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Release and let go of the pests that keep holding on to you and inhibiting your health.

Release and let go of the pests that keep holding on to you and inhibiting your health.

Do you know that you could be a host to pests you have no idea about? They could be hiding their presence away from your sight because they know that you might kill them the moment you realize you have been their host. 

Pests Categories

If you look deep into your life you could find various types of pests and classified below are some categories of pests that you could be hosting;

Confident pests-While most pests hide, these are pests that make their presence known to their hosts. While they cause harm, the host may deem them harmless just because they are good-looking and appealing to the eye. In life, these types of pests could be your colleagues who nicely welcomed you while you were new in that office. They oriented you and gave you company thus easing the anxiety that comes along with a new job and a new working environment.

These colleagues may be pests in your life by asking for favors such as having you lend them money which they will never return or having you buy them lunch, pay their transport and other expenses in the pretence that they forgot. By the time you realize they are pests and they cause you more harm than good, they will have deteriorated you.

Clingy pests-These are the pests that are too attached to you that they will be jumping on you even after brushing them off and any attempt to keep them away will prove to be vain. It could be an obsessed partner who is so clingy that they do not allow you to be alone and restore your sense of sanity. When you part and go to work, they keep calling you after every thirty minutes with no valid reason.

They are afraid of losing you hence they prefer to be glued to you and every minute away from their sight makes them worried as they drown in the miasma of confusion on the many possibilities that could have taken place. Failing to pick up their call is enough reason to warrant you a thousand text messages regardless of what your reason was.

Secretive pests-These are pests that are cautious and sneaky enough to ensure they are neither seen nor their presence suspected. Whenever they attack their hosts, they do not inflict any pain and they try not to leave any evidence behind that would make the host suspicious and keen. These pests could be anyone in your life including those whom you would least expect.

They could be the people in your life who pretend to be your friends during the day and turn into pests as dusk sets in. It could be your spouse who pretends to love you during the night while they taunt your name and laugh with their friends at how stupid you are. They could be showering you with love while they intend to milk your finances until you are left dry. It could be your friend who is always there for you even during difficult times but they are there to benefit from what you offer them.

The sad thing about this type of pests is that they could always be around them but you may never notice them until the benefits they receive from you get depleted.

Harm Caused By Pests

Have you sought to know the harm those pests could be causing you? Some of them are outlined below;

They cause destruction-All pests in your life cause destruction in whatever capacity they are able because one thing to note is that they are not in your life for your benefit but their selfish gain. Failure to recognize these pests and get rid of them early enough may result in a long-term negative impact on your end which may be difficult to reverse.

Their mission is distraction-Pests come to your life to distract you from your mission and prompt you to lose your focus. If you realize this early enough, you will ensure you fix and glue your eyes on the prize without stopping before getting it.

They drain you-Pests that attack crops aim at draining the nutrients intended for the growth of the attacked plant while pests attacking animals suck their blood. This thus confirms the fact that pests are draining and you are informed that the pests in your life will drain you.  Some will drain you financially and only leave when you face a financial crisis ready to perch on their next host.

Others are waiting for your breakdown after they have succeeded in draining you emotionally and leaving you insane. Others drain you physically leaving you helpless after your health has deteriorated and there is no hope for you. Then there are those targeting your spiritual life and they will slowly attack you when you least suspect it and before you know it even your spirituality drains.

Controlling The Pests In Your Life

Knowing the dangers that pests bring into your life here are some ways to control them;

Always clean up to maintain hygiene-In life you need to sort your friends and the people around you just like you separate good food from the trash. Ensure trash goes to the trash can while good food is properly stored and make no mistake of putting the garbage where good food ought to be stored.

Use of chemicals to get rid of the pests-Just like chemicals are used to kill the pests and eliminate them, you also need to eliminate the pests in your life without leaving any trace. Feel no remorse and have no mercy on them, because they mean you no good but only destruction so take the initiative of throwing them out of your life without expecting to see them again.

Finally, once you are free of all the pests and you have regained your strength, make sure you harbor no more pests by being careful that they do not sneak around while you are unaware.



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