ride.

This is a direct reflection of how you live. How many times do you want to be the best? To be perfect? That you miss out on all those wonderful experiences you have had, all those lessons and good people you have met? There will always be something you are reaching out to, there will always be something better. How about you start enjoying today as it is? Being imperfect is okay, and you do not have to prove to be otherwise. Your angel will always show you where you need to improve, but the whole point is the experiences you get and the lessons you learn.

Life Still Goes On Without You, Let Your Impact Be Felt When You Have The Time.

When you transfer from somewhere, be it your country or your place of work, you will have to let go of things that you were used to. As your life starts to change, so will the relationships you had. You do not get to interact with the people you were used to as much, there could be time differences in the areas that you are and you don’t even get to talk as much. This is an opportunity to form deeper connections with your family and friends. Distance can really affect relationships, and you will be able to differentiate your true friends from the rest. It is a sad fact that life still continues for the people you love, whether you like it or not. Seeing them on social media and through other channels can remind you just how important they really are.

In life, learning to not have extreme self-importance, being humble, and realizing everything is not about you will take you a long way. You could leave your spouse through a divorce and think their life will be terribly affected without you, but then they find someone who loves them and have a flourishing life together. So whenever you have a chance, appreciate the people around you, come through for people, and love them as much as you can. Create impact wherever you are. You might not be present but your memories can be unforgettable.

Everyone Is Unique In Their Own Way, Learn To Appreciate That Fact.

When transferring to a new place, you are used to a certain way of living, and here you are without knowing what happens. It is easy to get the feeling that you made a wrong decision because nothing feels normal, it is not familiar to you. Most times you miss your family so much and you cannot seem to connect with the people around you. When you are in a new place, this feeling is normal and temporary, give it a little more time.

You can experience confusion, being annoyed, and being frustrated about the new environment.  With time, you understand things from a different perspective and you begin to appreciate different ways of doing things and how you accomplish tasks. Doing something differently does not mean it’s wrong. This is a lesson to be open-minded, your perspective evolves and the feelings of being lost and confusion start to fade away. 

Your angel knows you wondered if the place you are going is as good as the place you were, but change is inevitable and here you are a completely new person. Globally, there are so many things you have not experienced yet. It is easy to think your language is normal, your skin color, the weather in your home until you meet a completely new thing. You might be a person who looks down on people for certain things, could be a simple thing like having the knowledge of English, to you, you cannot understand how the person does not know the language. It is a humbling fact to know, there are other places you can feel similarly as lost. You should learn to appreciate people and embrace diversity. You should be able to adjust quickly to life situations because very many unpredictable events will meet you along the way.

Your angel wants you to know that curiosity will always lead to new paths, so keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things.




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