Your Angel Message For Today

The art of guarding your heart.

The art of guarding your heart.

As a human being, your body is created as a host to your soul hence you ought to take care of the various organs in it. Today’s angel will guide you on how to guard your heart since it is an essential organ. Not only does it pumps blood but it is also a point of connection with other people. There is a mystery that surrounds the heart in the sense that the heart that hosts so much love can still host so much pain.

The heart can be your source of strength by hosting positive energy and it can be your breaking point by hosting fear. Your feelings are connected to your heart and your brain hence this is the reason why, when someone says something unpleasant, you are likely to get angry but if they do something that cheers you, a smile is what you offer them.

The good thing is that as a human being, you have control over what you host in your heart as well as your entire body. A heart that is at peace is a source of healing to the body, hence you are encouraged to make it a priority to guard your heart because the condition of your heart determines your actions. Your angel is letting you know that there is so much that you are capable of getting your heart at peace.

Hosting pain in your heart

The heart cultivates what you feed it from your brain, and in response, your actions speak louder. In the current society, you might be having a normal conversation with someone, and out of nowhere, they lash at you which makes you wonder why they reacted in that manner out of a very simple conversation. The truth is that, the simple irritating response is just a tip of an iceberg and what they have underlying in their hearts is way bigger.

Most people develop bitterness from the hurting words uttered to them when they were young, and they have continued to nurture and host hatred in their hearts. For others, it might be as a result of the abuse they experienced and never got a chance to express themselves resulting in bitterness. Other people host greed just because they won’t get satisfied with what they have which results in them wanting more than they cannot afford and end up being jealous of those who have more.

A heart that is hosting all the negative energy from all corners makes the soul sad. You cannot be free to express yourself and live a life full of joy if your heart is burdened. This can lead to medical conditions, yet its treatment is simple, guarding your heart. If you always find yourself in fights and wrangles with everyone around you, there is only one possibility which is; your heart is aching. It is so easy to identify someone with a poisoned heart because they always feel judged, unappreciated, and they are always in disagreements without a valid reason.

How to guard your heart.

Guarding your heart starts with you recognizing how important you are. The value you attach to yourself will determine what to take in and what not to take into your heart, it is that simple. Every day you meet people and have a conversation, you notice that some are calm and hospitable while others are harsh and hostile. These people are different as their paths in life are unique. How you handle them depends entirely on your capability to separate your value and how they see you.

It is easy to fall into the pit of always looking for approval from the people around you. This feeling comes from a point of insufficiency within. Your heart is able to unlearn and relearn; the moment you start feeding your brain with positive information about yourself, the heart doesn’t have any other way other than accepting it. Gradually you gain momentum and realize that no matter what other people say, as long as you are on your path, their negative words mean nothing and they should not discourage you.

While hosting people for an event, there are usually reserved seats for certain people. This usually translates to their high caliber, their financial status, and their position in the community. The organizer would rather have those seats empty throughout the event than allow anyone else apart from the people reserved to utilize the space. This indicates that what you value, you have control over what stays and what goes. Once you grasp this concept, you will develop a standard of values for yourself whether the people around you agree or disagree with you. This will guide you in determining how you are to be treated.

People tend to reflect what is happening within them on others. It’s not everything that someone says about you is true and when people try to paint you as a bad person just know it’s their heart crying out to them. Your angel is letting you know that you ought to handle such people with love and not to take everything personally. If you take everything to heart and absorb all energies you will break your system down for the wrong reasons.

The profit of a healthy heart.

Human beings thrive on relationships, and unless you have a healthy heart, you will always have problems relating with others. A healthy heart gives you a chance to host and experience true love in relationships, seeing the positive in everything that’s happening around you, being able to help others without intentions, and above giving love without fear of getting hurt. If your heart is healthy, growth is inevitable as you can trust people. With a healthy heart, you attract people of the same kind and your life will be more peaceful.

Finally, your angel is letting you know that you are precious and worth a life of value and above everything else, you are in control of what happens to your heart. When you allow outside circumstances and words to determine the condition of your heart, you are giving away your power. Be sure to guard your heart at all costs and do not take every offense to your heart, learn to forgive and let go. You can accommodate everyone but before anything else, learn to respect your heart and prioritize yourself. Your angel would like you to be a host of only positive energy so that you can spread the love to the world.